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Hypertrophy of the labia minora and labioplasty as a method of correction


An abnormal feature of a woman, in which the dimensions of the labia minora exceed the size of large labia, is called hypertrophy of the labia minora.It is noted in 30% of representatives of the weak half of humanity.For comparison: in the norm internal labia should be as much as possible covered with large labia and not protrude outward.

Table of Contents: General Information Causes Types and Stages Symptoms and Complications Diagnosis and Labioplasty Contraindications to Labiaplasty Consequences of Labiaplasty Prevention

General Information

Hypertrophy refers to the lengthening or enlargement of one or both of the labia minora.The latter are two longitudinal folds of the skin, located under the large labia.They surround the urethra and the entrance to the vagina, connecting at the back to the spike.The individual characteristics of each woman determine the size, shape and pigmentation of the labia, while in all they are characterized by good blood supply.


Important! Normally, the length of the longitudinal folds of the skin with their lateral extension does not exceed 2-4 cm, and the thickness - 5 mm.If the length is more than 5 cm, doctors talk about hypertrophy.

Due to the fact that the labia minora perform several functions - protect the body of a woman from penetration of pathogenic bacteria, and her mucous membranes - from drying out, provide moisturizing and additional stimulation during intercourse, if a suspicion of hypertrophy is suspected, the gynecologist should be consulted immediately.

Reasons for

Lips Allocate congenital and acquired hypertrophy.In the risk group - premature girls, as well as those who have a low birth weight at birth.As a rule, the pathology is noticed not immediately, but during puberty or at the moment when the girl enters into sexual relations.

Please note! The exact cause of the development of hypertrophy of the labia minora has not yet been established.Meanwhile, scientists are convinced that masturbation or excessively active sex life does not pertain to the appearance of pathology.In addition, the anomalous feature does not cause sexual infections.

Age-related changes that occur in a woman's body can provoke hypertrophy.Compound the situation:

  • chronic vulvitis;
  • of lymphedema vulva( swelling);
  • sharp weight loss;
  • surgical interventions on the genitals;
  • piercing intimate areas, especially the use of heavy earrings that pull the skin away;
  • injury;
  • delivery;
  • mechanical stretching as a result of sexual intercourse.

Types and stages of

There are hypertrophies of severe and mild form.Along with this, doctors operate with the concepts of elongation, hypertrophy, protrusion and asymmetry when it comes to the structure of the labia minora.

Elongation is an elongation of the fold when stretched by 5 cm or more.Depending on the degree of severity, the features distinguish:

  • the first stage - when the length of the skin fold in the stretched state is less than 2 cm;
  • the second stage - when the length of the skin fold ranges from 2 to 4 cm;
  • the third stage - when stretching the length reaches 4 - 6 cm;
  • the fourth stage - when the skin fold is stretched more than 6 cm.

The protrusion is diagnosed when the small labia extends beyond the large labia in the standing position.In terms of severity, it can be:

  • of the first degree - when the edge of the skin fold protrudes by 1 - 3 cm;
  • second degree - when edge goes out over 3 cm.

Important! Women need medical help, who have an excessive increase in the length or thickness of the labia minora.Corrections also require a condition in which their increased wrinkling and folding are noted.In such cases, they can be asymmetric in shape or size and discomfort to the woman, provoke hypesthesia, or reduce sensitivity during sexual contact.

Symptoms and complaints

Despite the fact that under hypertrophy doctors imply an abnormal condition, and not a disease, women with whom it is diagnosed have problems of a different nature. Conditionally they are divided into:

  • Symptoms psychological - they are said if the patient has an inferiority complex, as a result of which she feels less attractive, avoids sexual contact, and if they do, she can not relax with her partner and achieveOrgasm;
  • aesthetic - they are detected in patients who can not accept their body and prefer to avoid swimming pools, massage parlors, baths, beaches and other places that involve dressing up;
  • functional - they consist in certain physical inconveniences, which the patient begins to experience.

When hypertrophy a woman notes:

  • painful sensations in moments of intimacy;
  • discomfort when practicing certain sports - riding, cycling, skiing, running;
  • difficulties in personal hygiene;
  • soreness with gynecological examination;
  • discomfort when wearing tight clothes, trousers.

Please note! Despite the serious psychological problems of women caused by hypertrophy, many men find an abnormal feature unusual and interesting, so they gladly enter into close relations with them.

To visit the doctor it is necessary in case, as a result of constant friction, the flabbiness of the skin folds appears, their pigmentation changes.In the absence of medical care, the labia will only become inflamed, lose its tone and aggravate the situation.

Diagnostics and Labioplasty


To diagnose a physician, it is sufficient to examine a woman on a gynecological chair.In view of the fact that it is impossible to influence the size of skin folds with the help of conservative methods of treatment, the patient must decide on the need for intimate plastic surgery.Labioplasty, or surgical correction of the labia, does not have strict indications.

If a woman decides to conduct it, she is recommended:

  • get a consultation from a gynecologist who, during the examination, takes a smear on the flora;
  • hand over the clinical analysis of blood and urine;
  • to pass a biochemical blood test, as well as tests for hepatitis B and C, syphilis, AIDS;
  • make a coagulogram - this study allows you to determine the quality of blood clotting.

Important! When applying general anesthesia during surgery, the patient is advised to additionally make an electrocardiogram.

Depending on the size of the labia and the expected result, the surgeon can perform:

  • V-shaped, or wedge-shaped resection, in which on each side of the fold V-shaped flaps are cut to reduce their size while retainingHabitual appearance;
  • linear - in this case, after surgery, the skin folds take on an unnatural rectilinear appearance due to disruption of folding and shape.

Both variants have a significant drawback, consisting in a long rehabilitation period.The only way out of the situation is laser labioplasty.This is a gentle technique that uses a laser beam that minimizes the development of bleeding and the appearance of scars and scars.Meanwhile, it is not recommended to carry it to nulliparous women.

Contraindications to the conduct of labioplasty

In a small labia operation, women who have been diagnosed with

Mioma_operaciya are denied sexual intercourse;
  • nonspecific vaginitis;
  • unsatisfactory results of coagulogram;
  • oncological diseases;
  • Mental disorders;
  • inflammation in the reproductive system.
  • Important! Labiaplasty is not performed by a minor.

    Consequences of Labioplasty


    Each of the above procedures refers to technically simple operations.After its implementation, the woman is recommended to stay for several hours under the supervision of specialists, after which she is released home.After a few days, discomfort in the field of labioplasty usually disappears.

    According to statistics, up to 90% of patients who decide on intimate plastic surgery remain satisfied with the result.The rest undergo repeated procedures, as they do not feel satisfaction with the appearance of the genitals, and also continue to experience discomfort.

    Possible postoperative complications:

    • scars that do not heal for a long time;
    • bleeding;
    • swelling and bruising;
    • development of infections or inflammations;
    • decreased sensitivity of the labia minora.


    It is impossible to protect yourself against hypertrophy, meanwhile to reduce the risk of its development - quite.To do this, it is enough to have an examination every six months with a gynecologist, observe the rules of personal hygiene, and refuse from genital piercing.

    Hypertrophy of the labia minora is not a disease, but an abnormal feature of women that can manifest itself as a result of trauma, childbirth or natural physiological changes.In the absence of severe discomfort in the correction, it does not need.Otherwise, you need to visit a doctor, and then weigh all the pros and cons before the operation.

    Betsik Julia, obstetrician-gynecologist

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