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Folk cough treatment

Folk cough treatment Everybody knows that the cough is "familiar" - this syndrome is considered the first symptom of an acute respiratory viral infection or a common cold.Just with the cough treatment and begins the general therapeutic course with the developing disease - his attacks bring into the habitual life too many inconveniences and discomfort.

Table of contents: Basic cough treatment methods How to treat cough with milk The most effective cough recipes in folk medicine Compresses in cough treatment

Basic cough cures

Doctors can offer a lot of medicines that have expectorant, antitussive effects and will certainly givePositive results already on 3-4 day of their use.But folk medicine has in its "arsenal" quite a lot of recipes from the most familiar products that will help get rid of any type of cough.If the treated syndrome begins to be treated timely, even folk remedies will help cope with the problem within 1-2 days.

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How to treat a cough with milk

It is believed that milk is the most effective product for coughing.Its composition includes specific substances that reduce perspiration in the pharynx, which automatically reduces the number of coughing attacks.It is possible, with the appearance of the first signs of developing cough, just to use warm milk - both cow and goat will benefit.

But if the cough has already become resistant, paroxysmal, it is better to use for its treatment folk recipes based on milk:

  1. Trị-mụn-bằng-mật-ong-và-sữa-tươi-hiệu-quả-với-làn-da-thường2 Milk and honey.This is the most popular remedy for cough, especially it helps to get rid of night attacks literally the very first day.For a glass of hot milk, you need to add a teaspoon of honey - this "cocktail" already has powerful healing properties.But folk healers allow adding to the milk not only honey, but a pinch of ordinary drinking soda or ¼ teaspoon of vanilla / cinnamon, nutmeg with 1 bay leaf and 2 peas of black pepper.Moreover, if the last complex of components is added to the milk with honey, then such a substance will need to be heated to a boil, a little cool and then used as a medicine.The recommended dose for any product based on a milky-honey mixture is 2 glasses per day, to drink in small sips in a hot form.

Note: consumes hot milk with honey and other ingredients, the patient will sweat profusely, and during a fit of cough, a large amount of sputum will be separated.

  1. Milk and garlic.Before you give preference to this remedy, you need to know - the taste of this medicine will be very unpleasant, but the effect is excellent and fast.Prepare a remedy very simply - for 1 liter of milk you need to take 1 head of garlic( cloves cut into slices) and boil over low heat until the garlic is completely soft.Then the product is removed from the fire, filtered and taken 2 tablespoons every 60 minutes( if cough is treated in a child, then the dosage will be 1 tablespoon every 60 minutes).To improve the taste of the product in it, you can add a little honey.
  2. Milk and mineral water.This tool is appropriate to use for the treatment of dry cough - mineral water with milk helps to thin the sputum, contributes to its speedy elimination.To prepare this medicine, you need to take equal amounts of milk and alkaline( !) Mineral water, and the milk needs to be warmed up well.
  3. Milk and banana.Strange prescription, but effective enough in the event that the first signs of a cough were seen - literally the first cough should be the reason for eating a delicious medicine.To make it, you need to take 300 ml of milk, 1 banana, 2 tablespoons instant cocoa and 1 teaspoon of honey.All is mixed( the banana needs to be grinded in a blender beforehand) and is drunk in a warm form in small sips.It is desirable to use this cocktail for the night, and in the morning there will be no trace of coughing.
  4. Milk with butter.Adding a small amount of ordinary butter to hot milk will help to soften the dry cough, relieve the patient of perspiration and sore throats.In a quantitative ratio for the product you will need 1 glass of milk and 50 g of butter.

Note: in some publications mentions a recipe for cough, which uses milk and cocoa butter.Such oil must be of only excellent quality - in this case, it has regenerative abilities, strengthening( in relation to immunity), preventive( for example, it prevents the development of pneumonia and / or bronchial asthma).

  1. Ingredients_consumed_of_cough_7613203872186163 Milk and ginger.Ginger in its qualities and properties is close to garlic and onions, so it is actively used in folk medicine.Experts recommend to drink a drink of milk with ginger at night, just before bed.And you can prepare it as follows: half a glass of milk, 2 teaspoons of green tea and a small piece of ginger root should be brought to a boil three times in a row, but between these times you should wait 5 minutes to infuse the product.
  2. Milk with propolis.Beekeeping products in general are very often used to treat cough, but the most effective is the combination of milk and propolis.To prepare a remedy, you need to add 2 drops of propolis water to 1/3 of the hot milk, and take the medication for the night, just before bedtime.As a rule, if the cough was "caught" at the initial stage of its development, in the morning the patient notes the practical absence of coughing attacks.

