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Diet with constipation in adults

Dieta pri zaporah

Constipation is understood as the complete or almost complete absence of defecation for 48 hours against a background of normal nutrition.Some experts-gastroenterologists believe that the problem can be said if the chair is not 72 hours.Normally, the emptying of the intestine in a person occurs daily, at about the same time.

Contents: Why constipation occurs, and what are they dangerous?What to do with constipation?Nutrition rules for constipation Products that help cope with constipation

Why constipation occurs and what are they dangerous?

The leading cause of constipation development is a decrease in functional activity( bad motor) of the intestine.One of the most important predisposing factors is hypodynamia, that is, a sedentary lifestyle.Of great importance is also the nature of nutrition.Irregular intake of food( "snacks" on the move), abuse of fast food, consumption of products with "fixing" properties - all this often leads to constipation.

Constipation-Skeleton Note: malfunction in the intestine may well be due to non-compliance with the drinking regime, i.e., a small amount of fluid entering the body.It is believed that during the day an adult should drink at least 1.5 liters of water.

Constipation is accompanied by a feeling of discomfort in the abdomen.The patient feels heaviness, and often - and pain. But this is not the worst thing.When slags are not removed from the body by natural means for several days, rotting products begin to be absorbed through the walls of the intestine into the blood.This leads to intoxication of the body, which manifests a general malaise.A person develops weakness, nausea and headaches.In some cases, rashes on the skin are noted.A patient suffering from regular stools is characterized by a bad mood and increased irritability.

Note: Constipation is one of the most common manifestations of irritable bowel syndrome.

What to do with constipation?

Medicines Regardless of the causes of constipation, it is required to take adequate measures to eliminate it.Do not hesitate to visit a doctor.A qualified specialist will help you choose the best diet in each case.With a difficult bowel movement, pharmacological drugs with a laxative effect are often prescribed.Their reception helps to empty the intestines, but this measure does not eliminate the cause that caused the disorder.

It is recommended that most patients who turn to a gastroenterologist complain of frequent stool delays, if possible, change their lifestyle, make adjustments to the diet and drink more liquid( preferably pure water).

Do not use self-medication with laxatives.Abuse of such drugs often leads to addiction.As a consequence, intestinal motility is further deteriorated, and emptying without taking pharmacological agents does not occur.

Note: to improve intestinal motility helps such a popular folk remedy, like a decoction of flaxseed.

One of the safest laxatives is an extract of Senna leaves.In pharmacies, you can buy an effective drug Senada.At night, it is recommended to take one tablet, and in the morning, with a difficult bowel movement, 1-2 pieces.The agent begins to act, on average, after 5-6 hours of .

Rules for feeding with constipation

Eda pri zapore It is important for the doctor's recommended products to consume at a clearly defined time, that is, strictly adhere to the mode.Showing fractional food, ie, in relatively small portions 5-6 times a day.

Since the main goal of the therapeutic diet is the normalization of the functional activity of the intestine, the food should be as balanced as possible.Restricting the consumption of certain foods, the body at the same time can not be deprived of vital substances.

The minimum number of essential compounds required by an adult:

  • proteins( proteins) - 60-100 g;
  • fats - 60-100 g;
  • carbohydrates - 400-450 g.

It is important for a person to receive a sufficient amount of vitamin and mineral compounds with food.

Important: the total mass of products( including drinks) should not exceed 3 kg per day - "overload" the intestines should not be.The maximum recommended energy value of a daily diet is 3000 kilocalories.

Products that help cope with constipation

Food with mild laxative effect:

  • sour-milk products;
  • vegetables and fruits( almost any);
  • bread made from rye flour( or wheat, but coarse);
  • vegetable oil( unrefined);
  • porridge( from buckwheat or millet cereals);
  • natural juices( especially freshly squeezed).

Note: bananas are capable of providing a fixing action, therefore, it is recommended to reduce their consumption with constipation.It is also desirable to temporarily give up the usual strong tea for many.

Eda pri zapore

Do not neglect the first dishes.A variety of soups are very useful for difficult bowel movements.

When choosing the optimal diet, it is important to consider the cause of development and the nature of constipation.

If it is caused by atony, i.e., a pronounced weakening of the intestinal wall motility, the patient should definitely include in the diet more foods with high fiber content and indigestible fibers.These include bakery products from wholemeal flour, as well as all vegetables and fruits.The natural prebiotics that help with constipation caused by atony are the products of lactic fermentation.It is recommended to enrich the diet with fats( mostly vegetable) and carbohydrate compounds.


Spastic constipation develops due to abnormal contractions of the smooth muscle elements of the intestinal wall.In such a situation it is important to give up rough food.You need to drink as much as possible .Recommended foods rich in carbohydrates, like honey, jam and jam.

