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Afrodisiacs for women and men: products and oils

Aphrodisiacs Aphrodisiacs are substances that stimulate sexual attraction and excite.The concept of "aphrodisiac" was presented to the world by the ancient Greeks, who named these substances in honor of Aphrodite.Also aphrodisiacs are mentioned even in the ancient treatises of China and India.

Modern scientists have proved that the action of aphrodisiacs is a special relationship of certain vitamins and minerals.It is believed that foods rich in so-called "propagation vitamins" A, E, help to keep the passion between partners.

Important! The main advantage of aphrodisiacs is that they are all only natural, natural, and do not contain harmful substances that can harm the body.

In addition, aphrodisiacs help cope with stress, calm nerves and improve metabolism.

Contents: How do aphrodisiacs Aphrodisiacal species Aphrodisiacs - food Aphrodisiacs - oils Strong female aphrodisiacs Strong male aphrodisiacs Some recommendations

How do aphrodisiacs work?

  • Activates sexual desire.
  • Promotes the rejuvenation of the body.
  • Strengthens loving pleasures.
  • Supports love functions.

Species of aphrodisiacs

Depending on the origin of aphrodisiacs, there are three types:

  • animals;
  • vegetable;
  • mineral.

These include food and some essential oils.The strongest aphrodisiacs are amber, cibetin and musk.The aroma of the latter is subconsciously perceived as the smell of natural male pheromone - anrosterol.

Aphrodisiacs - food

Some foods are effective aphrodisiacs. This group includes products that contain the following components:

  • digestive enzymes that promote digestion of food;
  • zinc and selenium;
  • vitamins E, C, B1, A;
  • proteins, sugars and fatty acids.

These products include some vegetables, fruits and nuts:

Artichokes are a strong aphrodisiac, which even hints at its carnal pleasure in its form.

Avocados are a source of nutrients that support sexual health and improve prostate function.

Bananas are an aphrodisiac, rich in potassium and natural sugars.Helps to fight the main enemies of full-fledged sex - weakness and fatigue.Asd70ASD

Asparagus is an aphrodisiac rich in phosphorus, calcium, vitamin A and potassium.In addition, it is believed that this vegetable saves from prostate diseases.

Celery is the most powerful aphrodisiac among green vegetables.Its effect is compared with the action of Viagra.

Pineapple - contains B group vitamins and a large amount of potassium.It improves physical activity and lifts the mood.

Garnet - the juice of this fruit enhances sexual function.

Strawberry is an aphrodisiac that stimulates sexual desire and stimulates fantasy.

Consider other products that are also the strongest aphrodisiacs:

  • Aphrodisiacs cedar and walnuts, almonds contain a complex of vitamins and minerals that promote sexual desire;
  • chocolate is an energy aphrodisiac;
  • quail eggs stimulate the erection;
  • coconut milk promotes the formation of more sperm;
  • alcoholic beverages in small doses increase the sexual appetite of men and women;
  • mussels and shrimps contain a lot of protein and amino acids.Promotes the secretion of testosterone;
  • spices and herbs: saffron, ginger, thyme, rosemary, parsley, basil, cinnamon, ginseng, cardamom, celery, lavender, mint and many others increase the sensitivity of erogenous zones, arouse sexual appetite and prevent premature ejaculation.
  • The root of ginseng is considered king aphrodisiac.It increases the flow of blood to the genitals, increases interest in sex and reduces fatigue.
  • Sesame seed - will contain a huge amount of vitamin E. Stimulates sexual desire;
  • honey is a rich source of minerals and vitamins.Even in antiquity, the newlyweds drank liquid honey throughout the month to make conception faster.

Aphrodisiacs - oils

Natural essential oils not only tone, soothe, rejuvenate, but also increase sexual tone.It is believed that essential oils - aphrodisiacs can eliminate the feeling of complexion, normalize the work of the hormonal system, stimulate blood circulation in the organs of the small pelvis.

To essential oils-aphrodisiacs include:

  • Geranium.The aroma of geranium oil excites both partners.
  • Ilang-ylang.Strong aphrodisiac.The aroma of oil strengthens the potency.
  • Bergamont.Used for erotic massage.Relieves tension.
  • Vetiver.Promotes emancipation.

Strong female aphrodisiacs

Essential oils are the strongest female aphrodisiacs: geranium, bergamot, ylang-ylang.Aromas give determination, excite the woman's imagination and eliminate shyness.

Продукты - aphrodisiacs for women:

  • Berries and fruits: watermelon, avocado, strawberry, fig.Nuts: almonds.
  • Honey has a positive effect on the female body.
  • The celery contains a sex hormone that excites women.
  • Seafood.
  • Wine in small doses.

Strong male aphrodisiacs

Cedar and patchouli oil are the strongest "male" aphrodisiacs.

Продукты - aphrodisiac for men:

  • Afrodiziak Drinks: mint and ginger tea.Nuts: walnuts and almonds.They should be eaten raw, or used for salads or soups.
  • Fruit: Citrus, banana, mango or pineapple.
  • Seafood: caviar, oysters, shrimp or mussels.Spices and herbs: ginger, lavender and cinnamon.
  • Vegetables: tomatoes, cabbage, greens and aubergines.

Especially strong influence on the male body will have ginger or mint tea with honey.However, it is worth noting, in order to achieve results, aphrodisiacs must be natural.

Several recommendations

Using aphrodisiacs is completely safe.As a rule, excitatory substances are contained in many useful products.

However, when using them, you should adhere to some of the recommendations of :

  • Do not eat all foods that contain excitatory elements at once.
  • Do not mix flavors that increase sexual attraction.
  • Keep track of your health to avoid problems in your intimate life.

To strengthen the action of aphrodisiacs, you can combine male and female.The main thing, everything should be in moderation.

Radevich Igor Tadeushevich, a first-degree sexologist andrologist

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