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Stomach cancer - treatment with non-traditional methods

Stomach cancer

In folk medicine, there are many recipes that, according to healers and healers, are cured of cancer.Is not an exception and stomach cancer - than just do not offer him to treat all sorts of "healers"!Official medicine is reserved for all miraculous healings - doctors strongly do not recommend taking a great interest in folk treatment of stomach cancer, and an independent decision on taking certain medications according to old recipes must be approved by the attending physician.And, nevertheless, the treatment of stomach cancer with non-traditional methods exists, it is becoming more popular - just ignore it will not work.

Important: there are contraindications, these methods can not replace the traditional methods of treatment of stomach cancer and require agreement with the attending physician.

Contents: Treatment according to the theory of Otto Warburg Treatment of hepatocellular cancer

Treatment according to the theory of Otto Warburg

Treatment according to the theory of Otto Warburg

This is a complex method that is a logical continuation of the theory that gastric cancer belongs to parasitic diseases and the main pathogenicTrichomonads are recognized as microorganisms.The founder of the biochemical theory of the development of cancer of any organ, including the stomach - Otto Warburg: twice Nobel laureate in the field of medicine.It belongs to him this quote:

"Cancer, unlike other diseases, has countless secondary causes of occurrence.But even for cancer, there is only one primary reason.Roughly speaking, the root cause of cancer is the replacement of breathing with the use of oxygen in the body of a normal cell for another type of energy - fermentation of glucose. "

The method of treatment of stomach cancer according to the theory of Otto Warburg includes:

  1. The diet should include iodine - thisCan be done by increasing the amount of seafood and feijoa consumed by eating, applying iodine nets to the skin or drinking a glass of warm water a day with 1 drop of iodine dissolved in it.
  2. Regular use of decoctions of medicinal herbs, including necessarily burdock and birch leaves.At the same time it is necessary to eat berries of cornel and elderberry, as well as chaga.
  3. Daily eat 10 nucleoli of apricot kernels.10 is the maximum limit, since the apricot kernel contains toxic substances.But the main thing - this product contains a large number of so-called anti-cancer vitamin B17.
  4. Every morning you need to put in a mouth a tablespoon of any vegetable oil and do not swallow to keep it for 15-20 minutes.Spitting out, note that the oil changed its color - it became completely white.Otto Warburg assured that the white color is a cluster of Trichomonas colonies, and the process itself is the purification of the organism from these pathogens.

Please note: only the described method of getting rid of trichomonads does not help - it is necessary to take other measures - for example, to drink medicine with methanidazole.

The most important, as indicated by the famous scientist - gastric cancer has a tendency to actively develop in an acidic environment.What is the natural environment in the stomach?Correctly, sour - means, it is necessary to conduct its alkalization.Otto Warburg strongly recommends the use of calcium.Note that this is quite complex in the assimilation of the mineral, so you need to take calcium preparations simultaneously with magnesium preparations - it improves the absorption of the necessary mineral.

Important: for diagnosed gastric cancer, calcium carbonate can not be taken.The fact is that in this form and with problems in the work of the stomach, it is practically not digested - it is necessary to use ionized calcium.

And one more recommendation of Otto Warburg - refuse for the time of treatment of stomach cancer from the use of dairy products, bakery and sweets in any form.Meat contributes to the development of acidification in the gastrointestinal tract, so its amount in the diet should be limited, but in large quantities you can and should use vegetable juices.

Note: theory of the biochemical etiology of Otto Warburg cancer is recognized as official medicine.But this does not mean at all that when diagnosing stomach cancer, you can refuse the help of professionals and rely only on the described recommendations of the scientist.It is necessary to carry out medical measures only in a complex, under the supervision of specialists and with their unconditional approval.

Treatment of hepatocellular cancer

Treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma Hemorrhoids are considered very effective against cancer - there are cases when malignant stomach disease, even in the third stage of its development, was successfully cured.

It is very important when preparing a medicine from a hemlock and during its use do not violate the indicated dosages - hemlock is a poisonous plant and can worsen the patient's health, in some cases even lead to death!

