Pig: disease, treatment There are many infectious diseases, all of which are caused by pathogenic microorganisms that have entered the body. One of these diseases is epidemic parotitis, which is usually called mumps. Pig's disease is unpleasant, but not dangerous. Most often the mumps virus affects children, but sometimes adults suffer from it. After recovery in the body, life-long immunity is produced, as a rule, repeated illness does not happen. However, there are exceptions in which a new mumps virus infection caused by a mutated strain is possible.


This infection is given only among people by airborne droplets and affects the salivary glands, as a result of which they become inflamed and increase. Like all infectious diseases, the pig has an incubation period of about 21 days, at which the infection is already in the body, but does not manifest itself externally. Sometimes at this time, especially towards the end of the incubation period, patients notice unreasonable pains throughout the body, chills, headaches, dry mouth. Then, when the disease begins to progress, the temperature increases dramatically, to 39o C. There is a feeling of cutting pain when swallowing and pain in the neck, behind the ear. Patients may complain of weakness, insomnia, headache. When pressing on the neck just below the earlobe, they note a very acute pain, which is the main symptom of the mumps( Filatov's symptom).The swelling of the salivary glands can occur both on one side and on two. In the next 5 days it spreads to the entire cheek, and the face acquires the shape of a pear. In the areas of swelling, the skin becomes smooth and shiny. During the progression of infection due to tumors and pain, there are often problems with chewing and swallowing food, speech may be difficult. This lasts for about three days. Then, approximately on day 8-10, the tumors gradually decrease, and recovery comes.

Adults suffer from mumps much less often, but they usually bear it much heavier. For men, this viral infection is also dangerous because it causes inflammation of the testicles. Swelling in the neck, cheeks and chin can persist in adults for more than two weeks.

Gilt and treatment.

Treatment of mumps is not particularly difficult, usually at home. It is recommended to place in hospital only patients with severe forms in case of exacerbations of the disease, although such facts are very rare. Since the disease is infectious, it is necessary to isolate the sick child and introduce 21-day quarantine in children's institutions, where he was. In case of illness of adults or children over 10 years of age, quarantine measures are not applied.

Medical preparations.

The main and mandatory condition for the treatment of mumps is bed rest. There is no medical preparation that can have a therapeutic effect in cases of epidemic parotitis. It is not required in such cases and anti-infectious treatment - the body itself successfully copes with the disease, developing a strong immunity. It is to facilitate antiviral work that the body needs rest. The less the patient moves and spends his energy on physical activity, the more energy remains to fight the virus. On the recommendation of the doctor in some cases, you can use drugs to lower the temperature or pain medication, to relieve severe pain. For each age, different antipyretic drugs are preferred, however, taking into account the difficulty of swallowing, it is better to use suppositories, syrups or suspensions. In boys and young men during the testicles testicles can inflame, the disease mumps is painful for them. These symptoms usually also go without complications.


On enlarged glands advise to impose dry warming bandages. It can be layers of cotton wool tied up with a warm woolen scarf or handkerchief. Previously, alcohol warming compresses have been recommended, but recently they have been abandoned, especially if the disease occurs in children.

In connection with severe pain during chewing and swallowing, most often at the onset of the disease, it is necessary to provide the patient with liquid or puree food. It is better, if it will be dairy and vegetable products, rich in vitamins. Required abundant and frequent drinking. It should be noted that doctors recommend limiting the intake of those products that cause excessive salivation, for example, acidic citrus juices. The intake of food should be frequent, but in small portions. After eating, rinse your mouth with soda-salt solution or usual warm boiled water.

Bed rest.

Bed rest should be mandatory for at least 10 days. The first 7 days should minimize contact with the patient of other family members. This period is characterized by the greatest viral activity. The room needs daily wet cleaning, you need to provide separate toys for children, dishes and personal hygiene items. Toys are recommended every day to wash in soapy water.

Because of the strong swelling of the salivary glands, the ability to move the neck and speak clearly can be impaired. These phenomena are not considered a complication of the disease and should not cause concern. As soon as the disease mumps down, all functions will recover and come back to normal.

There are many recipes of traditional medicine that are aimed at alleviating the condition of the patients with mumps. Treatment of the disease with the help of gardening medicine is used very often, because you can not take medicines. It can be antipyretic, antiviral, but their use does not bring a speedy recovery.

With proper treatment and compliance with complications, the field of mumps practically does not occur. In severe disease, lesions of the central nervous system, meningitis are possible. Therefore, it is so important at the first symptoms to see a doctor and accurately diagnose the disease.

Vaccines for mumps are currently being developed and administered to children at 15-18 months of age. Many parents refuse to vaccinate their children, citing side effects. However, reactions to vaccination are extremely rare, and in the case of occurrence do not have serious consequences.