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Worms: symptoms and treatment in an adult


With worms, every person, for sure, came across - the topic is unpleasant, but you need to know the maximum information about it.Worms belong to the category of parasites, their presence in the human body leads to the development of quite serious pathologies.

Table of contents: Classification of worms Ways of infection with worms Where worms are located in a person What worms are most often in the body of an adult Human Worms in an Adult Analyzes for Worms in Adults Treatment of Worms in an Adult

Classification of Worms

Parasites are divided intoThree main types:

Classification of worms

There is also a classification of worms according to biological characteristics and penetration / spread in the human body. And in this gradation they distinguish:

  1. Biogelmintov - pork and bovine chains, trematodes / nematodes / cystodes and echinococci.During its growth, this type of worms changes its hosts-carriers: insects, mollusks, crustaceans, fish, and then fall into the human body.
  2. Geohelminths
    - ascarids, hookworms, whipworms, nekator.Their development occurs without an intermediate "residence", they immediately get to the person.
  3. Contact - pinwheels, dwarf chains.
Classification of worms

Ways of infection with worms

Worms related to biogelmintics can settle in the human body if meat is consumed in the food that has not been properly heat treated.Beef meat is "rich" in bovine tapeworm, and the use of pork can lead to infection with a pork chain.But this does not mean at all that it is urgent to become a vegetarian - a full-scale thermal treatment makes meat dishes absolutely safe with regard to infection with worms.

Freshly salted and raw fish can be infected with an opisthorchist and / or a wide ribbon, as water in natural reservoirs is infected by worm larvae.People often wash dishes and drink water from lakes and rivers, rinse in it vegetables and fruits - also one of the variants of infection with worms.


Worms belonging to the category of geogelminthes, in the form of larvae, are found in feces of animals and humans located in the soil.In the human body, they get through dirty hands while relaxing in nature, working in the garden.

In addition, a healthy person can catch worms from a sick person - through utensils, linens, personal hygiene items, toilet.

Where worms are located in a person

Many believe that worms certainly live in the intestine and for some species of helminths this is true. In general, worms can be found in a wide variety of organs and systems of the human body:

  • all kinds of chainworms, withers and nematodes "settle" in the large intestine;
  • trematodes affect the liver and gallbladder;
  • larvae of pork chain can be carried with blood to all organs - subcutaneous fatty tissue, eye chamber, and vessels in muscles can be affected.

Which worms are most often found in the body of an adult

Most often, an adult becomes infected with ascariasis, enterobiosis( wine is pinworm) and diphyllobothriasis( a wide ribbon settles in the body).Worms in man begin to actively absorb nutrient juices, and as a result, a person develops a disturbance of metabolic processes, neurohumoral regulation, intestinal mucosa can not fully absorb the remains of nutrients.All this leads to anemia, obesity or exhaustion, hypovitaminosis and other health problems.

Several facts about helminths in the adult human body:

  1. Ascaridosis, a person becomes infected when eating dirty vegetables, fruits, berries.
  2. Diphyllobothriasis can overtake when eating raw or slightly salted fish, improperly cooked caviar.
  3. Pinworms( they cause enterobiasis) settle in the body either after contact with an already infected person( through shaking hands, kissing), or with household contact - for example, when using one dish, a towel.
  4. Worms have clearly defined time intervals of development - the acute phase lasts 15-60 days, after which a chronic phase of helminthic invasion occurs.
  5. In the locations of worms, organs and tissues are squeezed and deformed, they are constantly under mechanical pressure.

As soon as the helminthiasis passes into the chronic phase, the immunity of a person is greatly weakened.Against this background, the inflammatory processes that occur before in the chronic form are exacerbated, viral and / or infectious diseases are often diagnosed.According to some reports, the presence of worms leads to the development of malignant tumors of the organ where the parasites "live".

Symptoms of worms in an adult

Symptoms_and_shtickers_glades_of adults

Symptoms of worms are variable and depend, first of all, on what kind of helminths the person has infected. The following classification of worm symptoms can be distinguished:

  1. Ascaridosis .This type of helminth infection in the early stages may manifest as periodic pains in the abdomen against a background of mild nausea, rashes on skin integuments( their etiology can not be determined), a decrease in appetite.If at this moment not to take any therapeutic actions, the patient violates the integrity of the intestine, peritonitis may develop, in the case of ascaris falling into the appendix, acute inflammation of this part of the intestine will develop, there are cases of liver damage and intestinal obstruction.
  2. Diphyllobothriasis .Symptoms will also be characteristic: abdominal pain of a different nature, persistent nausea, regular dizziness, general weakness, significant weight loss( appetite may persist), alternating constipation / diarrhea.In stool, a person can see strobiles - these are fragments of a parasite.Further development of helminthic invasion leads to anemia( it always takes place in a serious degree), because the body receives less vitamins B, iron and protein.
  3. Enterobiosis .Here it is just diagnosed / suspected most easily, since there is one pronounced and too characteristic symptom - a strong, constant itching in the anus.Since the infected person will constantly scratch this place( more often it happens involuntarily in a dream), irritation and inflammation of the skin around the anus can appear.The girls can develop inflammation in the vagina and the external genital organs, because in most cases, pinworms get from the anus to the internal / external genitalia.

