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Breast asymmetry: causes and correction


Breast asymmetry is a different shape or size of the two mammary glands.This problem has, both congenital and acquired character.What causes the asymmetry of the breast and how to deal with it?

Table of contents: Variation of asymmetry Why one breast is bigger than another Correction of breast asymmetry To whom is plastic prohibited?Preparation for plastic What operations are recommended?Rehabilitation About complications Preventive measures

Asymmetry variants

Women of different ages face the problem of asymmetry of mammary glands.As a rule, asymmetry is not a sign of pathology, but with vivid manifestations it disrupts body proportions and can cause serious psychological discomfort and even development of an inferiority complex.Young women are embarrassed to wear swimsuits and even tight clothes, feel insecure, experience personal problems.In such cases, it is worth considering about turning to a plastic surgeon, which will help make the breast beautiful and proportional.

Note: according to statistical data, the problem of breast asymmetry is observed in almost 80% of the representatives of the sex perfectly.

Specialists identify the following types of breast asymmetry:

  • different sizes, as well as the location of the nipples and pigmentation;
  • different degrees of sagging of the mammary glands;
  • asymmetric shape and breast size;
  • difference in projection and volume of the chest cavity;
  • different location of the pectoral folds.

Important! The diagnosis of breast asymmetry is usually made for those of the fair sex, whose mammary glands differ by 1( or more) the size of the bra cup!

Why is one breast bigger than the other( smaller than the other)?

Doctors identify the following most common causes of breast asymmetry in women:

  • chest genetic predisposition;
  • traumatic lesions of the mammary glands;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • diseases affecting the mammary glands;
  • incorrect breastfeeding;
  • glandular tissue hypoplasia.

Note: often asymmetry of the breast is observed in adolescent girls, which is associated with the development of mammary glands and hormonal changes.As a rule, the problem itself passes after the end of puberty.

In addition, the following factors are also capable of provoking the development of breast asymmetry:

  • burn lesions;
  • surgical interventions aimed at increasing the size of the bust;
  • mastopathy;
  • tumor neoplasms located in one of the mammary glands;
  • hormonal changes associated with the onset of menopause.

Important! Sometimes, a sharp, pronounced asymmetry of the breast is a sign of cancer, so, even if you do not experience psychological discomfort, be sure to consult a specialist and go through a survey aimed at finding out the causes of asymmetry!

Often the difference in the shape and size of the mammary glands becomes very noticeable in young mothers who breastfeed their baby.The reasons for this unpleasant phenomenon lie in the wrong application of the baby to the chest, irregular decanting of milk, cracks in the nipples, etc.

Correction of breast asymmetry

To effectively eliminate the problem of breast asymmetry, you must first establish its causes. So, if the manifestations of asymmetry are associated with pregnancy and breastfeeding, the woman is recommended the following:

  1. Pay special attention to bust hygiene, use means to prevent the appearance of cracks in the nipples.
  2. Applying the baby to different mammary glands.
  3. Observe the rules for expressing breast milk.

chest In the event that asymmetry is a manifestation of any pathology( eg, mastitis or the presence of tumors), then the treatment is mainly directed to the elimination of the underlying disease.

With insignificant asymmetry of the breast, such therapeutic methods as vacuum massage, mesotherapy, wearing compression linen, and special physical exercises will be very effective.

Note: with a pronounced asymmetry of the mammary glands, in which the breasts differ by one size( or more), you can get rid of the problem only by applying surgical methods!

Surgery is indicated for uneven development of the mammary glands, as well as in case of asymmetry as a result of a sharp decrease in body weight, breastfeeding, hormonal disorders.

To whom is plastic prohibited?

Surgical intervention aimed at the correction of asymmetric mammary glands is not recommended for patients with the following health problems:

  • endocrine pathology;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • acute form of infectious processes;
  • impaired coagulation rates;
  • exacerbation of diseases that occur in chronic form;
  • malignant neoplasm;
  • severe heart defects;
  • pulmonary pathology;
  • heart failure.

Please note: does not perform bust correction operations for women who are expecting a baby, and breastfeeding moms!Also, it is not recommended to perform surgical intervention in the first days of the menstrual cycle!