The most effective cough recipes in traditional medicine

In addition to milk, folk medicine also uses other plants, food products - they will also have the desired effect with a progressive cough. Here are just a few recipes that will help quickly get rid of cough of different kinds:

  1. Decoction of barley.It is necessary to take 20 gr of barley grains and grind them( grind, for example, in a coffee grinder), pour 300 ml of water.The resulting mixture is insisted for at least 5 hours, and then boiled for 10 minutes.Take a decoction of barley should be 1 tablespoon 5-6 times a day.This product softens and envelops the throat, reduces the number of coughing attacks.
  2. And( 44) Lemon with glycerin.It takes 1 lemon - it should be boiled entirely on a slow boil for 10 minutes.Then the lemon is cut - from the received halves you need to get juice, mix it with 2 teaspoons of medical glycerin and put the mass in a glass.Then, in the drug, you need to add honey in such a quantity that the result is a full glass of medicine.It is taken in the amount of 1 teaspoon three times a day, but if the cough torments the patient for a long time, then the dose can be increased to 2 teaspoons per reception.
  3. Olive oil and honey.This is perhaps the simplest, but from this no less effective, way to quickly get rid of a cough."Works" this tool and with a dry cough, and when wet with outgoing phlegm.It is necessary to simply mix in equal proportions olive oil and honey and take 1 teaspoonful 5-6 times a day.Radish with sugar or honey.
  4. eleven.Also well-known method of cough treatment is to slice black radish with thin plates( pre-clean) and cover it with sugar in an arbitrary amount.After 4-6 hours there will be a lot of juice, which should be consumed 1 teaspoon 4-5 times a day.If you want to make a similar medicine with honey, you need to make a deepening in the form of a bowl in a black radish and add honey there.After a few hours, the juice will appear in the cavity - it should be taken 1 teaspoon every 2-3 hours.Usually enough 3 days to get rid of the juice of black radish, even from a strong, protracted cough.
  5. Infusion from the root of the ayr.This raw material is sold in a pharmacy, so you do not need to specially prepare something.To reduce the number of coughing spells and to get the sputum out of the respiratory tract as soon as possible, take 1 tablespoon of crushed root of ara and pour 200 ml of boiling water, insist for 20 minutes.Use infusion of 2/3 cup three times a day, to improve its taste, you can add 1 teaspoon of honey.

Compresses in the treatment of cough

Cough compresses have long been considered an effective treatment, but they are only shown after the acute period of the disease has passed.

Please note: compresses are contraindicated in case of high body temperature, heart disease, high blood pressure and some other diseases.If there are doubts about the admissibility of cough treatment with compresses, it would be wise to seek the advice of specialists.

Any compress consists of three layers:

  • wet layer - this can be a bandage or gauze that is moistened with a drug;
  • Insulating layer - polyethylene film, oilcloth or wax paper that will not allow the drug to flow out of the inner layer;
  • insulation layer - this can be a terry towel, a warm scarf, cotton wool and bandage.

The compress is superimposed on the upper part of the chest, the area of ​​the anatomical position of the heart is always open.The principle of action of compresses - the heat created by them, penetrates to the vessels and expands them, increases blood circulation.And this, in turn, contributes to the rapid spitting of sputum, and its dilution.

What can be used to prepare a compress for a cough:

  1. Boiled potatoes "in uniform".It in a hot condition needs to be folded in a plastic bag, add a little vegetable oil and straighten in the skin carefully stretch it.And then a plastic bag with mashed potatoes should be attached to the patient's breast, but beforehand, cover it with a towel or folded two or three times with a baby diaper.
  2. Honey in liquid form.They are simply lubricated by the upper part of the chest, then parchment is put on it and wrapped in something warm.
  3. Saline.A salt solution is prepared in the proportion of 90 grams of the main component per 1 liter of hot water.Then the compress is applied in the classical order - a moist layer, heat-insulating and warming.

Compresnauho1 Note: many recommend using vodka or alcohol for a compress when coughing - without having to consult a doctor beforehand it is not worth it.Such treatment will be prohibited for many skin diseases, small skin lesions in the field of theoretical procedure.

Folk cough treatment is a mass of recipes that can have a good effect.But it is worth remembering that there is always the danger of the transition of ordinary cough in serious enough pathology of the respiratory tract.Therefore, during the treatment you need to carefully monitor your health - relief should come in a maximum of 3 days, otherwise you should immediately seek professional medical help.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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