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Inflammation of the appendages: symptoms and treatment

Inflammation of the appendages

What is meant by the term "inflammation of the appendages"?The appendages of the uterus include the fallopian tubes, ovaries and ligaments.Inflammation of the appendages doctors classified as adnexitis or salpingoophoritis, which can occur in acute or chronic form.Inflammation of the appendages can be unilateral and bilateral, in some cases this pathological process leads to the development of severe complications.

Inflammation of the uterus is the "first place" among all gynecological diseases.If this pathological process was not timely diagnosed and fully treated, then there is a high probability of developing female infertility - according to statistics, 20% of infertile women in history have chronic adnexitis.

Table of contents:

Causes of inflammation of the appendages

Pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microorganisms can give a "push" to the progression of the inflammatory process.Doctors distinguish specific adnexitis, which is caused by gonococci, a tuberculosis stick and diphtheria bacteria, as well as nonspecific salpingoophoritis, which causes staphylococci, E. coli, streptococci, mycoplasmas, chlamydia, fungi and viruses.Infection into the appendages of the uterus can get in different ways:

  • a descending way - from other inflamed organs( eg, appendix or sigmoid colon);

    Inflammation of the ovaries

  • is lymphatic - the infection penetrates the lymphatic vessels;
  • ascending - from the vagina and cervix;
  • hematogenous - by blood vessels.

The following factors may contribute to the development of inflammation of the appendages:

  • HIV infection, diabetes mellitus, transmitted infectious diseases and any chronic foci of infection in the body all result in a decrease / weakening of the protective forces;
  • promiscuous sex life;
  • appendectomy;
  • stress and hypothermia;
  • complicated childbirth in the anamnesis;
  • non-observance / violation of the rules of intimate hygiene;
  • abortions, hysteroscopy, spiral insertion / removal and any intrauterine procedures.

Symptoms of inflammation of the appendages

Acute adnexitis

The clinical picture with the development of acute adnexitis is very typical, so the diagnosis does not present any difficulties for the doctor .The disease always begins sharply with an increase in body temperature to 39 degrees, if there is purulent inflammation, the woman will be disturbed by a strong chill. Below the abdomen there are sharp, sharp pains cutting, they can be present on one side with unilateral inflammation of the appendages, or spread throughout the stomach with bilateral adnexitis.For the acute form of the disease in question, the irradiation of pain to the rectum, the sacral region, or lower extremities will be characteristic.


If the palpation of the anterior abdominal wall is carried out at the very beginning of the disease, then its tension, intense soreness and irritation symptoms of the peritoneum will be determined.In some cases, there are problems with urination - it becomes painful and difficult.Without fail, the woman's general health worsens as well: nausea and vomiting are present, there is no appetite, and obsessive headaches are troubling.

Examination of the patient on the gynecological chair leads to the detection of serous-purulent( or purulent) discharge from the cervical canal.The doctor can not clearly determine the size and contours of the appendages, their mobility is limited, and the examination of the woman will characterize how painful.Laboratory blood tests will determine an increase in the rate of erythrocyte sedimentation( ESR), an increased number of leukocytes and a high content of C-reactive protein.

Chronic adnexitis

Inflammation of the appendages can develop from acute to chronic, this is observed with poor-quality treatment of acute inflammatory process. Symptoms of chronic adnexitis include blunt / aching pain in the lower abdomen with irradiation in the lower back and vagina. Palpation of the abdomen will be moderately painful, and the entire clinical picture will be somewhat erased.

In the chronic form of inflammation of the appendages, the menstrual cycle is broken, the patients complain of lack of sexual desire, pain during sexual intercourse .When examining a woman on a gynecological chair, the doctor will note the presence of purulent discharge from the cervical canal, the appendage area during palpation will be painful, their mobility limited.

Treatment of inflammation of the appendages

Confused-period Immediately specify that the disease in question should be treated only in a hospital .It all begins with the appointment of a woman's diet with the restriction of pepper, salt and carbohydrates and bed rest for at least the first days of the disease.With acute adnexitis and exacerbation of the chronic form of inflammation, cold is placed on the lower abdomen, which will reduce the intensity of pain and stop the progression of the inflammatory process.

