Douching with thrush Thrush is an unpleasant disease requiring immediate treatment. Douching will ease its symptoms and it can be used as an adjunct to basic treatment. Recently, thrush is at the top of the list of infections. In the body of every healthy person, Candida fungus lives, when the immune defense decreases, then favorable factors for the development of infection form. During this period, the fungus is transformed into a parasitic condition and causes lesions and inflammation of the body's organs.

If there is severe burning and itching, unpleasant sensations during intimacy, curdled white discharge, you can say that you have thrush. This infection affects not only the mature body, but can also be observed in young girls. The manifestations of this infection are very unpleasant, they do not allow to work and enjoy life calmly, therefore, when it arises, you need to turn to a gynecologist. The doctor, in addition to treatment with medications, can advise some recipes of traditional medicine, and to facilitate the condition, advise to use douche.

Douching for thrush
The aim of douching is to rinse the vulva with medicinal solutions to clear them of fungi and bacteria. This procedure is carried out in cases when the inflammatory processes in the appendages, in the uterus, the vulva. The main thing, know that this procedure can be used after the appointment of a doctor, and it is not as harmless as it seems. After washing the vagina, the microflora is broken and immunity is reduced, and with frequent use causes dysbacteriosis or bacterial vaginosis of the vagina. Therefore, only after the doctor's recommendation it is possible to use douching together with the treatment of thrush and not longer than the time specified by the doctor.

This procedure is strictly contraindicated in pregnancy and is not desirable for erosion of the cervix, as even more damage to the cervical epithelium.

How to do syringing?
The procedure is carried out using a special pear or Esmarch mug. The tip of the syringe should be disinfected with medical alcohol, and then rinsed in boiled warm water, solutions for syringing are prepared with warm boiled water. The number of procedures will depend on the development of the infection, in serious cases, enough two procedures per day, and at the initial stage, 1 procedure per day is enough. Douching is performed before the unpleasant symptoms disappear completely. The finished solution is placed in a syringe. For the procedure should be more convenient to sit on the toilet or in the bathroom, with the legs widely diluted in the sides. Lubricate the vale with the vestibule of the vulva. After that, the tip of the syringe is introduced into the vagina for 5 cm and the solution is slowly injected, so the cheesy precipitates will be washed. The procedure should last 15 minutes. After douching, lie down for 20 minutes.

Compositions for syringing for thrush


Soda is a very effective solution for syringing with thrush, it adversely affects bacteria and fungi, changes the environment of the vagina. Soda solution destroys the fungus and stops its development, thus, the development of infection is suppressed.

Boil a liter of purified water.2 tbsp. Spoons of camomile flowers boil with boiling water, wrap and insist 40 minutes. Then cool the infusion to room temperature, drain.

Onion and St. John's wort
We'll do everything as in the previous recipe, and instead of chamomile we'll use the St. John's wort, insist 2 hours. All well stir and use for syringing.

Add a touch of potassium permanganate to the glass of warm water so that the solution has a pale pink color. Then all the instructions.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Take 1 tbsp. Spoon of hydrogen peroxide and mix with half a liter of warm water. This infusion restores the acidic vaginal environment.

Tea tree
We combine in the same ratio tea tree oil and medical alcohol( 1 teaspoon each).Stir, take 5 drops of the mixture and dilute them in a glass of boiled water. The composition is ready.

Raspberry leaves and sage

Infusion on these herbs will relieve thrush. Take 2 tablespoons of sage and raspberry leaves and brew with a liter of boiling water. We insist 20 minutes. Infusion shall be cooled and filtered. We use it in a warm form.