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Reduction of libido in women: causes, manifestations, treatment, prevention

sexology The role of a woman is to become a mother.If you have already touched upon eternal values, then you will give pleasure to your man.But also about yourself, your beloved, you should not forget - in particular, in terms of sex.Even in the scriptures it is stated that orgasm is the highest of all pleasures on earth.Unfortunately, not all women can feel it.Yes, sexual coldness, or a decrease in libido - is not cancer, not AIDS, not the virus of Zika.But it upsets and reduces the quality of life no less.


Why women are reluctant to talk about "this"

About the lack of desire to have sex and indifference to the opposite sex, the woman will not talk as readily as about the common cold. The reasons for this , which are singled out by psychologists, whose patients suffered from a decrease in libido:

  • libido fear of appearing "flawed" compared to other women who enjoy sex;
  • fear of hearing a diagnosis of an incurable disease( due to lack of information, some women associate their reduced libido with diseases of the gynecological sphere and are afraid to go for a consultation with a doctor, there is an "ostrich" effect that hides its head in the sand according to the principle: "if there is no problem- then it is not ");
  • misunderstanding that this is not a psychological whim, laziness or bewilderment in partners because of their allegedly complex nature, and physiological violation - in other words, women who are not used to loving themselves do not consider it necessary to focus on their own sexual needs, and some in generalConsider this "blessed".

Classification of the causes of sexual indifference

In fact, female sexual indifference is not a whim, but the consequences of such disorders in the body, as:

  • hormonal failures;
  • psychological disorders;
  • neurological diseases, in which the structures of the central nervous system responsible for libido are affected;
  • head trauma, in which CNS structures regulating sexual desire were affected;
  • taking certain medicines.

Decreased libido due to hormonal failures

Hormonal disruptions are one of the most frequent causes of decreased libido( with the exception of psychological disorders, they can compete with them for the palm of the championship). They can be:

  • Testosterone decreased activity of the hormone testosterone, which is responsible for libido( this sex hormone is produced not only in the male, but also in the female body);Observed with pathology of the ovaries, adrenals, during pregnancy;
  • violation of the correct ratio between female and male sex hormones;
  • increases the secretion of the hormone prolactin, which directly reduces libido;Observed with tumors of the pituitary gland - a small structure of the brain, which controls the production of prolactin;
  • excess or deficiency of thyroid hormones, which affect the sexual sphere;
  • disruption of the hormonal background due to improper treatment with hormonal drugs, age-related wilting, lesions of the endocrine glands.

Reduction of libido due to psychological disorders

Over the past 10 years, psychological causes as a push to reduce libido have sharply increased, according to different sources, by 51-69%. First of all it is:

  • Libido schene chronic repeated stresses( for example, due to permanent conflicts at work, in society, in the family);
  • one-time, but strong stress( partner care, loss of work, sudden major business failure);
  • chronic fatigue syndrome( due to overtime, prolonged work without leave, exhausting work schedule);
  • depressed mood and subsequent clinical depression;
  • koitophobia - fear of having sex( and also indirectly erotophobia - fear of falling in love and, as a consequence, fear of having sex so as not to fall in love with a partner);
  • household, personal or social( for example, due to different political or religious views) conflict with a partner.

Decreased libido due to neurological diseases

It is observed less often than because of hormonal or psychological disorders.But often it is cured( healed) worse, because it directly depends on neurological diseases - and many of them require a lot of time and medical treatment for cure. Some of the most insidious conditions in which the centers responsible for sexual desire :

  • cerebrovascular disorders of the ischemic type( decrease in blood flow to the brain tissues and, as a consequence, their oxygen starvation);
  • disorders of cerebral circulation by hemorrhagic type( hemorrhage in the brain tissue);
  • benign and malignant brain tumors;
  • neurological symptoms due to the defeat of "sexual" centers by parasites that migrated to the brain tissue( amoeba, chain, ascarids).

Decreased libido due to head injuries

May occur due to:

  • Occupational injuries - for example, if you ignore precautions( helmets) on construction;
  • accidents in everyday life - during an accident, falling from a height, as well as fights;
  • permanent beatings in the family, social environment.

In this case, the libido is reduced due to:

  • traumatizing the brain structures that control the libido
  • pressure on these structures of the hematoma( the blood poured into the brain tissue).

