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Ureaplasmosis in men: causes of infection, symptoms and treatment

Ureaplazma-u-muzchin Ureaplasmosis is an infectious disease that is sexually transmitted, has a long incubation period and can lead to serious complications.This infection can be diagnosed only if a person's immunity decreases and characteristic symptoms of inflammatory processes in the genitourinary system appear.In general, the human body is considered a comfortable environment for the ureaplasmosis bacteria.

If the women in question are asymptomatic, then men can pay attention to certain signs of pathology and seek qualified medical help in a timely manner.If the symptoms of ureaplasmosis are ignored, the risk of developing a chronic form of infection and the likelihood of forming more complex / severe pathological processes are significantly increased.

Table of contents: Ureaplasmosis: causes of the disease Symptoms of ureaplasmosis in men Diagnostic measures Treatment of ureaplasmosis in men: tablets and diet Treatment of ureaplasmosis with folk remedies Prevention of ureaplasmosis in men

Ureaplasmosis: causes of the disease

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The main reason for the penetration of ureaplasma into the body of a man is unprotected sexcontact. There are also several provoking factors that increase the likelihood of contracting the disease under consideration at times:

  • early onset of sexual activity;
  • frequent change of sexual partners;
  • available in the history of pathology of an infectious and / or urological nature, which are transmitted sexually.

Often, doctors identify men who are carriers of ureaplasma bacteria and in this case, exacerbation of the disease can cause: long-term use of hormone drugs or antibacterial agents;

  • ;
  • problems in the psycho-emotional background - frequent stress, constant irritation, insomnia;
  • gross violations of the daily routine;
  • is not sufficiently full and varied food.

The household path of infection with ureaplasmosis is unlikely, therefore it is not even considered in medicine.

Symptoms of ureaplasmosis in men

The clinical picture in this disease is blurred, the signs are identical to the symptoms of inflammatory processes in the urinary system - a man seeks help from a doctor just about inflammation, unaware of the presence of ureaplasmosis.

The main symptoms of the infection in question are:

  • pain during urination, but not intense;
  • from the urethra begins to secrete mucus in small amounts and is transparent;
  • in the area of ​​the urethra, the man experiences rezi and burning.

Ureaplazma Note: the above symptoms are characteristic of progressive inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system, but they can be provoked just by ureaplasmas.

The incubation period of the disease lasts 2-15 days, which makes the diagnosis difficult.There are cases when, after a brief presence, the above symptoms disappeared on their own, without any treatment.But this does not mean at all that there is no more ureaplasma in the body of a man - she simply "hides" and waits for another weakening of the body, which again manifests inflammatory diseases.

Ureaplasmosis is a dangerous disease, because it can manifest as an inflammatory process in any part of the genitourinary system of a man. And if treatment is not performed on time, doctors will be more likely to predict the development of the following complications:

  • urethritis - inflammation of the urethra, which is accompanied by sharp pains and constant burning;
  • urolithiasis - the formation of stones of different sizes and species in the kidneys, accompanied by urinary disorders, severe pain in the lumbar region;
  • epididymitis( inflammation of the epididymis) - a man does not feel pain, there are no other signs of this disease, the patient only notes a slight discomfort in the anatomical location of the epididymis;
  • prostatitis( inflammation of the prostate gland) - signs of this disease are a decrease in erectile function, problems with urination, inadvertent pain in the perineum.

In addition, doctors say that ureaplasmosis can lead to the development of arthritis, infertility, impaired sperm quality and emotional stress. If the treatment of the infection in question is absent, the man will begin periodic exacerbations of the pathological process, and each time such exacerbations will take place more and more hard. Untreated ureaplasmosis can lead to a narrowing of the urethra.

Diagnostic measures

Ureaplasmosis in men rarely occurs asymptomatically, therefore, when the first signs appear, you should seek qualified medical help from the urologist .At the primary admission the doctor will be given directions for the passage of laboratory tests, the doctor will interview the patient to determine the possible path of infection and the form of the disease.

diagnostics Laboratory tests for ureaplasmosis in men include :

  • spermogram;
  • bacteriological culture of the microflora of the patient's urethra;
  • enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay;
  • study of the ejaculate on microbiology.

Any examination of a man is assigned on an individual basis - a doctor, for example, can prescribe a specific diagnosis for the detection of concomitant infections of the genitourinary and other systems.