Important: the question of the allowed number of eggs in the menu in each case is decided individually.Probably, the doctor will recommend temporarily to abandon them, or reduce consumption to 1-2 eggs per week.

Diet for atonic constipation

In the morning it is advisable to drink 200-400 ml of the following drinks:

  • water with honey( 1-2 tsp per glass);
  • Freshly squeezed vegetable juices;
  • broth from prunes or dried apricots( 1 tablespoon per 200 ml);
  • compote of dried fruits.

If constipation is disturbed regularly, it is advisable to consume a salad of apples and cabbage, previously ground on a grater.From other solid products for 2-3 days should be abandoned.It is important to remember that this fruit and vegetable mixture can provoke increased gas production in the intestine and increase the secretory activity of the stomach( chronic gastritis does not exclude heartburn).

An alternative product is a mixture containing the following ingredients:

  • sprouted wheat grains( 1 tbsp.);
  • 2 medium sized grated apples( preferably green varieties);
  • oatmeal or cereal( 2 tbsp.);
  • crushed walnut kernels( 1 tbsp.);
  • honey( 1 tbsp.);
  • juice is half a lemon.

This delicious and nutritious dish is allowed to consume without any volume restrictions, but you should not overeat.

In the evening it is recommended to prepare a salad of leafy greens and fresh low-fat cottage cheese, to eat boiled potatoes or carrots.Instead of cottage cheese, you can afford a small bit of hard cheese or a soft-boiled egg.

An effective natural remedy for strengthening the intestinal wall is juice from beet, spinach and carrots .With a strong atony, the amount of carrot juice is somewhat reduced, and the beetroot juice is proportionally increased.

Diarrhea for constipation of with of the

With this form of the disorder, you need to give up for a certain period of time food that can irritate the intestinal wall.Show rich in fiber products, which you need to consume in a grated or even semi-liquid form( vegetable purees or fruit mousses).Spasms will help reduce fats, which are many in unrefined vegetable and butter, as well as cream and sour cream.Fruits and vegetables are better to boil or cook in a double boiler, free of peel.In the process of preparation, it is advisable to add more sugar, since "fast" carbohydrates are very useful in this situation.

What can I eat with constipation, and what is not allowed?

Products approved and even recommended for difficult bowel movement:( hide under the cat)

  • Dieta-pri-zaporah rubbed soups on lean and not very strong meat broth;
  • dairy products( hard cheeses are allowed in a small volume);
  • boiled meat and fish( low-fat);
  • rye bread;
  • dry biscuits( biscuits);
  • pasta( only whole grains);
  • baking( except baking);
  • jam;
  • See full list ยป

  • natural honey;
  • vegetable oils( unrefined sunflower, olive or mustard);
  • butter;
  • cream;
  • tomatoes;
  • cucumbers;
  • legumes( moderate green peas and green beans allowed in moderate amounts);
  • fungi;
  • leafy green vegetables;
  • zucchini;
  • aubergines;
  • radish;
  • beet;
  • cabbage( including not very acidic sauerkraut);
  • dried fruits( prunes, raisins, dried apricots, dried apricots);
  • fresh natural juices;
  • green tea;
  • decoction of rose hips;
  • home marinades( for example - salted cucumbers and tomatoes).

Important: with constipation, you must temporarily abandon cherries, quinces, dogwood, persimmons, cranberries, blueberries and lemons, but it is useful to have apricots on the contrary as much as possible.

Foods that should not be consumed with obstructed bowel movements:

  • fatty meat and fish;
  • bread made from flour of the highest quality;
  • baking;
  • canned food( both meat and fish);
  • smoked meat and sausages;
  • spicy sauces and condiments;
  • rice;
  • semolina( allowed in small quantities);
  • turnip;
  • desserts with cream;
  • chocolate;
  • strong black tea;
  • coffee;
  • products with synthetic preservatives, sweeteners, dyes and flavors( including sweet soda).

Important: people suffering from constipation of any type are strictly forbidden to consume alcohol, including low-alcohol beverages.Although beer is a fermentation product, the ethanol present in it can worsen intestinal peristalsis.

Zapor dieta

Recommendations for the elderly

Food-for-constipation It is important for the elderly to exclude from the diet products that cause increased gas production - peas, beans, beans, as well as colored and white cabbage .Increase in pressure in the intestines against the background of difficulty in emptying it often causes the development of pain syndrome.

Fruits and vegetables should be up to 40-50% of the daily menu.Instead of whole milk, it is better to consume kefir( preferably one-day, home-made), as well as milk whey( buttermilk).

To improve the mucous membrane of the lower parts of the digestive tract, pectins, which are present in apples in large quantities, help.They are better absorbed after heat treatment, so apples should be baked before consumption.

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