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How to treat ARVI correctly: research data

How to treat orvy

Cold. .. This word is familiar to absolutely everyone - who did not sick with ARVI cool autumn, frosty winter months or unreliable warm spring?With the symptoms of colds, few people seek medical help, often with their own knowledge and skills.How accurately does everyone know how to properly treat ARVI?

Contents: What to do with the first signs of ARVI Useless treatment of acute respiratory infections

What should I do if I have the first signs of ARVI?

First, it is necessary to understand what medications will be needed to treat acute respiratory viral infection.And doctors say that the only drugs that need to be taken with an acute respiratory-viral infection are ibuprofen or paracetamol.Aspirin can not be taken with the disease under consideration!

To avoid mistakes in the treatment of ARI, observe the recommendations of specialists:

  1. The temperature is perfectly stabilized with paracetamol or ibuprofen.Whether it is worth taking these medicines at a temperature above 38 degrees, the question is controversial, so when solving it you need to focus on your own well-being.None of the studies conducted has proven the hypothesis that a decrease in the temperature of drugs interferes with the body's ability to fight with ARVI - the use of such medications is exclusively symptomatic, designed to alleviate the condition of the patient.
  2. You can take a combination of drugs, in which there is paracetamol - for example, Ferveks, Teraflu or Coldrex.They have the same efficacy as ordinary paracetamol, but they are more convenient to use and reduce the intensity of other symptoms of ARVI due to the presence of phenylephrine and chlorphenamine in the composition.
  3. How to treat orvy The room in which the patient is located needs to be ventilated.According to the results of the study, the virus is best preserved in dry and warm air, but moist / cool and moving air at times reduces the risk of transmission of infection.
  4. Copious drinking is mandatory.As a drink can be anything - compotes, tea, mors, mineral water, herbal medicinal herbs.The best option is Regidron - this solution can not be tasty, but it helps replenish the electrolytes in the body that come out of it with the liquid.
  5. The nose is regularly rinsed with salt solutions.The cheapest option is physiological saline, you can use modern drugs Dolphin or Aqua Maris - their effectiveness in comparison with conventional saline is absolutely identical( this is confirmed by studies).
  6. Take food only if you want.Often against the background of an acute respiratory-viral infection, the appetite disappears, while others insist on eating even through force - "the body needs strength to recover."Nothing like this!The organism "knows" itself when and what it needs, but if the appetite is preserved, then the table should be easily assimilated food and preferably in a liquid form.

Everything!The listed measures are the treatment of acute respiratory-viral infection.After 1-2 days, when the acute period of the disease passes and the temperature drops to acceptable readings( this need not necessarily be a classic 36 and 6), you can safely go for a walk.The only caveat is to avoid crowded places: shopping centers, public transport need to be replaced by public gardens and alleys.

Do not call the ambulance team when the temperature rises, but you should use the experience and knowledge of the local doctor when:

  • temperature 39, which is not reduced by ibuprofen and paracetamol for half an hour;
  • there is a feeling of lack of air, there is shortness of breath;
  • there is intense pain anywhere;
  • is troubled by cramps and swelling;
  • on the skin there were rashes.

Many will doubtfully doubt the truthfulness and adequacy of the above recommendations for the treatment of ARVI, especially the advertising of various drugs that can almost immediately relieve the symptoms of colds, is too aggressive.It turns out that everyone is lying?We will try to understand this issue. ..

Useless treatment of acute respiratory infections


A well-publicized, popular drug.And few people think that it should be taken only if ARVI is characterized by a severe course, or the patient has a history of diabetes mellitus, bronchial asthma.A severe course of SARS should be determined by a doctor, only he can reasonably prescribe Tamiflu.

If a person with ARVI starts the independent and uncontrolled reception of this drug, the following will happen:

  1. Than to treat Orvi Literally in a couple of years, Tamiflu will become completely useless.Recently, there have been many studies on the benefits of this drug and the glory of it is already badly damaged, but in the severe course of the common cold, there is no alternative to it.
  2. In the absence of any complications of acute respiratory viral infection, this medication not only does not bring a quick recovery, but it can also provoke the development of side effects - they will only exacerbate the situation and require qualified medical care.