Treatment of urealpazmosis in men: tablets and diet

pills Treatment can be prescribed only by a doctor after receiving test results for the sensitivity of pathogens to antibiotics .Most often preference is given to tetracycline drugs, but macrolides and fluoroquinolones can be prescribed - this substitution of medicines is advisable if tetracyclines do not yield positive results.In some cases( for example, ureaplasmosis occurs in a chronic form), it will be necessary to prescribe two antibacterial drugs at once.

The course of treatment of the disease under consideration is an average of 10 days, during which a man should not have sexual intercourse.

After the course of therapy with antibiotics must appoint a course of special means that are able to normalize the intestinal microflora - Lineks, Hilak forte, Bifiform and others.

A man after treatment with antibiotics should take and immunomodulating drugs - they will strengthen and increase immunity, which will prevent the occurrence of recurrences of ureaplasmosis.

For the entire period of treatment the patient should observe a diet with the exception of fatty, sharp, fried foods, alcoholic beverages.

Treatment of ureaplasmosis with folk remedies

As such, there is no national treatment for the disease in question - medicinal plants and certain foods can only improve immunity and support the body, bringing the recovery to a close.Folk remedies can be used throughout the course of treatment and after the main therapy, but only as an aid and after consulting with the doctor in charge!


Recipes for preparing folk remedies for improving immunity:

  1. Mix St. John's wort, clover flowers, roots of ara and dill seeds( 2 parts each), add violet grass, plantain seeds and wormwood( 1 part each), add 3 parts of plantain leaves.All specified raw materials should be taken in dried and shredded form.
    Next, you need to take 2 tablespoons of the resulting herbal collection, pour into a thermos or pour 1 liter of boiling water, insist 8-10 hours.Take a ready-made infusion of 1 glass at least 3 times a day.It is desirable every day to prepare a new infusion.The course of treatment with this herbal collection is 2 months, the result will be strengthening of immunity, improvement of metabolic processes in the body.
  2. Prepare the following ingredients:
    • root of Leuzea - ​​2 parts;
    • elecampane - 2 parts;
    • the roots of the aira are 2 parts;
    • root of the althea and eleutherococcus - 4 parts each;
    • licorice root - 5 parts;
    • root of aralia - 1 part.

    All ingredients must be crushed and mixed, then take 2 tablespoons of the finished herbal collection, pour into a thermos and pour 1 liter of boiling water, insist 8-10 hours.Take ready strained infusion of 1 glass three times a day for 3 months.This herbal infusion not only strengthens / enhances immunity, but also normalizes the psycho-emotional background, improves blood circulation.

  3. Mix in the same proportions birch buds, tubby, oregano, leaves of coltsfoot, linden flowers, medicinal camomile, St. John's wort, nettle nettle, motherwort, thyme, mint.Prepares infusion of these herbs in the same way as in previous recipes, taken by a glass 3 times a day.In this useful herbal tea is not superfluous to add a teaspoon of honey or a little propolis.

This tool has a lot of useful properties, including strengthens the immune system, relieves inflammation in different body systems, improves kidney function, makes the process of urination painless and clear.

The course of taking such a complex herbal infusion is 3 months, preferably 3 courses per year with small breaks.

Remember that these herbs can provoke a powerful allergic reaction, so before using infusions, you should make sure that the body will adequately take them.

Prevention of ureaplasmosis in men

The main prevention of this disease is the exclusion of sexual contacts without barrier-type contraceptives.But this is not enough!Men should take care of their own health and respond in a timely manner to changes in the state of health of .It is especially important to treat diseases that are sexually transmitted on time and correctly - recently doctors have been diagnosing ureaplasmosis not as an independent pathology, but in combination with other infections.

Which means-if-at-prostatitis-inserted-catter Emergency prevention of genital infections is performed by Miramistin and / or Chlorhexidine, which are injected directly into the urethra of the .But these measures can not be abused, and they act only in the first couple of hours after a dangerous sexual intercourse.

Ureaplasmosis in men is a "tricky" disease, as it proceeds with blurred symptoms, after 10-14 days the clinical picture disappears completely and the patient simply ignores the doctor's visit.But the consequences of such careless attitude to health can be the most serious, up to irreversible infertility.

Igor Samsonov, urologist

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