It is necessary to take a can of 3 liters and pour into it 2 cups( standard for 250 ml) of vodka - this is necessary to ensure that the ground plant does not lose its medicinal products during the preparation of the product.Now, the stalks and leaves of the hemlock are crushed - this should be done manually with a knife / scissors, in no case do not use a meat grinder, since the juice concentration of the plant in question can be exceeded.As grinding, the parts of the hemlock fall into a jar of vodka until the vessel is filled with a third of its volume.

During the planting in vodka, it is necessary to mix vodka and raw materials from time to time - you can simply shake it.

After filling the cans with sliced ​​hemlock, it is necessary to top up the vodka, cover with a kapron cap and remove it for a tincture in a cool place for 14-18 days.

Please note: if the patient's condition causes real fears for his life, then it is possible to start the treatment course with the hemlock tincture on the third day of the drug preparation.But if there is time, then it is better to wait for the term of infusion - the effectiveness of the drug will be as high as possible.

Scheme for taking hemlock hemlock on vodka:

  • Day 1 - 1 drop of medicine diluted in a glass of water;
  • Day 2 - 2 drops of hemlock diluted in a glass of water;
  • Day 3 - 3 drops of tincture on a glass of water and so on.

Thus, it is necessary to bring the amount of the drug consumed from the hemlock to 40 drops per glass of water.Then "go" in the opposite direction:

  • Day 40 - 40 drops per glass of water;
  • 41 days - 39 drops per glass of water;
  • Day 42 - 38 drops per glass of water and so on.

We bring the number of drops to 1 per day - one course of taking the tincture of the hemlock is over.It is believed that for successful treatment of stomach cancer, you need to go through 2-3 courses.

Features of treatment of stomach cancer with hemlock

Use the prescribed dose of the drug on the basis of hemlock and should be empty on an empty stomach - 20-30 minutes before breakfast.And, first, take a little medicine in your mouth( already diluted with water) and thoroughly rinse the mouth cavity - so the medicine will act most effectively.

Elderly people and those who are severely debilitated are recommended to reduce the rate of taking hemlock to alcohol for up to 20 days.That is, bring the amount of drug used to 20 drops for one dose and go back.

Even with absolutely sturdy people diagnosed with stomach cancer( if one may say so) with prolonged use of tincture of the head, there may be side effects:

  • nausea and persistent bitterness in the mouth;
  • indigestion - for example, diarrhea or constipation;
  • rashes on the skin.

If at least one of the above syndromes takes place, then it is necessary to "unfold" the course of treatment with a hemlock tincture in the direction of reducing the number of drops used.Moreover, it does not matter how thoroughly the course of treatment is completed - it is important to reduce the amount of medication delivered to the body.

Contraindications to taking medication with hemlock

Contraindications to taking medicine from Hemlock

Allergic reactions and individual intolerance of the medicinal plant under consideration are more an exception than the rule.But there are a number of health conditions of the body, in which the treatment of tincture of hemlock on alcohol is categorically contraindicated. These include:

  • too old patient age;
  • is too young a patient with diagnosed stomach cancer;
  • rehabilitation period after surgical interventions;
  • too weak a patient's body;
  • congenital liver disease;
  • acquired liver pathology;
  • pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding.

Note: some people, taking tincture of hemlock on vodka, do not get the proper effect.In 30% of patients with diagnosed stomach cancer, even several courses of taking hemlock tincture do not bring relief.In this case, it is recommended to replace hemlock with celandine - tincture and the scheme of reception are identical.Propolis cancer

Treatment of cancer with propolis In folk medicine, in the treatment of gastric cancer, propolis is widely used - this product of beekeeping inhibits cancer cells, makes it possible to recover and grow healthy cells, stops the progression of malignant formation.

Propolis in diagnosed stomach cancer can be consumed in a natural way - 5 grams 60 minutes before meals at least 3 times a day.Propolis needs to be put in the mouth and thoroughly chewed it - a dubious pleasure, but very useful in stomach cancer.

Traditional healers are recommended to use for the treatment of stomach cancer and oil from propolis. It is prepared as follows:

  1. 1 kg of butter melted in a water bath and heated to almost boiling.
  2. Propolis( 150 grams) grind and dip into hot butter.
  3. Stir the mixture thoroughly until completely cooled.