Medical treatment

The main medicines for the treatment of inflammation of the appendages are the antibiotics .Choose such antibacterial drugs that have a wide range of action, and because of the presence in the body of a sick woman "communities" of pathogenic microorganisms, antibiotics are used immediately for 2 or more. The main purposes include:

  • Klaforan( 0, 5 g 2 times a day intramuscularly) and Gentamicin( 80 mg 3 times a day intramuscularly);
  • Cefobide( 1 g 2 times a day intramuscularly) in combination with Gentamycin;
  • Clindamycin( 2 g twice a day intramuscularly) and Gentamicin;
  • Cefazolin( per 1 g twice daily intramuscularly) and Ciprofloxacin( 100 ml twice daily intravenously);
  • Lincomycin at 0, 6 g three times a day by intramuscular injection.

It is mandatory for every woman to treat inflammation of the appendages appoint Metronidazole 500 mg three times a day orally( orally) or Metrogil 100 ml twice daily intravenously. In addition, within the framework of therapy the following prescriptions can be made:

  1. Intravenous infusions of saline solutions, haemodes, glucose, rheopolyglucin in the amount of 2-3 liters - this will be a detoxification therapy that will quickly restore and stabilize the woman's general condition.
  2. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in tableted form, or in the form of injections - Ibuprofen, Diclofenac, Ketarol, Faspik, Ketanov, Ibuklin.Often a woman is prescribed and rectal suppositories with paracetamol, indomethacin.These drugs relieve inflammation and reduce the intensity of pain.
  3. It is compulsory for patients to be prescribed vitamin therapy, which will help quickly restore the defenses of the body.Most often for this use drugs with vitamins C and B.
  4. Antihistamines - Suprastin, Cetrin, Pipolphen.

Appendages To remove the acute inflammatory process, or to introduce chronic adnexitis to the stage of remission, physicians apply physiotherapy procedures - for example, electrophoresis with lidase or iodine, ultrasound, high-frequency pulse currents can be prescribed.

Chronic inflammation of the appendages implies the regular conduct of spa treatment, prevent frequent exacerbations of the pathological process help mud therapy, therapeutic syringing, paraffin therapy.

Traditional medicine in the treatment of inflammation of the appendages

Undoubtedly, acute adnexitis will require qualified medical care, no folk remedies will help a woman to recover quickly and fully.But as a supportive therapy and prevention of exacerbations of chronic inflammation of the appendages, some recipes from the category "traditional medicine" will be really effective.

Steam procedures with wormwood

It is necessary to put 2 liters of water on a fire and bring to a boil.Then there is added a full handful of dry wormwood, the water is immediately removed from the fire.A woman should sit over water with wormwood for 20 minutes, no more - this will be a steam procedure.

Note several important points:

  • such warm-ups should in no case be carried out at elevated body temperature and suppurative inflammation of the appendages;
  • always before the procedure consult your doctor;
  • pain and all discomfort disappear only after 6 such warm-ups;
  • procedure is performed once a day;
  • immediately after warming up you need to go to bed, so it's better to do it before going to bed.

Boron uterus - broth and spirit tincture

As-take-tincture-borage-womb Grass needs to be ground, then one tablespoon of finished raw material is poured with a glass of steep boiling water.This prepares the broth, which is infused for two hours, then filtered and taken by 1/3 cup three times a day for 30 minutes before meals.

To prepare an alcohol tincture, you need to pour 500 ml of vodka with 50 grams of grass of the hog uterus.Insists the remedy in a dark place for two weeks.Tincture is taken 3 times a day for 35 drops at a time 1 hour before meals.


This grass is collected directly during flowering.You can find this medicinal plant in pharmacy chains.To make a medicine, take one tablespoon of herbage, pour a liter of water and boil over medium heat for 10 minutes.Next, the ready-made broth is cooled and filtered.You need to take the thigh with honey, the remedy is used as a tea.

The same broth, only without the addition of honey, you can douche in the mornings for 3 weeks.If you drink and syringe broth grass herb, then the improvement of health will come already for 3-5 days, but interrupt treatment is not necessary - folk medicine recommends using this herb for 3 weeks.

Traditional medicine recommends inflammation of the appendages to eat a lot of pumpkin, it helps to cope well with the pathological process in question and a decoction of corn cobs.

Please note: the use of any remedy from the category "traditional medicine" must be agreed with the attending physician.Uncontrolled use can lead to significant deterioration in health and the development of an allergic reaction.

Inflammation of the appendages is a serious disease, in the absence of treatment, the woman develops complications, up to irreversible infertility.Therefore, with the first symptoms of acute adnexitis, you should seek qualified medical help.Moreover, the clinical picture of the disease in question can not be confused with anything.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category

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