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How to treat ringworm in humans

How to treat ringworm in humans

Skin disease caused by fungus dermatophyte, affecting the scalp, skin and extremely rarely eyelashes, is classified as ringworm in medicine.Most often this disease is located on the head under the hair, in the place of lesion, clearly defined areas with broken hairs on the skin appear - it seems that the person was specially trimmed with individual spots, hence the name appeared.

Ringworm is common in children due to their constant contact with dogs and cats.In adults, the disease under consideration can also develop, but nevertheless it is inherent in young people.

Table of Contents: Causes of Ringworm Symptoms of Ringworm Features of Ringworm in Children Treatment of Ringworm

Reasons for Ringworm

Causes of Ringworm

The source of the disease are fungi that are found in animals or directly in humans.In the first case, ringworm always proceeds in an acute form and its treatment is quite simple, albeit prolonged.But if the disease in question appeared due to infection with fungi, which live only on human hair, then ringworm will flow in severe form.

This disease is often diagnosed in childhood precisely because of their frequent "communication" with animals - both domestic and homeless.Spores of the fungus penetrate the skin, if there is a hair follicle nearby, they immediately settle in it and start spreading in breadth and up the hair.

Note: is extremely rare, but there are cases of ringworm infestation without close contact with animals or sick people.Doctors say that the spores of the fungus that cause the disease in question can exist for a long time in the ground( up to 3 months) - hence the infection.

Symptoms of ringworm

From the moment of infection to the appearance of the first signs of the disease in question it can take from 5 days to one and a half months, but according to statistics, most often symptoms begin to appear on day 7 after infection.

From the fact that the fungus infects the dermatophyte, the clinical picture will also depend:

  1. In case of a skin lesion: a red spot appears in a particular place, which in some cases is accompanied by itching.Basically, the patient does not bother, only the red spot expands, clear crimson borders appear, the affected area becomes covered with a small rash, new foci of ringworm appear.Symptoms of Ringworm
  2. In case of damage to the scalp: the hair in the lesions becomes dull, if they are pressed against the head, they do not occupy their initial position.Over time, there is a breakdown of the hairs and then clearly visible foci of ringworm.Lishai-tp5

Typical signs of lesions of the ringworm of the skin:

  • inside the spot there are pimples with liquid contents - they periodically burst and then the affected area is covered with crusts;
  • , as the disease spreads, the inner part of the spot becomes less edematous, while the borders clearly protrude above the surface of the skin;
  • stain is not flat, but inside it can form a small ring - this feature is considered distinctive just for ringworm;
  • spots can occur on any part of the body.

Note: if the disease under consideration develops uncontrollably, no treatment is performed, then an infection can join - the ringworm blemishes start to fester.

Characteristic signs of ringworm of the scalp:

  • lesions can have a clear limitation;
  • appearance of the stain: it is powdered, as if sprinkled with flour, the hairs have a maximum length of 5 mm.

Features of Ringworm in Children

Features of ringworm in children In principle, the disease under consideration occurs in childhood in the same way as in adults - there is no rise in body temperature, spots on the skin and scalp are characteristic.But the problem is that children are susceptible to various allergic reactions of the body, and in this case the patient becomes restless, capricious, it is concerned about the itching and burning sensation in the places of localization of ringworm.Against the background of allergies and ringworm, body temperature can rise, the digestive system( diarrhea, intestinal colic) may be disrupted, lymph nodes become inflamed( they grow in size and become painful when palpated).

If ringworm affects the skin, the characteristic spots in the baby will become damp, they often start to fester, and in this case the doctor will necessarily insist on hospitalization of the patient.

Treatment of ringworm

Immediately make a reservation - the treatment of ringworm is long, on average takes 4-6 weeks.It is very important for the patient to treat the disease under the supervision of medical personnel - attempts at self-treatment can lead to the transition of ringworm from acute to chronic.

Treatment of ringworm In order to appoint a competent, effective treatment, the doctor will necessarily conduct diagnostic measures that will help to clarify the diagnosis.The spots of ringworm are examined under a special lamp of Wood - the lesion centers will glow under its light emerald green color.Be sure to take scraping from the lesions for a laboratory test - the type of fungus will be revealed.

If the ringworm in the patient has only a small number of lesions, and there are no violations in general health, the doctor will prescribe outpatient treatment - the use of local medications.And in case of detection of multiple lesions, severe form of the disease, the patient should be hospitalized in a medical institution, he is prescribed general antifungal drugs, ointments, creams, in some cases antibacterial agents( if the infection has joined).