Propolis oil is taken in a dose of 1 tablespoon before meals, and there should be 3-5 drug doses per day.

Note: , for the best absorption of the medicinal oil with propolis, it is necessary to add as much milk or plain water to a tablespoon of the preparation.

Chakra cancer treatment

Chakra cancer treatment

Chaga is a mushroom that grows on trees( birches).In the treatment of stomach cancer, chaga will be useful in the late stages of the development of pathology, when surgical intervention to the patient is contraindicated or is impractical.In this case, the broth of chaga will bring great relief to the patient.

For preparation of medicinal product from the chaga you need to take a birch mushroom, rinse it and grind it in any convenient way.Then take 1 part chopped mushroom chaga and 5 parts water( warm and boiled).Everything is mixed and left for tincture for 2 days.Diagram of admission: half a glass of chaga infusion 3 times a day for 20-30 minutes before meals.The shelf life of the finished medicinal product is not more than 4 days.

Please note: must be notified to your physician that a decoction of birch mushroom has begun.The fact is that during this period the intravenous administration of glucose and the appointment of antibacterial drugs of the penicillin series are categorically prohibited.

Treatment of cancer with herbal remedies

Herbal Cancer Treatment

According to folk healers, the following recipe for herbal remedies was kept in the Timashevsky Monastery and helped many people with diagnosed stomach cancer to be cured.Official medicine does not confirm this, but there is no categorical ban on the use of medicinal products on herbs.

Important: The advisability of using decoction should be determined only by the attending physician - it is strongly recommended to consult with specialists.

To prepare Timashevsky monastery collection from stomach cancer, it is necessary to prepare:

  • string, dog rose, bearberry and immortelle - 20 g of each plant;
  • sage - 35 g;
  • wormwood bitter - 15 g;
  • yarrow, chamomile pharmacy, birch buds, buckthorn, calendula, thyme, motherwort, linden flowers and swine sheathed - 10 g of each plant;
  • nettle - 25 g.

You need dry and shredded raw materials, which you need to mix thoroughly.To prepare the medicine, take 6 tablespoons of herbal collection( fill the spoons without a "slide") and pour 2, 5 liters of boiling water.Then the product is put on as slow as possible heating and evaporated, not allowing boiling, to half the volume - this will take about 3 hours.As a result, a highly concentrated decoction of the herbal collection is obtained, which after filtration is stored in the refrigerator.

Please note: should not be allowed to freeze the healing broth, but it should not be stored even at room temperature - all medicinal properties may be lost.The best option is to place the vessel with the decoction of the herbal collection on the lower compartment of the refrigerator door.

Scheme of reception: 1 tablespoon in a warm form 3 times a day for an hour before eating.

The course of treatment of stomach cancer with such a decoction is 70 days of continuous use.Then you need to take a break for 15 days - during this period you should visit a medical institution, undergo another study, check the indications of blood tests, urine and other biomaterials.

Note: even if the blood test has improved significantly, the doctors talk about the normalization of the formula, you should repeat the 70-day course of eating the decoction according to the above recipe.

Cancer of the stomach and juices

Cancer of the stomach and juices This disease is characterized by large fluid losses - this occurs with frequent vomiting or bleeding.To make up for the loss, doctors recommend consuming 2 liters of liquid daily - although such recommendations are given only to those patients who do not have peripheral and central edema.Juices, with and without pulp, official medicine strongly recommends eating with stomach cancer.And, they can be cooked from vegetables, fruits and berries, but try not to get carried away by exotic products - juices from the fruits of a man's habit will have the greatest effect.

Juices have the following effects:

  • acidic - increase the acidity of gastric juice, reduce the body's need for table salt, significantly increase the threshold of the emetic reflex, and sweet and sour juices also have a tonic effect;
  • bitter - are made of grapefruit, turnips, cabbage, have a stimulating effect on the appetite, normalizing to intestinal peristalsis;
  • sweet - saturate the body with vitamins, not digested by fiber and minerals.

The attending physician can significantly increase the number of juices consumed during the period of chemotherapy, with frequent vomiting, diarrhea.Conversely, when diagnosing peripheral and / or central edema, when fluid is accumulated in the abdominal cavity, the amount of fluid consumed, including beneficial juices, is reduced.

