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Comedones on the face - the causes of appearance, types and methods of treatment

Comedones on the face Comedones are nothing more than acne, which is a consequence of the disease of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles.These black dots on the face have recently been more often diagnosed, if before comedones were typical for young people / adolescents, now such a disease is inherent in more terrible people( according to statistics - 25-40 years).

Comedones do not represent any danger to human health and life, but here in a psycho-emotional plan these acne rashes can bring many problems.Therefore, you need not only to know at least a minimum of information about the disease in question, but also to understand what can help in combating comedones on the face.

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In medicine, several types of comedones are distinguished, they develop gradually and serve as a continuation of each other.In general, doctors call comedones cysts - they are formed on the same principle as ordinary cysts on internal organs.The mechanism of development of the disease under consideration is always the same: everything begins with the formation of the micro comedon, ends with an open or closed form.More precisely, the types and mechanism of comedon development are shown in the figure:

Types of Acne

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What is open comedones

Follicle often plays the role of a "collection" of sebum, to which dead cells of the epidermis, microparticles of cosmetics, dust are added.This resulting composition simply clogs the hair follicle, and when the plug is on the way out of the follicle, it becomes black due to oxidation of the contents with air.This is how open comedones are formed - ordinary black dots, acne, which doctors consider to be the simplest development of the condition in question.

What is closed comedones

What is closed comedones

Unlike open comedones, in the form under consideration there is no way out of the accumulated cork.Therefore, closed comedones are balls or nodules whitish, towering above the surface of the skin.

The danger of closed comedones is a high risk of developing complex pathological conditions:

  • purulent acne;
  • boils;
  • abscesses.

The inflammatory process in closed comedones develops rapidly, and a person's desire to quickly get rid of an unattractive phenomenon can lead to the spread of staphylococcal or streptococcal infection.And "manual" disposal of closed comedones necessarily leads to the formation of scars, scars and irregularities on the skin surface.

Note: localization locations are open and / or closed comedo - forehead, chin, nose, back( its upper divisions).In some cases, this phenomenon is also observed on the upper part of the chest - this spread of condyloma is more common in women.

The reasons for the appearance of comedones

One can not name one thing as the cause of the appearance of genital warts - doctors say that for the appearance of such acne there is a certain impetus, provocation. Such a provocation may become several factors:

  1. Genetic feature.Physicians, and ordinary people, it has long been noted that the condition of the skin on the face under consideration is hereditary.If a mother or father has condylomata, the probability of developing such a disease in their children is 97%.
  2. Disturbance in the hormonal balance of the body.That is why most often open / closed comedones appear on the face skin in adolescence, in women in menopause, before menstruation.
  3. Medicinal preparations.We are talking only about the long-term use of any medication - against the backdrop of such an aggressive effect on the body, violations of the body's secretory function develop.
  4. Wrong skin care for the face - for example, improper selection of cosmetics, excessive use of make-up, lack of facial cleansing procedures.
  5. Diet disorder.If the menu of a man in large quantities are carbohydrates and fats, virtually no vegetables and fruits, then this is the direct path to the formation of comedones and closed, and open type.
  6. Some diseases of the central and / or peripheral nervous system, frequent stresses, relapses of depression.

In addition, comedones can appear if a person lives in a region with an unfavorable ecology - a high content of carbon oxides in the air, metal salts necessarily lead to the appearance of the described state.

Removal of comedones

Removal of comedones Regular extrusion of black dots or white bumps on the face will not lead to getting rid of comedones - it only provokes the development of inflammation on the skin surface.Treatment of the condition under consideration is the prerogative of medical workers who will necessarily offer complex therapy.

Medication for comedones

Medicamental treatment of comedones Only a doctor can choose an adequate treatment for a comedon - you need to take into account not only the degree and type of the disease, but also the general health of the patient.Many medications used to treat genital warts can cause a strong allergic reaction, and sometimes a specialist has to act on the principle of choosing a medication - which for one patient is ideal, for another it can be completely useless.

If we talk about general recommendations, then a person with condylomata must necessarily be treated with antiseptic drugs and products with antibacterial action.Not bad proved in this respect Differin - a drug, produced in the form of a gel or cream 0, 1%.It is applied to the previously cleansed face lotion in the evening.Another effective remedy for the fight against condylomas is the cream or lotion of Tretinoin, which should be treated face 2 times a day.

