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Allergies on the arms and legs of a child: the causes of development and treatment

Allergia na rukah

The rash in a child is a phenomenon, unfortunately, not uncommon.Of course, this can be a manifestation of any cutaneous infectious disease, or fungal infection, but most often the rash is corny - the child has an allergy on the hands and feet.

The optimal option in this case is a visit to the doctor - the primary examination of the baby will make the pediatrician, and only then( if necessary) he will send the parents with the child to see an allergist.But there are also cases when it is simply impossible to apply to a specialist, so parents should know how the allergy in the arms and legs manifests in the child, what can help the baby and how not to harm in this situation.

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Allergy on the legs of a child

Any allergic manifestation on the skin of the legs is a reaction of the body to some irritants. Of course, there are a lot of them, but there are several such factors that specialists especially stand out:

  • synthetic fabrics;
  • animal hair, their saliva;
  • uncomfortable shoes.

But there is also an irritant, which most often provokes allergic phenomena in a child - these are food products.Many mummies believe that an allergy to the feet may appear and against the background of the use of certain chemicals - for example, after washing with powders or using an air conditioner and subsequent poor-quality rinsing.But doctors assure that the allergy specifically to washing powders and conditioners in a child first of all appears on the delicate skin of the neck, armpits, buttocks.

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What should parents do if they have an allergic reaction to their legs

If the baby's legs have peeling, redness, or there is some "small" rash without signs of inflammation( the pimples do not have a purulent and / or serousContent), then the parents should visit the pediatrician.Only a specialist will be able to identify the true cause of allergy on the legs, make some medicinal appointments if necessary.

As first aid, parents can take the following measures:

  1. Allergia If the baby's allergy on the legs appears right after the introduction of a new food product in the menu, then you must immediately abandon this component.Try to feed the child in a period of pronounced state of the condition not allergenic products - for example, chocolate, citrus fruits, juices, tomatoes, strawberries are banned, even if in the past the body reacted adequately to them.It is very important to reduce the consumption of sugar - it is he who can add to the already existing manifestations of allergy and itchy skin.
  2. Be sure to ensure that the child's clothing was made only of cotton fabric - synthetic fibers in themselves are the cause of allergies on the legs, and with the already existing manifestations, the more this factor will add discomfort.
  3. To bathe a child, or to wash his feet, you need only warm water with the addition of decoctions of herbs that have an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect.To such include chamomile medicinal, a turn, thyme, a sage, flowers of a calendula, eucalyptus leaves.
  4. The child in this period should wear not only comfortable shoes and exactly in size - it should be made of natural materials.Be sure to choose shoes "by season" - increased sweating makes even minor allergic manifestations on the feet intense.

Please note: feet should be warm - even a little cooling can not only lead to colds, but also become a separate cause of allergy development!

  1. You only need to erase the child's clothes with hypoallergenic detergent powders, the best choice in this case will be an ordinary household soap.From air conditioners and various flavored fragrances will have to be abandoned.

It is not recommended to take any measures to receive medicines - their choice is the prerogative of a specialist.

How to treat an allergy on the legs of a child

Bathing-newborn-in-grass1( 1) In general, the treatment of allergies is a complex process both in childhood and in adults.No pediatrician will ever prescribe antihistamines, even with an intense allergy on the legs of a child.First, all the examinations will be carried out, the true cause of the considered reaction of the organism to external / internal factors will be elucidated - in the majority of cases, the allergy on the legs in a child does not require medication at all.First, it often helps to exclude the irritating factor from the life of the child, and secondly, the allergy in childhood can "flash" swiftly, but it also quickly disappears.

Note: does not mean that an allergy on the legs of a child can be ignored or treated independently at home!Parents can confuse allergic manifestations with symptoms of complex skin diseases, the allergen-stimulus can be quite unexpected, therefore, inadequate body reaction will progress.