Note: after passing the course of chemotherapy, some patients recommend taking 20-30 ml of table wine.The fact is that a small amount of this drink improves appetite, has a tonic and soothing effect.But the decision about the appropriateness of using even small amounts of table wine should be taken exclusively by the attending physician of the particular patient.

Diet for stomach cancer

Neither chemotherapy, nor surgery, nor the use of folk remedies will not have the proper effect of healing gastric cancer if the patient does not adhere to dietary nutrition.This statement is approved and official medicine - even with an early diagnosis of the disease, the doctor should immediately notify the patient about the need to follow a certain diet.

The essence of dietary nutrition in stomach cancer:

  • Diet for stomach cancer significantly increases the body's tolerance of gastric cancer treatment - it is usually characterized by aggressiveness;
  • allows you to dispense with complications after surgical intervention for stomach cancer;
  • strengthens the immune system, prevents the development of infectious diseases that have a latent / slow course against the background of immunodeficiency;
  • prevents weight loss, it is due to a balanced and full nutrition;
  • minimizes the effects of metabolic disorders, prevents their occurrence;
  • enables the body to lead, if possible, an active lifestyle - for example, maintains a normal state of health during physical exertion;
  • promotes rapid tissue repair after total or partial gastrectomy.

Principles for choosing a dietary food for stomach cancer:

  1. Image 1028 Acceptable methods for preparing any products - baking, stewing, boiling.
  2. Patients should eat at least 4 times, maximum number of meals is 6.
  3. Correction of nutrition depending on the stage of the disease, the results of the treatment, general health.
  4. Selection of a dietary nutrition program taking into account metabolic processes, energy costs.

In general, for stomach cancer, you can use three dietary options - they take into account the patient's body weight and activity:

  1. Nutrition of a patient with diagnosed gastric cancer with normal body weight and no abnormalities of metabolic processes:
  • The value of food is not more than 2400 Kcal per day;
  • allowable amount of carbohydrates per day - 330 g;
  • total protein per day - 90 g, this amount should include 45 g of plant proteins;
  • The amount of fat consumed per day should not exceed 80 grams, of which 30 g of vegetable fat.
  1. Nutrition of a patient with a body weight deficit( up to depletion), with severe metabolic disorders, during recovery from chemotherapy,Irradiation:
  • per day needs to consume more than 3600 Kcal;
  • protein per day should be supplied to the body in an amount not less than 140 g, of which only 70 g should account for the plant species of the substance;
  • carbohydrates per day should not be less than 500 g;
  • a day consumes 120 grams of fat, of which the vegetative form of the substance accounts for no more than 40 g.
  1. Diet of a patient with severe liver and kidney dysfunction, with a critical weight loss:
  • total calories per day- a maximum of 2650 Kcal;
  • total number of carbohydrates - 400 g;
  • the amount of protein supplied to the body per day - a maximum of 60 g, of which animals - 30 grams;
  • the use of fats should be within the limits of 90 g, from them on a share of vegetative it is necessary only 30 гр.

Important: is by no means independent of the decision to restrict the use of a product - perhaps, it will become irreplaceable in certain situations.

Treatment of stomach cancer is a lengthy process, requiring the use of an exceptionally complex approach.Despite the numerous legends and myths about the miraculous healing of a malignant disease with the help of herbs, propolis and alcohol tinctures, it is not worth to trust this method of treatment 100%.But doctors recommend not to abandon completely the use of folk methods for healing from stomach cancer - at least, almost all of the means listed in this material have a positive effect on the level of the immune system, the normalization of metabolic processes.

Separately, it should be clarified about the diet in stomach cancer - this arrangement of malignant disease itself implies a correction of nutrition.If you ignore the recommendations of doctors, regularly violate the diet, then deterioration in health and progressively developing disease will be guaranteed.

You can not selectively agree to different methods of treating stomach cancer - get advice from your doctor and use all the possibilities for healing.Believe me, modern medicine has everything for this.However, much depends on at what stage the disease was diagnosed - stage 4 a priori ends with a lethal outcome.

Yana Tsygankova, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category.

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