Ointments used to treat ringworm:

  • A sulfuric ointment of 10-20% - it is applied to lesions once a day;
  • Salicylic ointment - applied to the foci of the disease 1 time per day, must be covered with a sterile napkin.

Note: in no case can you use salicylic ointment to treat ringworm with localization on the skin of the face.

  • Cervical cream Sero-tar ointment - if the lesion is not edematous, then the agent is applied to it and slightly rubbed, if the swelling is strong - the ointment is applied to the hearth under a sterile bandage;
  • Lamisil - applied to the lesions 2 times a day, the course of treatment with this drug is 5 weeks, but the improvements will be visible already on the 5th day of regular application;
  • Mikospor ointment - rubbed gently, soft movements into the lesion, the course of treatment is 4 weeks.

If it is necessary to clean the surface of the lesion before applying the ointment, then it is advisable to do it with not ordinary water, but with furacilin or any other disinfectant.

Please note: creams / ointments with hormone content can only be used for the special purpose of the doctor in charge.The fact is that such drugs quickly relieve the patient of itching, burning, relieve inflammation, but they are also an excellent medium for the reproduction of fungal spores.

Solutions for the treatment of ringworm of the scalp:

  • Iodocyrin - this preparation contains iodine and glycerin, it is applied to the lesion center with a gauze pad for 20 minutes;
  • Nitrofungin - using a cotton swab, the solution is applied to the sites of ringworm 3 times a day until the signs / symptoms disappear completely;
  • Vokadin - they moisten a gauze napkin and apply to the focus of the lesion 2 times a day, the course of treatment is at least 5 weeks.

How to treat ringworm on the head

How to treat ringworm on the head If the disease in question is located on the scalp, then the use of ointments and solutions for treatment will not be enough.Doctors must prescribe tablets with antifungal effect, because "drive out" the fungus spores from the hair is very difficult.As a rule, the therapy uses an antifungal antibiotic Griseofulvin, but it is highly toxic and can provoke the development of serious side effects.Mild, but not so effective, antibiotic against the fungus Lamisil.

Necessarily, the hair on the head should be completely shaved, this procedure should be carried out at least once a week throughout the course of treatment.

Local treatment for ringworm of the scalp:

  • every day you need to wash your head with a special antifungal shampoo - for example, Betadine, Nizoral;
  • once a day, immediately after washing your head, you need to treat the lesion with iodine;
  • in the morning and evening, treating the areas of ringworm with antifungal ointments - for example, Lamisil, Clotrimazole and others.

Folk remedies for ringworm

Immediately warn: folk remedies can only be used as an aid for treating ringworm, they should never completely replace the prescriber's prescribing.

The most popular treatments for the disease in question are:

  1. The egg yolk needs to drain the yolk and protein, then gently remove the inner film from the shell, and the liquid below it is collected on a cotton swab.It is this subconscious liquid that is treated by lesions.
  2. Pour black raisins without pits with boiling water and steam for 15 minutes.Then, this steamed raisin is rubbed into the lesions with ringworm twice a day until the symptoms disappear completely.
  3. Half a kilo of fresh cranberries rub through a sieve and the resulting mass rub in the foci of defeat.There are no restrictions on the number of procedures.Cranberry1
  4. Boil medium-sized beets, grate on a fine grater and mix with honey in equal proportions( it is desirable to take exactly buckwheat honey).The resulting means of lubricating ringworm three times a day for 7-10 days.

Note: therapy with ringworm should be comprehensive and conducted under the supervision of a specialist.Do not stop using drugs immediately after the disappearance of the symptoms of the disease - cancel the treatment and announce the complete recovery should only be the attending physician.

Hygienic measures in the treatment of ringworm

It is very important to comply with hygiene measures, as fungus spores dissipate around the patient, and in 1-3 months there may be a relapse of the disease, and the risk of contracting ringworm to the rest of the relatives is very high.

Remember the following expert recommendations:

  • Hygienic measures in the treatment of ringworm The linen of the patient with ringworm should be washed separately, and before washing, soak it in a disinfectant solution or boil;
  • all linen and clothes of the patient after washing must be ironed;
  • every day in the patient's room and in general in all places where it happens, it is necessary to conduct a wet cleaning with any disinfectant;
  • absolutely every item that a patient uses must be treated every day with a disinfectant;
  • during the illness from the room where the patient is, carpets, soft toys, textiles and all things that are difficult to clean are removed.

Ringworm is quite a serious disease, which must be treated without fail.And, exclusively national means with such disease to not consult, it is necessary to strictly observe all appointments of the attending physician.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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