Please note: treatment of comedones is lengthy, will require diligence and patience.On average, getting rid of genital warts with medications lasts 4-8 weeks.

Cosmetic procedures

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It is obligatory to treat cosmetic salons in the treatment of comedones - there are a number of procedures that effectively eliminate unsightly rashes on the face.First and foremost, professionals recommend a deep cleansing of the face - this procedure helps to remove dead skin cells of the epidermis, the excretory iron ducts are released, and free access to oxygen opens up to the skin cells of the face. Deep cleansing of the face is carried out in different ways:

  • manual - this is called manual cleaning;
  • using specific tools - needle and loop;


  • with microdermabrasion;
  • chemical peeling;
  • with ultrasonic devices.

Laser-cosmetology-corrects-appearance The most common method of deep facial cleansing is laser peeling.The result of this procedure is the renewal of the epithelium, which invariably leads to an improvement in blood circulation, normalization of the functioning of the sebaceous glands, and the stabilization of metabolism.The likelihood of comedon appearance after laser peeling is very low, although relapses are not excluded.

Treatment of comedones with folk remedies

Just in case of need to fight against comedones, you can safely turn for help to traditional medicine - there is a mass of funds based on natural raw materials that really relieve a person from unpleasant rashes on the face.You can use them one by one, you can combine - it is important only to adhere to the mandatory rule of regularity of procedures.

Popular comedon therapies:

  1. Vegetable masks Vegetable masks.Take a raw cucumber, zucchini or carrots, grate on a fine grater and add olive oil or lemon juice to the resulting mass in small amounts( for example, on a tablespoon of raw vegetable, 5 drops of butter or juice).The product is applied to the previously cleaned skin of the face and is left in this position for 15 minutes.Then the mask is washed off with warm water.
  2. Protein mask.The protein of one egg is beaten with a tablespoon of sugar, the resulting mass is divided into two parts.First, a part of the protein mass is applied to the previously cleaned face skin and it is expected to dry out( this will take 2-4 minutes).Now the second part of the whipped protein is taken and lightly tapping movements of the fingers are applied over the first layer of the mask.Now leave the protein mass on the face for another 10 minutes.After the mask is removed / washed off with warm water.This procedure acts like peeling, opening and cleaning the blocked up follicles.
  3. Chamomile Mask.Take 2 tablespoons of chamomile flowers and pour steep boiling water in such an amount to get a thick gruel.Then add 3 drops of lemon juice and a teaspoon of rye flour to the gruel.The product is applied to the cleansed face for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Please note: each of these masks must be used at least once a week.You can alternate, but in this case only 2 types of masks can be used per week.

Oatmeal mask It is very effective and wipes the face skin with a self-prepared tonic - it is made from lemon juice or grapefruit.In the first case, a teaspoon of juice is diluted in ΒΌ cup of water, but grapefruit juice in the amount of 1 tablespoon diluted with a glass of water.

Not bad help to get rid of comedones and oat flakes - they, for example, can be mixed with natural yoghurt, warm milk to the state of gruel.Then the mass is applied to the face with circular movements of the fingers for 15 minutes.After washing off the mask with warm water, be sure to treat the skin with any moisturizer.

Prevention of comedon

For people who have a predisposition for the appearance of comedones, it is worthwhile to regularly carry out preventive measures.For example, it will be useful for those with whom the parents suffered from comedones or in the past there were rashes of the type in question and are now in remission. Prevention comedon is as follows:

  • Prevention of comedones daily needs to cleanse the face of dirt and dust - this is done at least 2 times a day using special tonics and / or lotions;
  • use of normal soap is not recommended - it is too drying the skin;
  • once a week, necessarily perform cleaning procedures.For this, you can use scrubs - they perfectly clean the skin of contaminants and even "uncover" condylomas;
  • if the facial skin is oily, it is advisable to use for cleansing its lotions with chamomile, eucalyptus, calendula and green tea extract;
  • during the period of severe exacerbation of the inflammatory process and the appearance of multiple condylomas should be abandoned from decorative cosmetics, but during the period of remission try to avoid using tonal creams and dry powder;
  • every night, lubricate the skin with any essential oil - tea tree, clove, eucalyptus.

Comedones can deliver a lot of trouble - some people generally become depressed, discouraged when such a problem arises.But modern medicine and the rich experience of ancestors really help get rid of the already existing comedon and prevent the emergence of new ones.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category.

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