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Laser treatment of nail fungus and traditional methods of treatment

Laser treatment of nail fungus and traditional methods of treatment

Nail fungus is treated by a narrowly specialized specialist - a mycologist who can identify the type of fungus, its distribution and the severity of the course of the disease.Modern medicine can offer a lot of methods of treatment of nail fungus - both therapeutic methods, and innovative.In general, get rid of the disease and restore the beauty of nails is not difficult, but you need to contact a specialist.

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Traditional methods of treatment of nail fungus

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If the treatment of nail fungus with medicinal preparations is supposed, one of the following therapies will be used:

  • system;
  • complex;
  • local.

Note: any of these methods of drug treatment involves a long period of therapy, since the fungal infection is considered very stable.

Systemic therapy for nail fungus

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It is understood that the treatment of the disease in question is carried out using oral antifungal agents - they are indeed very effective, but are at high risk of developing side effects of

.What drugs are used in the systemic therapy of nail fungus:

  1. Capsules Irunin.Assign 0.2 grams of the drug twice a day for 7 days.Typically, such a course of the patient must pass a minimum of 3 and the results will be noticeable almost immediately - the effectiveness of the therapy is clearly visible.But the problem is that during this period of treatment of the nail fungus in the patient's body too much of the main active substance accumulates.This leads to chronic diarrhea, heart failure, menstrual irregularities, jaundice, itching and rashes on the skin.Irunin Capsules
  2. Tablets Lamisyl.They are also effective in the treatment of nail fungus, but also less toxic than the previous drug.Lamisil in tablets is taken 250 mg once a day, the duration of therapy is 12 weeks.Despite the low toxicity of this drug, side effects still occur - dizziness, dysfunction of the gallbladder, headaches, loss of taste.Lamisyl tablets

Note: if you take Lamisil tablets at the same time as part of systemic therapy and contraceptives, then a woman may have irregularities in her menstrual cycle as an adverse event.In the case of prescribing Lamizil tablets to patients in childhood, the dosage is calculated individually, but depends on the weight of the child's body.

Local therapy for nail fungus

This term is used to treat varnishes, ointments, creams and solutions.Many worry that such medicines should be treated with nail fungus for too long, but it is no less effective and almost safe for the body as a whole.

Candide cream has proven its worth. The treatment of nail fungus with this drug continues until the healthy nail grows.Despite the prolonged use of the drug, no chemical components enter the bloodstream, so there are no side effects inherent in the drugs from the systemic therapy category.The only thing about which warns the instruction on the application of Candida cream - in places of treatment the patient can feel a burning and tingling sensation.


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Complex therapy of nail fungus

This method of treatment fully justifies itself if the patient has consulted a doctor with a nail fungus already running. As a rule, complex therapy implies the following procedures:

  • course of taking antibacterial drugs( antibiotics);
  • use of a cream or ointment for topical use;
  • mechanical removal of damaged parts of the nail plate - this can be done either alone or in a medical facility.

Many people think that you can simply remove a sick nail, but this will not be a disposal of the fungus - there is no guarantee that a healthy plate will grow.

Be sure to participate in the choice of antifungal medicines when visiting a doctor - the cost varies from several hundred rubles to thousands.

Modern methods of treating nail fungus with laser

If we talk about the innovative treatment of the disease in question, it can be characterized by only three words: quickly, safely and non-invasively.It is a question of laser treatment, when powerful laser beams sterilize the nail plate and nail bed.

The essence of the procedure is as follows:

  1. Modern methods of treatment of nail fungus with laser The laser is able to penetrate into the thickness of the nail plate to a depth of 7 mm.No drug of local action is able to penetrate so deeply, and it is in the thickness of the nail and there are spores of the fungus.
  2. High temperature laser beam glues spores, deprives them of the ability to grow and multiply.
  3. The duration of heating is set individually - it depends on the degree of fungal spread and the depth of the nail plate.
  4. Within the treatment of a patient, several procedures have to be taken, the courses are appointed with a break in 1-4 weeks.

As a rule, doctors talk about the cure of the nail fungus after the first course of laser procedures, but you can recognize the victory over the disease only after the healthy nail plate grows.

Advantages of laser treatment of nail fungus:

  • fungi never adapt to laser beams - this treatment can be used within the therapy of any kind of fungus;
  • the energy of the laser beam is used in a dosed manner, the calculation is carried out in strictly individual order and therefore burns are impossible a priori;
  • after the treatment there is no rehabilitation period;
  • no side effects such treatment does not;
  • concurrently with the disinfection of the nail plate from bacteria.

Note: after laser treatment, scars may remain, deformation of the nail plate and cuticle burn may occur, but only if the procedure is performed by a layman.Laser treatment of nail fungus helps in 95% of cases, but if the disease under consideration is neglected, then it will be necessary to combine laser therapy and taking specific medications.

Treatment of nail fungus and pregnancy

Treatment of nail fungus and pregnancy In some cases, nail fungus occurs in pregnant women and there is a natural question, which method to treat it?It's impossible to use usual medications during pregnancy, everyone understands that powerful drugs will harm the health of the future mother and the development of the fetus.

Often the period from infection of a fungal infection and to intensive manifestations of pathology lasts several months and even years.There are no serious complications and problems with general health of the nail fungus, therefore, during pregnancy, the treatment of the disease in question is simply postponed until the birth of the child.

Pregnant women with a nail fungus should remember the following rules:

  1. Antibiotics are strictly forbidden - they penetrate into the bloodstream and through the placenta have an adverse effect on the fetal development of the fetus.
  2. It is impossible to lubricate the affected nails with iodine, although this is considered to be one of the most effective folk methods for the treatment of nail fungus - the excess of iodine content in the body will lead to disruption of the thyroid gland.
  3. You can lubricate the affected nail with lemon juice - it will relieve itching and burning, but it will be absolutely safe treatment.
  4. Foot legs can be pampered with baths with broth chistel - 4 tablespoons of dry raw material is poured with boiling water in the amount of 1 liter, insist 20-30 minutes and soar stops in warm( !) Water for 10 minutes.

Note: during pregnancy should never be soared in hot water - this can trigger premature birth.

In general, the treatment of nail fungus - the work of specialists, so you need to first seek advice from a doctor.Perhaps, the treatment will be the treatment of the affected nail plates with tea tree oil - it is a bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.In some cases, help with lotions with table vinegar - acidic environment destroys fungal colonies.But only a well-designed treatment plan will lead to a complete disposal of the problem.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category

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