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Unpleasant odor from the mouth - causes and treatment

Unpleasant odor from the mouth

Almost every person has experienced an unpleasant odor from the mouth - this phenomenon is a lot of inconvenience in everyday life.Many write off bad breath from bad teeth, some people think that they have problems with the health of the gastrointestinal tract.In fact, the condition in question can be caused by many causes and factors and you need to know them to effectively deal with the problem.

Table of Contents: Causes of Bad Appearance How to Get Rid of Bad Breath Traditional Medicine for the Treatment of Bad Breath

Reasons for Bad Breath

Doctors share the reasons for the appearance of the condition in question in several large groups:

  1. Food products.Food can well provoke the appearance of bad breath from the mouth - it's about excessively fragrant products.For example, onions, garlic, adzhika - these foods leave a characteristic smell in the mouth even after using rinsers and chewing gum.The output is simple - just wait for the products to come out of the body.But other foods can cause stench when breathing - food fragments usually remain in the crevices between the teeth, on the surface of the gums.
  2. Diseases of the oral cavity.This is the notorious tooth decay, inflammatory processes in the soft tissues of the gums, and ulcerative formations on the mucosa.Independently to get rid of an unpleasant smell from a mouth because of pathologies of a teeth and gums will not turn out - it will be necessary to visit the stomatologist and receive competent treatment.
  3. Bad habits.Everyone knows and understands that smoking and chewing tobacco, drinking alcohol can affect the purity of breathing.The fact is that these substances irritate the mucosa of the oral cavity, which in turn provokes the development of an inflammatory and / or ulcerative process.Smoking and alcohol provoke the growth and multiplication of bacteria whose waste products are the cause of an unpleasant odor of the mouth.
  4. Pathological dry mouth.If a person has insufficient saliva in the mouth, this will lead to the accumulation of dead cells of soft tissues, plaque.Decomposing, they make the breath smelly.The pathological dryness in the mouth can be caused by excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages and diseases of the salivary glands - therefore, if the first factor is excluded, only the doctor can help solve the problem.
  5. Diseases of internal organs.Inflammatory process in the nasal sinuses( sinusitis), infectious diseases of the respiratory tract, gastritis and peptic ulcer of the stomach and many other pathologies of the internal organs can provoke the appearance of unpleasant odor from the mouth.

Do not forget that improper hygiene of the oral cavity causes bad breath, and the presence of too much carbohydrate in the diet and the lack of fruit / vegetables can lead to the condition in question.

There is also an isolated group of people who are at high risk of developing the condition in question. The group includes people diagnosed with:

  • with endocrine system diseases;
  • with hormonal disorders;
  • obesity of 1-3 degrees;
  • disorders of intestinal microflora;
  • flatulence( increased gas production).


How to get rid of bad breath

It should be understood immediately that the disease in question can indicate the progression of some disease in the oral cavity or pathologies of internal organs.Therefore, only a doctor can prescribe the treatment after a thorough examination of the patient.For example, if the cause is caries, then you need to undergo a sanation of the mouth, if there are inflammatory processes on the soft tissues of the gums, the dentist will prescribe a course of therapeutic treatment using antibacterial agents, in case of diagnosing gastritis or sinusitis, it is possible to get rid of the condition only after treatment of thesePathologies.

But you can help yourself - just follow the recommendations of dentists:

  1. Plaque and food residues in the oral cavity should be carefully removed.This can be done with dental floss, specific solutions for mouthwash and toothbrush.
  2. Use toothbrush and toothpaste at least 2 times a day( morning and evening), doctors generally recommend doing this hygiene procedure after each meal.
  3. It is imperative to pay attention to the language while brushing teeth - it is on this organ of the oral cavity that a huge amount of bacteria accumulates.
  4. The toothbrush should be changed at least once every 3 months, it is best to do this every 30 days.
  5. Toothpaste for oral hygiene is better to choose with fluoride in the composition.
  6. Dental prostheses must be removed at night, the mouth should be thoroughly rinsed, and the dentures themselves should be cleaned with a toothbrush with paste.
  7. Periodically it is necessary to perform professional tooth cleaning.

