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Teeth whitening: office whitening and whitening at home

Zomdupole If the enamel has darkened for some reason, it makes sense to resort to such a procedure as teeth whitening.There are ways to get rid of darkening at home, but it's always better to trust professional dentists.

Contents: Reasons for darkening of tooth enamel Professional whitening How to whiten your teeth yourself?How to whiten teeth with herbal preparations?

Reasons for darkening of tooth enamel

Why do my teeth become darker?Answering this question, one can single out a number of main reasons leading to a change in the color of the enamel. These include:

  • poor hygiene and plaque formation;
  • use of products containing dyes;
  • smoking;
  • tooth injury;
  • some consequences of dental treatment;
  • hereditary pathologies;
  • is aging;
  • excess fluoride content in drinking water.

The most common reason for changing the color of enamel( discolorite) is a violation of the rules of dental hygiene.If cleaning is done seldom or illiterately, plaque accumulates on the surfaces of the teeth, the color of which can vary from light yellow to dark brown.It consists of food residues and bacteria.

Karijes-i-ZUB1 If you carefully clean the plaque daily, it gradually compacts and forms a shell that changes the optical properties of the enamel and hides its natural color.In addition, microorganisms in the process of vital activity produce an acid that destroys the organic matrix of the enamel.Carious lesions of teeth always change the color of teeth.Demineralization of hard tissues in the initial stage is manifested in the form of a light "chalk" spot, and subsequently appears brown pigmentation.

A number of products and beverages contain natural and synthetic dyes.The hue of the enamel can change with the regular consumption of strong black tea, infusions of certain herbs, coffee, juices, fruit drinks, red wine, beets and berries.Refuse from the usual products is not worth it, but for cleaning teeth in this case, it is advisable to use pastes with a high coefficient of abrasiveness.

Teeth turn yellow and darken in smokers, as in tobacco smoke, there is a significant amount of coloring resins gradually deposited on the surface of the enamel.If you can not overcome the addiction to nicotine, then at least you should pay increased attention to oral hygiene.

In the event of damage to the neurovascular bundle( pulp) as a result of trauma or medical intervention, teeth in most cases also darken.

Pigmentation can be the result of dental use of obsolete materials for endodontic treatment.Darkening of hard tooth tissues is also caused by fillings of silver amalgam.From the "metal" seals at the present time, Russian doctors have practically refused, but in a number of countries their setting is practiced everywhere.

Brown pigmentation of enamel is characteristic for pathology, which is commonly called "tetracycline teeth".If a woman takes tetracycline during pregnancy, the antibiotic gets into the rudiments of a child's teeth and, accumulating, subsequently causes a serious aesthetic flaw.The cause of tooth staining can also be some hereditary and systemic pathologies.

Natural aging processes lead to a change in the structure of the enamel, which can also lead to a change in its hue over time.

The color of the teeth can change if in drinking( flowing) water in this area there is an increased amount of fluoride.

Please note : It's not always professional cleaning and teeth whitening that allows them to return natural color.In many cases, orthopedic treatment( setting crowns or lining-veneers) can be indicated.

Professional whitening

The most advanced methods of clarifying enamel are:

  • laser whitening with a special gel;


  • ZOOM-whitening.

The most effective is laser bleaching.In a number of cases it helps even to cope with brown pigmentation with "tetracycline teeth".Teeth are covered with a gel, which includes sodium chloride( or hydrogen peroxide), as well as fluorides and minerals.Under the influence of radiation, it releases active oxygen, cleansing teeth.

The "ZOOM" method involves the application of a proprietary Bleach-n-Smile formulation, which is then activated by the radiation from a plasma lamp.Gel is able to discolor most pigments.

How to whiten your teeth by yourself?

To perform tooth whitening at home, you can use a modern means, such as strips with a special composition.They allow you to achieve clarification by two or three tones within a month of regular use.The effect of the most accessible strips remains on average for two months.More expensive samples lighten their teeth for five to six tones for up to a year and a half.


The strips are not able to whiten the interdental spaces, but this lack is lacking in special gels that can be brushed onto all surfaces without exception.These drugs are made on the basis of hydrogen peroxide, and safer - carbamide peroxide.The desired effect is usually achieved in a couple of weeks.It is recommended to use the gel together with special plastic drops, which are superimposed on the dentition.

Gallbig_3_1-350x203 A unique "portable" version of the gel is a whitening pencil, which is convenient to take with you on the road.Concentration of peroxide in it is relatively small, but it is sufficient to eliminate stains from nicotine or coffee.

The most accessible, but unsafe for enamel and mucous membranes method - home teeth whitening 3% hydrogen peroxide.For 100 ml of water, you need to take 20-30 drops of a drug solution.The resulting liquid is applied to the teeth with cotton buds, after which the mouth is thoroughly rinsed and the teeth are cleaned without the paste.Side effects of the method is a burning sensation in the gums and an increase in the sensitivity of the teeth.

Whitens_the teeth_1

The best result in the shortest possible time can be achieved using self-prepared paste from a teaspoon of soda and a few drops of peroxide.

How to whiten teeth with herbal preparations?

Excellent means for getting rid of plaque and home teeth whitening is also 100% tea tree oil.

Remove pigment spots and bleach the enamel, you can regularly rub your teeth with a slice of lemon or zest without flesh.

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