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Rapid weight loss: causes for men and women

Abrupt weight loss

Rapid weight loss( exhaustion) in the medical literature is designated by the term "cachexia".The immediate causes of depletion are accelerated catabolism and impaired absorption of lipid, carbohydrate and protein compounds.

Important: A good reason to seek help from specialists is to lose 5% of weight in a short time!

Table of Contents: Causes of Rapid Weight Loss in Men Causes of Rapid Weight Loss in Women

Causes of Rapid Weight Loss in Men

It can be safely asserted that most of the factors contributing to rapid weight loss are common to both men and women.

Among the causes of rapid weight loss in men are:

  • Losing weight sharply frequent( chronic) stress;
  • endocrine diseases and metabolic disorders;
  • infection;
  • diseases of the digestive system;
  • parasitic diseases( helminthic infestations);
  • malignant neoplasms;
  • bad habits( alcohol abuse).

Important: is one of the infectious diseases causing cachexia, in particular tuberculosis and HIV / AIDS.

Today, many men are prone to frequent emotional overstrain.Stressful situations lead to a sharp slimming in most of the stronger sex.

In addition to a sharp decrease in weight, stress causes:

  • sleep disorders( insomnia);
  • depression;
  • rapid physical and mental fatigue;
  • impaired concentration;
  • irritability.

In some cases, it can be difficult for men to cope with stress, and they need the help of an experienced therapist, but many hesitate to consult a doctor.Over time, the situation becomes more and more aggravated, which can lead to serious metabolic disorders, the development of a number of diseases or exacerbation of existing chronic pathologies.

Often a sharp weight loss in men is due to dysfunction of the organs of internal secretion( hormonal pathologies).

Thyroid disease( in particular - hyperthyroidism) can cause an acceleration of metabolism, i.e., an excessively rapid burning of calories from alimentary tracts.In such cases, rapid weight loss develops even when hypodynamia( a sedentary lifestyle) and the consumption of high-calorie foods.

Signs of an increased level of thyroid hormones( a characteristic sign of hyperthyroidism) are:

  • Rapid weight loss( 10 and more kg) with increased appetite;
  • hyperhidrosis( intense sweating even in a cool room);
  • constant tachycardia( up to 140 beats per minute);
  • Fingertip;
  • increased nervous excitability;
  • irritability;
  • sleep disorders;
  • sexual dysfunction( decreased libido and potency).

If you have these symptoms, you should immediately seek help from an endocrinologist.The earlier the adequate treatment is started, the sooner one can achieve recovery.

A serious and insidious disease, such as diabetes mellitus, can also cause a sharp weight loss.

Symptoms of the pathology are:

  • weight loss on the background of a significant increase in appetite;
  • a constant thirst;
  • smells of acetone from the patient's mouth;Syndrome
  • ( not always).

When one or more symptoms appear, it is recommended not to postpone the visit to the doctor, you must first take blood tests to the sugar level.Early diagnosis is the key to successful treatment of the disease.

Another reason for slimming is helminthiosis.It is believed that helminthic invasions occur mainly in children.This is not entirely true.Infection is possible not only if the rules of personal hygiene are not respected, but when eating meat or fish that have not undergone sufficient heat treatment.Men during a holiday in nature often eat poorly fried foods.

Clinical signs of helminthiases:

  • Weight decreases sharply a sharp decrease in weight( the parasite "takes away" calories);
  • decreased appetite;
  • worsening of general well-being;
  • general weakness and increased fatigue;Discomfort in the perianal zone;
  • ;
  • increase in body temperature( not always);
  • is an intestinal disorder( frequent constipation or diarrhea).

Note: In men, worms can cause earlier baldness.

Most of the symptoms are due to the fact that helminths produce toxins that enter the bloodstream and poison the human body.If you suspect a helminthic infection, you should visit a doctor and take tests for the presence of eggs of parasites.

Unfortunately, in some cases, sudden weight loss can be caused by far more serious causes - in particular, oncological diseases of the digestive system.In malignant tumors, a significant reduction in weight in a short period of time can be one of the first symptoms.If there are no other apparent causes of cachexia, it is strongly recommended that you undergo an examination with an oncologist.It is possible that this will help to identify the tumor at the initial stages of development, and in time to begin complex therapy.

Cachexia is very typical for people with chronic alcoholism.Women are also affected, but among men it is more common.The pernicious addiction to alcohol causes damage to the liver and organs of the gastrointestinal tract.Against the background of alcohol abuse, the process of assimilation of nutrients in the intestine is violated, which is the reason for a sharp weight loss even with normal nutrition.In addition, during drinking-bouts, patients eat extremely little or even refuse food, which leads to rapid exhaustion.

The marked leanness is a characteristic external feature of patients suffering from tuberculosis.For an active process is very characteristic of a sharp weight loss.

In immunodeficiency, the cause of rapid loss of kilograms is often opportunistic infections.

Causes of sudden weight loss in women

Shevnshchina sharply grows thin Women suffer from stress not less than men.Against the background of psychoemotional overstrain, the representatives of the fair sex often develop depression.This breakdown is characterized by sleep disorders and loss of appetite, leading to a sharp weight loss.

A common cause of malnutrition is a typical disorder for women - anorexia nervosa.To a greater extent, young girls are susceptible to him, who consider( often quite unfoundedly) that they have a lot of weight.Patients refuse to eat, and if forced to eat - artificially cause vomiting.Over time, the obsession with losing weight leads to a disgust for food.Anorexia often causes irreversible disturbances in the body, which may well lead to a fatal outcome.

Parasitic diseases, which are characterized by a sharp weight loss, are often diagnosed in pet lovers - dogs or cats.To get infected, you just need not wash your hands after you pet your pet( especially after a walk).

Sharply grow thin Symptoms of tuberculosis are weakness, loss of strength, drowsiness, sudden weight loss and coughing attacks, not associated with respiratory diseases.If there was a contact with the carrier of infection and there were such clinical signs, you should immediately contact the therapist and phthisiatrist, do a fluorography and undergo a comprehensive examination.

Important: a person may not even suspect that he was in contact with a sick tuberculosis.The disease is characterized by a high enough infectiousness, and there is a risk of infection even in public transport.

Essential and sharp weight loss is far from harmless.He is always accompanied by violations of thermoregulation, water-electrolyte balance, as well as failures in the work of the cardiovascular and nervous systems.Uncontrolled weight loss for no apparent reason - an alarm bell, a loud "SOS!" Of your body, do not ignore it!

Vladimir Plisov, medical reviewer

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