If the bad breath has only just begun to appear, has not become a habitual state, you can get rid of this condition with the help of some food products:

  • Food products carrots and apples, pears and any other solid fruits and vegetables - theyHelp get rid of plaque;
  • spinach, Brussels sprouts and broccoli - these vegetables contain a large amount of chlorophyll, which has a bactericidal effect;
  • carrot juice - the drink is able to reduce the number of harmful / pathogenic microorganisms, slow the growth of bacterial plaque.

Smell 2

Traditional medicine in the treatment of bad breath

There is a mass of funds from the category of "folk medicine" that will help get rid of bad breath.Yes, they can be used only after consulting with specialists - because to permanently solve the problem, you need to get rid of the underlying disease.And nevertheless, it is quite realistic to significantly alleviate the state of health of a person, to restore his confidence in himself with folk remedies.

Medicinal herbs

Medicinal herbs To rinse your mouth with a view to getting rid of an unpleasant odor, you can use alcoholic tincture of St. John's wort - such a drug is sold in pharmacies.Take 20 drops of tincture and dilute in a glass of warm boiled water.Rinse should be done 2-3 times a day.

You can also use strawberry leaves( namely wild!) - 2 tablespoons of dry minced raw materials are brewed in glasses of steep boiling water and infused for 15 minutes.Then, the infusion is filtered and taken 2-3 times a day at a dosage of 1/3 cup per reception.

There is such a plant acidic - if you get juice from the stems and leaves, you can dilute it with water( a tablespoon of juice to a glass of warm boiled water) and rinse the mouth 3 times a day.

Healers recommend to use the herbal harvest from an equal amount of oak bark, chamomile, St. John's wort, nettle and birch leaves to solve the problem in question.The collection is brewed like tea - 1 teaspoon of raw material per glass of steep boiling water, insist for 15 minutes.A cooked rinse aid is used.

Oil treatment

Oil Treatment This is a long-standing remedy for getting rid of bad breath - it's affordable and absolutely harmless.By the way, this method will help to get rid of bad breath, even if it was caused by diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.You need to take a tablespoon of vegetable oil in your mouth and rinse the cavity for 10 minutes, then spit it out.For this procedure, you can use any vegetable oil - olive, linseed, sunflower, corn.

Note: after the procedure oil in the mouth becomes pronounced white - this is due to the ingress of dead cells, plaque and bacteria into it.In no case can you swallow this vegetable oil!

How to quickly get rid of bad breath?

To get rid of bad breath, you can follow the recommendations from our ancestors - they used them hundreds of years ago. These include:

  1. Have eaten onions or garlic, and it is necessary to go "in people"?Quickly hide the unpleasant odor will help parsley - it needs a little chew.parsley
  2. In the morning on an empty stomach you can eat a little seeds of fennel or nuts( any) - this will ensure fresh breath for the whole day.
  3. If you consume fresh maple juice daily, you can forget about the unpleasant odor from the mouth for a long time, which arose because of diseases of the stomach and / or intestines.Maple juice can be replaced with birch.
  4. Disguise bad breath and sunflower seeds.

Sunflower seeds

Recommendations from dentists

There are a number of actions that can prevent the appearance of bad breath. Dentists make the following recommendations:

  1. Do not eat too hot dishes and drinks - they burn the oral mucosa, which automatically reduces the level of local immunity and increases the growth of fungal colonies.
  2. It is not necessary to use toothpastes with the content of aggressive substances( for example, abrasive ones) for hygienic procedures - this can provoke the appearance of pathogenic microorganisms on the soft tissues of the gums and tooth enamel.
  3. Toothbrushes should not be with stiff bristles - it can injure the mucous cheeks, and even such microranches are instantly "attacked" by pathogens.
  4. Do not abuse toothpaste with whitening effect.The fact is that they aggressively affect the tooth enamel, make it thin - it "attracts" microbes that cause caries.

Dentists say that to prevent the appearance of bad breath, you need to follow a certain diet:

  • is limited by the amount of fat consumed - they are too long digested in the stomach, which causes stale breath;
  • should regularly eat cereal cereals and sour-milk products;
  • it is not necessary to eat mayonnaise, ketchup, smoked meat.

Unpleasant odor from the mouth is a sign of an obvious pathology, which can be cured only by a specialist.The methods mentioned in the article to combat the problem from the category "traditional medicine" will have only a short-term effect.But get rid of bad breath from the mouth is necessary - it gives a lot of inconvenience and discomfort.

Yana Tsygankova, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category.

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