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Incompatibility of partners at conception: signs, what to do?

incompatibility Far from always causing infertility are diseases of the reproductive system of a man or a woman.According to statistics, 10% of married couples are faced with infertility, which is caused by incompatibility of partners at conception.

Faced with the problem of infertility, partners must undergo a complete examination to find out what was the cause.Modern medicine has many methods and ways to solve the problem.

Table of Contents:

Main types and causes of incompatibility

Biological( Immunological) incompatibility

This type of disorder occurs in 10% of couples who have experienced infertility. The female body perceives male sex cells as foreign agents and produces antibodies to them.Spermatozoa die, barely hitting the genital tract of a woman.

The reasons for the immunological incompatibility are:

  • Weakened immunity of one or both partners( chronic diseases, bad habits, gynecological operations or abortions in the past, etc.);
  • continued use of condoms as contraception;
  • an allergy of a man to his seminal fluid, against which the sex cells die;
  • promiscuous sex life.

Sometimes a woman has an allergy to the seminal fluid of a particular man.Immunological incompatibility allows you to install modern tests.

Rhythm incompatibility

incompatibility The cause of the incompatibility of the spouses during conception may be the Rh factor.The connection of protein fractions located on the membrane of erythrocytes is called the Rh factor.In the presence of antigen, it is positive, and in its absence - negative. If a woman has a positive rhesus, or the couple have the same Rh factor, there will be no problems with conception and the birth of a healthy baby.

In a couple where a man has a positive rhesus, and a woman is negative, the first pregnancy will proceed without complications. Problems can arise if the spouse decides on a second pregnancy. The woman's organism will perceive the embryo as an alien body and begin to reject it.As a result, a miscarriage is possible.

Spouses have enough blood test to determine the presence of Rh-conflict in a pair.In some cases, blood transfusion is performed.

Important! The incompatibility of a pair of Rh-factor is not a verdict.In modern medicine, there are methods and methods that can successfully deal with this problem.

Incompatibility in microflora

This type of incompatibility during conception is encountered by 2% of married couples. In this case, the organism perceives the microflora of the partner as alien.Sex cells of a man, being in the vagina, perish.

Both partners take smears for bacterial culture to determine whether this type of incompatibility exists.The study allows to identify the pathogen and confirm the incompatibility of partners in the microflora.

Genetic incompatibility

Genetica Each human cell contains a leukocyte antigen that protects it from dangerous agents.The identical set of chromosomes in both spouses leads to the fact that the woman's organism reacts to pregnancy as a foreign body. Against this background, the immune system starts the synthesis of antibodies.A healthy child can be born only with different sets of chromosomes.

You can identify the genetic incompatibility by passing an appropriate blood test in a genetic laboratory.

Clinical picture of incompatibility

Manifestations of incompatibility during conception:

  • a frozen pregnancy, or birth in a healthy spouse of a child with genetic pathologies;
  • pregnancy does not occur throughout the year, provided a regular sexual life without contraception;
  • miscarriages at an early stage;
  • both partners are healthy, or have diseases that do not affect the process of conception.

Methods of incompatibility therapy

Methods for solving the problem depend on the type of incompatibility in conception.

Immunological incompatibility of


Treatment for this type of incompatibility is carried out by the following methods and means:

  • immunostimulants;
  • use of condoms before presumed conceiving.Reduces the aggressive reaction of the female body to the male seed;
  • antihistamines;
  • intrauterine insemination, ICSI, IVF;
  • application of corticosteroids a week before ovulation.

The decision on the methods of fertilization and further observation of a woman during pregnancy is taken by Dr. .He chooses a comprehensive treatment to eliminate specific problems.

Important! Spouses should carefully follow the doctor's recommendations so that the long-awaited pregnancy ends safely.

Genetic incompatibility

Treatment is prescribed by the geneticist .After a comprehensive examination and the delivery of all necessary tests, methods are selected that will allow you to conceive, and safely endure and give birth to a healthy child.

Important! Absolute genetic incompatibility is extremely rare!

Incompatibility of the Rh factor


In order for the second and subsequent pregnancies to end safely, the woman, during the period of bearing the child, must take a monthly blood test for the level of antibodies.

Three days before the birth, an antirezus immunoglobulin is injected into the blood of the expectant mother, which will inhibit the synthesis of the antibodies .For the prevention of complications in the second and subsequent pregnancies, this procedure is mandatory.

Incompatibility of the microflora

This type of incompatibility is rare.If you suspect a problem, you should consult a doctor.Candidiasis and inflammatory reactions, frequent satellites of incompatibility by microflora and can lead to more serious problems.

Partners hand over smears: a woman from the vagina, a man from the urethra. The study allows to identify the pathogen, as well as assess its sensitivity to drugs.Usually, in order to solve this problem, it is enough for both partners to undergo a course of antibacterial therapy.

Required analyzes

compatibility There are many laboratory diagnostic studies that will identify the incompatibility in conception.

If a suspected immunological condition is present, a test is performed.To do this, six hours after coition, the woman is taken for analysis of mucus from the cervix .The specialist under the microscope evaluates the reaction of the body to the seminal fluid of the partner.He needs to determine the number of dead and live sperm, and also to reveal their activity.

There are tests for the genetic incompatibility of .Even apparently absolutely healthy people can be carriers of dangerous chromosomes.The study will determine the cause of genetic incompatibility, as well as possible genetic abnormalities in the unborn child.

Not today, all known types of incompatibility during conception are successfully treatable. The main thing is to turn to a reproductive health doctor on time, undergo a complete comprehensive examination and find methods for solving the problem.

Radevich Igor Tadeushevich, doctor of sexopathologist-andrologist of the 1st category

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