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Causes of frequent urination in men, treatment of pathology


Rapid urination in men is the most frequent reason for patients visiting the urologist andrologist.To achieve the relief of the condition and normalization of the process of urination, you will need to undergo a complete examination and find out the true cause of this phenomenon.

Table of contents: Medicine for urination in men Types of rapid urination Causes of frequent urination in men Treatment of frequent urination in men

Medicine for urination in men

According to studies per day, a person releases through the kidneys most of the liquid he has drunk - more than 75%, And the remaining 25% go through the intestines and skin.Doctors say that the norm is urination occurring 3 times a day.But this is a very conventional rule, because in the case of consuming 3-4 liters of fluid, the amount of urination will be clearly greater.

Difficult-urination-with-prostatitis-treatment-folk remedies Urine is a urinary bladder that has a volume of 300 ml.Many people are quite capable of retaining urine in the bladder, even with obvious urge to urinate, to control the degree of its filling.

The urinary excretion cycle can be divided into 2 phases - accumulation and excretion.In the first phase, there is simply filling the bladder, which takes place when the upper sphincter is completely closed.Once the volume is filled to 250-300 ml, the phase of urine release begins - the sphincter opens and the contents of the bladder are pushed in the direction of the urethra.In men, just around the urethra( urethra), the prostate gland is located, which even with a slight increase can disrupt the entire process of urination.

Types of rapid urination

The medicine distinguishes three different types of the phenomenon :

  1. Increased urination during the day and against a background of high motor activity.This happens in men with diagnosed urolithiasis - the stone begins to move with high physical activity, which serves as an irritant for the walls of the urinary tract.Frequent emptying of the bladder at night.
  2. .This will indicate the development of prostate pathology, with its increase.But at the same time, frequent urination at night in men can be observed with a large amount of caffeine or specific medications with a side effect in the form of a diuretic effect.
  3. Rapid urination during the day and its complete absence at night.This will become a sign of a neurotic condition, which is extremely rare in men.

Causes of frequent urination in men

Most often, constant urinary urges in men occur against the background of development of genitourinary infection.Moreover, it does not matter in this case which department is attacked by bacteria, fungi or viruses - frequent urination will be present in any case.

Consider the most common causes of frequent urination in men:

  1. Prostatitis.This inflammation of the prostate gland, which is the most common cause of the phenomenon in men under the age of 50 years.The fact is that when the inflammatory process proceeds, just a huge number of nerve receptors are irritated, which causes not only an increase in urination, but also pain, burning and rubbing just at the time of urine output.prostatitis
  2. Prostate adenoma.This is a benign disease of the organ, which is characterized by proliferation of prostate tissue.It is the overgrown areas of the tissue that are squeezed by the urethra( urinary canal), urge to go to the toilet very often, but urine is given off too little at first, and as the pathology progresses, the man can not empty the bladder himself.
  3. Sexual infections.Isolated are those that specifically lead to rapid urination:
  • chlamydia - a particular microorganism affects the urinary tract and genitalia, the main sign of infection is intense pain during urination, and an increase in the frequency of urinary urges in men is observed only in the stage of exacerbation of chlamydia;
  • Trichomoniasis - rapid urination is the result of the progression of the inflammatory process in the urethra and the walls of the bladder, especially men often have strong urinary urges in the morning, but urine is extremely rare and with white impurities;
  • Gonorrhea is a venereal infection that often affects the rectum and urethra, is characterized by frequent urge with a small amount of secreted urine, cuts and pain during urination.
  1. Pyelonephritis.This inflammation of the renal pelvis and bladder, which is diagnosed more often in women.But such an inflammatory process, taking place in a chronic form, may well provoke a frequent urination in men, even against the background of liquid intake within the daily norm.
  2. Urethritis.The inflammatory process proceeds in the urethra, the pathology is characterized by powerful cuts and pains, secretions from the urethra of the nonspecific type.Simultaneously with these symptoms of urethritis, the number of urination starts to increase in men every day.
  3. Hyperactivity of the bladder.Rapid urination in men with bladder hyperactivity occurs both during the day and at night.This condition is not an inflammatory process or an infection, therefore treatment will be too specific - it is necessary to be examined at the psychotherapist, to take sedatives.
  4. Diabetes insipidus.This disease is considered an extremely rare cause of rapid urination in men, but there is a place to be.Just the pathology of the endocrine system is often accompanied by a violation of the concentration function of the kidneys - the bladder is filled too quickly and often, which leads to an increase in urination.

Treatment of frequent urination in men

To get rid of the phenomenon under consideration, a man must undergo examination in a medical institution, find out the true cause of frequent urination and get appointments from a doctor.Specialists can take conservative and operational measures.

Frequency of urination Conservative treatment with frequent urination in men includes:

  • specially designed physical exercises that perfectly help to cope with bladder hyperactivity;
  • Drug treatment for the diagnosis of inflammatory and / or infectious diseases;
  • physiotherapy for improving blood circulation in the genitourinary system.

If therapy does not give the desired result, then doctors can prescribe an operative procedure:

  • suprapubic operations;
  • injection of sclerosing substances by injection;
  • sling methods;
  • operations that conduct a laparoscopic method.

Rapid urination is a condition that requires a comprehensive examination of the patient and competent treatment.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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