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When is it better to correct a bite in a child?

How to fix a child An incorrect bite is diagnosed in many.And, not only in childhood, but also in adults.The earlier the problem of a malocclusion is revealed, the sooner a specialist begins treatment, the easier and faster the question will be resolved with the correction of an incorrect bite.

Contents: Causes of malocclusion Prophylaxis of bite abnormalities At what age are bite corrected Orthodontic devices for correcting a malocclusion

Causes of development of an incorrect bite

This condition begins to develop in early childhood and there are several reasons for this.First, the cause of malocclusion may be congenital / hereditary anomalies.Secondly, an incorrect bite can develop against a background of atypical teething.Third, the harmful habits of the baby play a big role in the formation of the bite - sucking a finger, too long sucking on the nipples.

In addition, the condition in question can arise as a consequence of some diseases.For example, an incorrect bite is formed when rickets or pathologies of the throat and nose are accompanied by a violation of nasal breathing.

Prevention of bite anomalies

Bite how to fix Your child should be regularly taken to the dentist for preventive examinations from an early age - even when there are no teeth in the oral cavity.In such an infantish age, the dentist can prescribe the use of special orthodontic nipples, which will automatically help maintain a proper bite by fencing the tongue from the teeth.

A professional in the dental / orthodontic sphere will notice a malocclusion at the very beginning of development and will give recommendations for solving the problem with an indication of the optimal period of the treatment procedures.

Please note: if the child has difficulties with chewing food, or he constantly sucks a finger, then the doctor after the examination will develop a special set of procedures with platelets and simulators.It is necessary to perform these procedures without fail and strictly in accordance with the recommendations given by the doctor.Such anomalies are very dangerous, lead to early tooth loss, distortion of facial features and difficulties with the pronunciation of certain sounds.

At what age do they fix the bite of

? To correct an incorrect bite is best in childhood, in rare cases a similar problem is solved in the adolescent period.The fact is that in children the mobility of teeth is still very high, but the density of bone tissue is still low.Doctors of dentists believe that it is in 5-6 years the child can quickly diagnose the problem and solve it relatively easily.The specialist will assess the level of abnormality of the occlusion and designate the use of special devices that act on the muscles of the maxillofacial region, the tongue and are able to slow the growth of the jaw or change the shape of the jaw bones or the width of the palate.

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Orthodontic devices for correcting the malocclusion

These include plates and braces, which are most often used to correct an incorrect bite of varying degrees of difficulty.

Plates As a rule, they are worn only at night, although in some particularly difficult cases the dentist can appoint wearing plates around the clock.An excellent effect of such a device demonstrates when correcting an incorrect occlusion in children under 12 years of age.

Bracket systems

Metal-braces-kharkov-dentist This is a set of many plates that are firmly adhered to the teeth.In this device there are special puzzles in which a metal arc is inserted - it is given the correct form for a particular tooth series.The bracket-system is placed on the teeth, it gradually leads them to the desired shape.

Treatment with plates and bracket systems lasts a long time - from 1 year to 2 years.But it is worth remembering that it is possible to form a proper bite only in childhood - the dentition is not yet fully rooted, everything is easy enough to treat.If earlier wearing such a bracket system provoked hysteria and even depression in a child, modern dentistry offers its young patients to become more fashionable, advanced.Glowing figurines on bracket systems, miniature ornaments make wearing such orthodontic devices even pleasant, not only useful.

Parents have nothing to do to correct an incorrect bite themselves - too specific is the problem.But they should closely monitor the development of their child and in time to seek qualified medical help.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category

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