Traditional medicine for ARVI

When the first signs of the development of an acute respiratory-viral infection appear, many people start treatment with folk methods. But there is absolutely no point in applying:

  • cans, mustard plasters and pepper plasters;
  • inhalation of steam over a potato or kettle;Grinding with
  • oil, vodka, fat and vinegar;
  • boiling water for steaming;
  • balm "Asterisk".

Yes, doctors recommend to drink milk with honey, tea with kalina, but this only "fulfills" the recommendation for a plentiful drink.

More information about the effectiveness of traditional medicine in the treatment of ARVI - in the video review:

Wrong treatment of acute respiratory infections

In the treatment of cold, antibiotics are not needed - they are absolutely useless as a curative and prophylactic agent, but can negatively affect the work of gastrointestinal tractIntestinal tract, kidney and liver.The same goes for anti-allergic drugs - they are for people who are allergic.

Any expectorants( Bromhexin, Ambroxol and others) should be taken only with pneumonia and bronchitis, and these diseases are treated solely under the supervision of a specialist.For SARS are characteristic of laryngitis, pharyngitis and tracheitis, and they do not require the use of expectorants or antitussives.The only time when taking antitussives( Sinekod or Kodelak) is justified - recovery has almost happened, but still a dry cough is troubling.

Phytotherapy and homeopathy simply "do not work" for acute respiratory viral infections - Pertussin, Gedelix, Tussamag, Anaferon, Aflubin and other such drugs are not worth attention.Very often in ARVI people start taking antiviral drugs - there is a sense in this, but only if Oseltamivir and / or Zanamivir were chosen.The fact is that only they have a real antiviral effect, and all the rest( Arbidol, Ingavirin, Kagocel, Flavozid and others) is an ordinary pacifier.

Honey and garlic, vodka, onions, eleuturokokk, echinacea and in general anything that can be ingested or smeared on the skin will not help in the treatment of acute respiratory viral infection, even if used as a first-strike.Similarly, interferons will not help, moreover, absolutely any - nasal or oral, and interferon inducers( Cycloferon, Amizon, Tilaxin and others) should not be used - it is useless.

Prevention of ARVI: what do scientists advise?

It simply does not exist, most likely, the disease will overtake every person.If this did not happen, then either the person was in a group of people who had been vaccinated in time, or the disease was, but in an extremely mild form.

It is worth knowing that some recommendations for the prevention of ARVI doctors still give:

  1. Prevention Wash your hands often.According to statistics, the contact path of the ORVI transmission is much faster than the airborne droplet.If there is an epidemic, then absolutely all surfaces are potentially infected - a pack of chips, handrails in public transport, doors, glasses and a can of cola, human hands.It is enough to touch these infected things, then bring your hand to your nose or mouth and you can safely go to the hospital.
  2. Avoid crowding people.Nobody proposes to become unsociable, but during the trip the voyage does not go past squares and shopping centers, but in remote corners of the park or park.Ideal option will be the refusal of public transport, visiting only small shops.
  3. The air must be wet.In general, dry air is evil, as it diligently dries out the mucous membranes of the nose, where pathogenic microbes are instantly settled.That's why doctors reject heaters, but they promote air humidifiers.
  4. Mucous should be constantly moisturized.Everything is simple - you can use any salt solution, even physiological, or Dolphin, Aqua Maris.It would be good to regularly rinse your throat - so you can moisten the nasopharyngeal zone.

Here, perhaps, and everything that can be done as an ARVI prevention.And a few more moments:

  • you do not need to wear a mask for a healthy person - it is intended only for patients, so that they do not spread the infection;
  • such a thing as "improving immunity" in principle does not exist, so do not spend your own money to purchase dummies;
  • honey, propolis, multivitamins have long ceased to be effective methods of preventing ARVI.About the famous and delicious "ascorbic" can also be forgotten - the myth of its useful properties has long been debunked by scientists.

ARVI is a disease that lasts 5-7 days.And it does not matter whether the patient will take any medications or not - it is during the period of 5-7 days that the body produces antibodies that fight the virus and "expel" it from the body.So, recovery in any case occurs, although there are rare exceptions - for example, if the course of ARVI was severe and complications occurred.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category

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