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Hand allergy in a child

Allergies on the hands of children often indicate that there are too many sugars and their derivatives in the baby's diet.This is recommended to pay attention to the doctors - in most cases, it is enough to restrict the use of sweets( or completely exclude them from the menu of the child), so that health is restored.

allergy Another common cause of allergy in the hands of a child is cold.Strange as it may sound, but the characteristic rashes on the hands mean that the baby has an allergy to low air temperatures.This problem is also solved easily - you just need to properly dress the child( "by season"), avoid drafts, but in no case overheat the baby.

Doctors say that in childhood often develops allergic dermatitis on the hands - this happens in the event that the child has constant contact with the stimulus.And this factor can be anything you like - the coat of pets( children like to iron / carry cats and dogs on their hands), chemicals( for example, if the child constantly helps the mother to wash dishes with detergent) and other irritants.

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Allergic dermatitis on the hands in childhood begins with a slight flaking, the formation of blisters with serous contents, and if no medical assistance is provided and contact with the irritant continues, the allergy on the hands becomes chronic, the skin becomes excessively dry, She blushes, constantly itches and cracks, until the formation of purulent wounds.

Please note: should not be left out of the reach of a qualified specialist!Allergic dermatitis, and a "simple" reaction to an external stimulus can develop into chronic skin diseases - for example, eczema.

What parents can do:

  1. Exclude from the diet of the child sugar and sweets, or significantly restrict their use.It is necessary to adjust the diet of the child - obviously allergens are excluded from the menu( strawberries, citrus fruits, honey, tomatoes, etc.), provide abundant drink.
  2. To bathe a child, wash his hands with clean water without using any detergents / cleaners.The maximum that is allowed to use is a normal household or children's soap, without the addition of flavorings.
  3. When bathing, you can add to the water a decoction of chamomile, thyme, turn, sage, marigold - you need to choose a single medicinal plant.Just first make sure that the child does not have any allergies to them, otherwise the situation will worsen.If these medicinal plants have not been used before, then there is no need to take risks.
  4. If the allergy in the hands of a child appeared immediately after the introduction of a new food product in the diet( this is especially noted during the feeding), then it must be immediately excluded from the menu.
  5. To erase all things of the child, including his bedding, with the available allergy, you need only special hypoallergenic powders or laundry soap.

Note: allergy on the arms and legs of a child can develop and against the background of the use of certain medicines.If the child undergoes a course of treatment, then the considered reaction of the organism is the reason for the refusal of the prescribed medications and immediate treatment to the attending physician.Of course, you need to be reasonable - if medications are necessary to support the life of the child, then their independent cancellation is out of the question, but consultation with a specialist can not be avoided - the doctor either corrects the dosage, or replaces the drug with a more acceptable option, or completely changes the schemeTreatment.

Prevention of allergies on the arms and legs of the child

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Any allergic reaction is a stress for the body.At this point, the immune system of the child is weakened and if an infectious or viral disease is added to the condition, then its course will be severe, which can lead to undesirable consequences. In most cases, avoid allergies on the arms and legs of the child, simple preventive measures can be taken:

  1. Children's clothes, as well as the baby's bedding, must be washed with special washing powders, use air conditioners better, at the most - use hypoallergenic drugs.
  2. It is necessary to introduce complementary foods very carefully and in small quantities - doctors advise not to start with a few drops of juice or ΒΌ of a teaspoon.The same rule applies to the child's entertainment with exotic fruits, unusual products - for example, in childhood it is quite possible to do without sushi, passion fruit, mango and other unusual products.
  3. The child's consumption of sugar and all sweets should be controlled by parents - constant eating of sweets, cakes, the use of sweet carbonated drinks in unlimited quantities can lead to allergies at best, at worst - to the development of diabetes.
  4. You can not feed a child with breadcrumbs, chips and other products, the taste of which is enhanced by various chemical additives.The same rule applies to the choice of other products - it is well known, for example, that some sweets stain the tongue and lips in bright colors, which can affect your health.
  5. Do not engage in self-prescription drugs - this should be done by a doctor, even if it is a banal antipyretic.

Of course, these preventive measures may not help - an allergy on the arms and legs of a child can develop on the pollen of plants, the sun and cold.But some caution will help to quickly determine the cause of allergies on the hands and feet, which will guarantee the correct choice of treatment regimen.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category

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