Decreased libido due to taking certain medicines

Observed with prolonged uncontrolled use of medication or due to misuse. Drugs that can "quench" a woman's sexual desire include:

  • hormonal contraceptive;
  • antihypertensive( used in the treatment of hypertension);
  • drugs used to treat neurological and mental illness( neuroleptics, tranquilizers).

Sometimes there are paradoxical clinical situations: a woman is treated for depression, which provoked sexual coldness - but a doctor appointed antidepressant in itself can cause a decrease in libido.

Diagnosis of libido reduction, differential diagnosis

libido It is possible to recognize the loss of sexual desire without difficulty - figuratively speaking, a man takes a previously issued pass to bed. It is more important to determine the reasons for which sexual indifference is observed.

It is worthwhile to distinguish the true decline in libido from the banal reluctance to have sex right now and with this partner. After all, a woman can simply concentrate on the annual report or meet another man - the libido has nothing to do with it. The short-term decline in interest for some life reasons is not catastrophic, which can not be said about a decrease in libido due to hormonal disorders, which it is sometimes quite difficult to get rid of.Therefore, in addition to understanding that the patient refuses to his man in the vicinity, you need to clarify, against which there were such failures, how long they were observed, whether there was progression of this condition, whether there was an excess of sex, because of which the woman could elementary for someTime to be oversaturated with physical love.

The doctor should arrange the patient to herself so that she can describe the nuances of sexual activity without hindrance - until the vagina is sufficiently moistened during intercourse, whether erotic dreams are observed and whether there is a desire to watch erotic films, whether self-satisfaction is practiced( masturbation).Sometimes it is these details that will help to distinguish the true decline of the libido from the false.

In addition to questions on sexual topics, you need to carefully study the life of a woman, information about her environment, social circumstances( relationships in the family, at work, with neighbors), the presence of bad habits( banal smoking can trigger a decrease in libido)Past the presence of injuries, illnesses and other reasons for contacting doctors.

In addition to asking the patient, it is necessary: ​​

  • Roentgen consultations of a psychologist, neurologist, sex therapist;
  • examination with a gynecologist;
  • determination of the level of hormones( in the first place - testosterone, prolactin, thyroid hormones and adrenal glands);
  • to exclude pathological conditions that could provoke a decrease in sexual interest - hardware research of organs and systems( ultrasound, computed tomography, radiography and so on).

Increase libido

Often to eliminate the problem it is enough to eliminate its causes - sometimes the most banal ones. An experienced doctor will first "prescribe" a healthy lifestyle, and this is:

  • the correct mode of operation, rest, sleep, power;
  • rejection of bad habits;
  • Avoiding circumstances and people who cause persistent negativism and stress.

It is necessary to get rid of diseases and pathological conditions that caused a decrease in libido - the consequences of injuries, hormonal disorders and so on.Not once described clinical cases, when parting with a partner who does not satisfy in many ways, instantly cured sexual indifference.

As medicamental therapy, the following may be prescribed:

  • hormonal preparations for hormone leveling;
  • sedatives and antidepressants( the latter - in small doses to improve the emotional background);
  • medications that cure diseases that have caused libido reduction( improving cerebral circulation, anthelmintic and so on).

In some cases, non-drug methods are effective:

  • massage;
  • acupuncture;
  • treatment with such unconventional methods as dolphin therapy, art therapy, color therapy.

But in most cases, the most effective method is the good old-fashioned method - emergency leave and change of environment( it is desirable - a vacation at sea, which almost all the beautiful half of humanity is delirious).

Possible consequences

If the sex hormones in a woman are normal, but other causes provoke a decrease in libido - then the following may occur:

  • neurasthenia - aroused state( uncontrollable emotional explosions, tearfulness, nervousness for any trifle, lack ofResistance to the slightest negative stimuli), down to nervous exhaustion;
  • depression( up to severe forms) - oppressed state, lack of interest in people, things, events, joys of life.

Prevention of decreased libido

This is the case when the treatment and prevention of this pathological condition coincide :

  • healthy lifestyle( from proper nutrition to quitting);
  • Avoiding stresses, negativism, deadlines and time pressure;
  • the right choice of the partner.

The diagnosis of diseases provoking sexual indifference( especially prompt detection of hormonal disorders), treatment of the consequences of diseases in the past, and the cessation of unmotivated and uncontrolled administration of medications are equally important.

Kovtonyuk Oksana Vladimirovna, medical reviewer, surgeon, medical consultant

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