In terms of general symptoms of helminthic infection, the following symptoms should be highlighted:

  • generalized or general edema;
  • an increase in regional lymph nodes( while they remain painless);
  • cough, short-term and rare attacks of suffocation;
  • localized skin rashes;
  • severe itching of individual parts of the body;
  • pallor of the skin;
  • general weakness and increased fatigue;
  • pain in the joints, muscles and abdomen;
  • bloating;
  • blood in the urine.

Note: can cause pleurisy, peritonitis and pathological lesions of the central nervous system when certain types of helminths are infected.There are worms that "feed" blood vessels and in this case, internal bleeding, as well as nasal / uterine becomes a constant "companion" of a sick person.

Analyzes for worms in adults

Worms When a human is examined for helminthic invasion, it is taken for calories analysis. To detect pinworms and ascaris, a number of additional studies are being carried out:

  • do an ankle scraping;
  • girls take biomaterial from the vagina and inguinal folds( smear);
  • with ascariasis is carried out immunological tests.

Additional investigations for suspected helminth infestation are:

  • blood / urine tests;
  • examination of bile and sputum from the respiratory tract;
  • study of rectal and perianal mucus;
  • analyzes the contents of the duodenum.

In order to detect the localization of worms in the human body, ultrasound, computed tomography, endoscopic procedures are prescribed.

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Treatment of worms in an adult

There is no single pill that can get rid of helminthic invasion of each and every one.It is necessary to select medicines taking into account the type of worms, which was diagnosed in a sick person. The specialist can prescribe the following drugs:

  1. Zdorove_medicina_2004 For enterobiosis and trichocephalosis, medications with Mebendazole are prescribed.
  2. Tablets containing Diethylcarbamazine are excellent for the treatment of filariasis.
  3. Ankylostomiasis, ascariasis, toxoplasmosis, non-carotidosis, enterobiosis - prescribe drugs with Levamisol content.
  4. Against all kinds of roundworms Beshenium hydroxynaphthoate is used.
  5. With enterobiasis and ascariasis, piperazine adipate will be effective.This drug does not kill ascarids, but it paralyzes them, which contributes to the exit of the worm colonies along with feces.
  6. With echinococcosis and cysticercosis, the drug with Albendazole content will be most effective.
  7. Praziquantel - tablets with the content of this substance will help get rid of worms in diagnosed cestodiasis, schistosomiasis, paragonimosis.

In , if helminthiosis is exacerbated, the treatment is performed using the following procedures:

  • infusion glucose, haemodes and / or saline solution;
  • injections of ascorbic acid, vitamin B, calcium chloride, gluconate;
  • in the presence of increased body temperature, the patient is prescribed dimedrol, antihistamines, analgin;
  • at an increased arterial pressure appoint Cordiamin.

Note: if the patient develops heart failure, then the treatment is carried out with Cocarboxylase and / or Korglikonom.In the case of the development of hepatitis or myocarditis of allergic etiology, prednisolone and potassium preparations are prescribed.Large edema is removed with Furosemide and / or Torasemide.

Folk Remedies for Worms

There are many methods of fighting worms, but the most popular is the use of pumpkin seeds.You can eat them and in the "original" version, but it will be more preventive measure.

Pumpkin seeds But to get rid of the already existing worms in the body, you need to prepare the following remedy:

  • 100 grams of peeled pumpkin seeds to grind into gruel;
  • add to the received weight 100 grams of water and 2 tablespoons of honey;
  • all mix thoroughly.

Take this folk remedy on an empty stomach, immediately after a night's sleep.Within 3 hours you need to eat 3 tablespoons of the drug( every hour on a spoon).Then you should take a laxative, and after 1-2 hours put an enema.

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Prevention of infection with worms

How many doctors talk about the simplest measures to prevent the infection of worms!Only here people in the majority forget about recommendations and come for help when worms in their organism feel themselves as full "masters". But everything is quite simple:

  • use only personal hygiene items( towel, washcloth and so on);
  • meat and fish must be thoroughly processed at high temperatures;
  • Do not eat raw fish or raw meat;
  • all vegetables, fruits and berries should be washed under running water and preferably with a brush;
  • to animals periodically to carry out prophylaxis and give them preparations from worms;
  • not eat lightly salted fish and caviar.

You just need to adhere to the elementary rules for the prevention of worms to avoid infection and the development of severe pathologies.


Worms are parasites that can seriously damage a person's health.If the first symptoms of worms have appeared, then you need to apply for qualified medical help - you do not need to take any medications yourself, it is possible that they will not have the expected effect.

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