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Treatment of acute bronchitis in the home

Treatment of acute bronchitis

It was noticed that a common catarrhal phenomenon( nasal congestion and reddening of the throat) was added to a dry cough?After a couple of days, the cough becomes wet and there is a sharp pain in the chest?This, most likely, means the development of bronchitis.What can be done to prevent bronchitis from developing into a protracted chronic process?

Table of contents: Antibiotics for bronchitis - is it advisable?Antiviral in bronchitis Anti-inflammatory in bronchitis Regimen in bronchitis Inhalation with bronchitis How to cure cough with bronchitis Drugs that dilate the bronchi - how appropriate they are for bronchitis

Antibiotics for bronchitis - is it advisable?

Bronchitis has a viral etiology, so doctors are sure antibacterial drugs( antibiotics) will be completely useless in treatment.But there are exceptions! It is believed that they include some symptoms that do not pass for 5 days or more:

  • high body temperature;
  • general weakness;
  • shortness of breath;Abundant sputum production.
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It is noteworthy that there may be green color in the sputum, patients begin to complain of shortness of breath, which occurs with a little physical exertion - for example, when passing the shortest path from bed to kitchen.In this case, the specialist will appoint sputum examinations - in it, disease-causing bacteria will most likely be detected.And only in this case there is a need to prescribe antibiotics, but the choice of specific drugs should be done only by a doctor. The most commonly prescribed antibiotics are two groups:

  • macrolides - Sumamed, Macropen;
  • penicillins - Amoxicillin, Augmentin.

Antiviral for bronchitis

Antiviral with bronchitis

This disease has a viral etiology - this is a proven fact.And if antiviral drugs were prescribed in the treatment of acute respiratory viral infection, then the effect will be provided in the case of bronchitis.And if more than 2 days have elapsed since the onset of symptoms, the antiviral drugs will be useless.

Anti-inflammatory in bronchitis

It is often enough to diagnose bronchitis non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs - Ibuprofen, Paracetamol and others.They do have antipyretic, detoxification and anti-edematous effects.But doctors warn that these medications can lead to the development of intense side effects that will worsen the patient's condition.

For the treatment of acute bronchitis to date, use Erespal( fenspiride) - it will have an anti-inflammatory effect, and relieve swelling of the bronchi, and will facilitate breathing.And with this combined effect, the side effects of Erespal's use are very rare.Image 2006

Treatment for bronchitis

There are a number of recommendations for compliance with bronchitis regimens - they must be adhered to to speed up the recovery process and reduce the risk of possible complications after the disease. What regimen should be observed with bronchitis:

  1. If the patient has an elevated body temperature, then bed rest should be observed.But as soon as the testimony is stabilized, it is necessary to take walks in the fresh air - they should be short-lived, without any physical stresses and certainly not in a 30-degree frost.
  2. Even at high temperatures, the room in which the patient is suffering from bronchitis should be regularly ventilated.You can not forget about the increase in the humidity level in the room - you can use special air humidifiers for this.But you can do with the old "grandfather" way - on radiators to place warm rags or rags around the room vessels with water.
  3. During the development of acute bronchitis, any irritants - dust, sharp smells, tobacco smoke - can affect the patient's well-being.To do this, at least 3 times a day, wipe the floors with a damp cloth and remove dust from furniture in the room where the patient is.If the family has a smoking person, then send it to the street.If the smoker is the patient himself, acute bronchitis can be an excellent reason to abandon the addiction.
  4. The patient needs to be provided with a plentiful drink.He can offer fruit drinks, tea with lemon or raspberry jam, compotes of dried fruits or fresh fruits / berries, but you need to give up coffee and cocoa.Such an abundant drink helps to dilute sputum, reduces intoxication of the body.

Inhalation in bronchitis

It is believed that the usual steam inhalation will be absolutely unreasonable for bronchitis - the effect is simply zero.But if you add essential oils of rosemary, pine, camphor, mint, eucalyptus and garlic to the inhalation solution, the effect will be excellent - the number of coughing attacks will be reduced, and the sputum will be exhaled.

Inhalation with bronchitis

You can carry out inhalation with bronchitis using an aroma lamp, but you can just apply a few drops of essential oils on the clothes of the patient, closer to the face.

In addition, nebulizers are especially effective in treating cough.You can read about the treatment with their help in this article.

How to treat a cough with bronchitis

There is a procedure for using medicines for coughing with bronchitis - only it can lead to a quick recovery.

In the first days of acute bronchitis, which are characterized by a dry cough, the patient can take antitussive drugs, but only in consultation with the attending physician.

Note: in the first days of development of bronchitis can successfully use funds from the category of "traditional medicine" - for example, mother-and-stepmother, decoction of althea root, licorice root and thermopsis.

Coughing Treatment Teenager

For 3-4 days of the disease, sputum begins to go away, cough becomes wet, "bubbling" - at this point it is necessary to abandon the antitussive drugs and start using drugs that promote liquefaction and excretion of sputum. These include:

  • mucolytics - Acetylcysteine, Carbocysteine;
  • ekspedoranty - ammonium anise drops, plantain, marshmallow and thyme;
  • mukokinetics - Lazolvan and Bromhexine.

Note: listed medications are not a panacea, they can be replaced.For the treatment of bronchitis can be used drugs based on medicinal plants - Проспан, Бронхикум and others.Equally effective will be breastfeeding, which are sold in pharmacies.Here it is necessary to remember their classification: chest collection №1 and №2 will be expedient for eating during the period of dry cough, and chest collection № 3 and 4 - with a damp cough, during sputum discharge.559e493b1b0f3

If there are no allergies and contraindications, then you can use the tools related to the category of family recipes.These include: radish with honey, milk with honey, boiled with onions, birch sap, gogol-mogol and others.

Drugs that dilate the bronchi - as far as they are suitable for bronchitis

Often with acute bronchitis, bronchial obstruction develops - a strong spasm of the bronchi that does not allow breathing.And in such cases, doctors consider it expedient, and even necessary, to prescribe to patients bronchodilators - drugs that can expand the bronchi.It is a question of Salbutamol or Berodual - they are issued in the form of inhalers.

Most often, obstructive bronchitis develops in children - for them, the above medicines can be a real salvation.Indeed, at the time of bronchial spasm there is a severe attack of dry cough accompanied by shortness of breath - this leads to a feeling of fear and anxiety, which automatically worsens the patient's well-being.

Treatment of acute bronchitis should be comprehensive - it will speed recovery, prevent the development of complications.It is recommended during the bronchitis to carry out chest massage, respiratory gymnastics, pick up a full diet.Only in this case the forecast will be exceptionally favorable.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category.

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