Preparing for plastic

Preparing for plastic surgery with asymmetry of the mammary glands involves the following diagnostic tests:

  • Breast ultrasound;
  • electrocardiogram;
  • laboratory examination of blood and urine.

Important! It is necessary to visit such specialists as mammologist and oncologist! Carrying out of breast plasty with benign neoplasms or mastopathy can provoke development of oncological process!

10 days before the surgical intervention of a patient it is important to follow such medical recommendations:

  1. Refuse to take Aspirin, Group E vitamins and blood thinning anticoagulants.
  2. Abstain from drinking alcoholic beverages.

On the eve of the plastic, you must take a shower or a bath.Supper should be easy and not late.On the day of the surgery, you must stop drinking and eating!

What operations are recommended?

Correction with asymmetry of the breast by surgical methods can be aimed at both enlarging the breast( if it is underdeveloped) and reducing it( with hypertrophy). For these purposes, modern specialists can use the following surgical procedures:

  1. Plastics Breast reduction is recommended for hyperplasia.The operation is carried out with the help of reduction mammoplasty, which makes it possible to give the enlarged mammary gland dimensions corresponding to a normal breast.
  2. Breast enlargement is performed with unilateral hypoplasia.The problem is solved by installing a special implant, the size is selected according to the volumes of a normal mammary gland.
  3. Breast lift in mastoptosis is carried out by various methods.This surgical procedure can improve the shape of the breast and eliminate the present asymmetry.
  4. Implantation - in a number of clinical cases, bilateral implantation of different sizes is required.
  5. Breast lift with one-sided installation of the implant.
  6. The correction of the nipple and areola is carried out with differences in the shape and size of the nipples.During the surgical procedure, the doctor adjusts the shape of the nipples and somewhat reduces the size of one of them( enlarged).

Operations on the mammary glands are carried out under the influence of anesthesia.The doctor determines the method of surgical intervention individually, sometimes combining several techniques( for example, lifting, implantation, correction of nipples).Depending on the scale and type of surgery, plastic may take from 1.5 to 4 hours.


The recovery period after surgical removal of asymmetry in the mammary glands takes from 2 weeks to 1.5 months.The first few days after the operation the patient is in the clinic under the supervision of specialists, after which she is discharged.

Please note: seams after mammoplasty are removed after 1.5-2 weeks!

The first 3 weeks are dangerous with the possibility of divergence of seams, development of bleeding and infectious processes.During this period, the patient should refrain from physical exertion, lifting weights, wearing compression underwear.

With increased swelling, pain, difficulties with healing of the joints, the doctor can prescribe painkillers, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic drugs.

In the first few weeks of the patient, the following expert advice should be observed:

  • abstain from doing sports;
  • not to raise too high your hands;
  • does not bend;
  • not to make too sudden movements;
  • do not take a hot bath( you can wash your chest only after removing the stitches, very carefully and only with warm water);
  • not to visit the sauna or sauna;
  • Avoid exposure to the mammary glands of ultraviolet rays.

Full rest, proper nutrition, walking outdoors, taking immunomodulating medications and vitamin-mineral complexes, and most importantly, adhering to medical recommendations, will significantly accelerate the recovery process and minimize the risks of possible complications that are typical for mammoplasty!


Surgical correction of asymmetric mammary glands can provoke the development of the following typical complications:

  • scar formation;
  • infectious processes;
  • marginal necrosis.

In some cases, even the development of sepsis, rejection of implants and other extremely adverse effects is possible.Reduce the risks of possible complications can be, wearing compression underwear and strictly observing the doctor's recommendations during the rehabilitation period!

Prophylactic measures

The following expert advice will help to avoid the development of breast asymmetry:

  • Observe the basic rules of breastfeeding and expressing milk;
  • avoid traumatic injuries, burns of mammary glands;
  • timely treat diseases that affect the mammary glands;
  • choose the right bra;
  • do breast massage;
  • do sports, swimming;
  • do special exercises to strengthen the breasts.

With the help of a plastic surgeon, the problem of breast asymmetry can be solved as efficiently and safely as possible!

Chumachenko Olga, medical reviewer

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