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Foreign body of the larynx: symptoms and first aid

  • an uncontrollable cough;
  • Difficulty breathing;
  • throat pronounced blue face, upper limbs and neck;
  • swelling of the cervical veins;
  • is sometimes possible for reflex vomiting, but at the same time getting rid of a foreign body is extremely rare;
  • if the object is stuck between the vocal folds, then there is a loss of voice( aphonia);
  • funk on the face, throwing from side to side, reflex search of the source of air;
  • after two minutes there is a loss of consciousness and development of a coma;
  • if for 5-7 minutes the victim was not provided with medical care and the airway clearance was not restored, then a reflex stop of breathing and palpitation occurs, which is fraught with fatal consequences.

Diagnosis of the pathological condition

Confirm the foreign body entry into the larynx can be based on clinical manifestations and their sudden manifestation.

If there is no acute respiratory failure, and a foreign object has small dimensions, then its location and extraction can be determined during examination by the otolaryngologist of the larynx in the mirrors.

If the foreign body in the larynx causes discomfort when breathing, but there are no airborne abnormalities, the patient usually seeks help after a few days, when the edema or infectious process develops.

In advanced cases, to search for a foreign object, experts resort to X-ray diagnosis, which allows you to visualize the location of the subject and learn about the development of possible complications.

Emergency assistance with a foreign body in the larynx

Contact with foreign objects in the larynx often leads to the death of the victim.Therefore, properly implemented medical care is the most important and responsible task in this situation.

In order to successfully extract a foreign body it is necessary to apply Heimlich reception.

It's important to remember! Heimlich's method is a pledge of a successfully conducted emergency aid, but also the most unsafe method with the wrong technique of removing the object.

The effectiveness of this method is that during the impact in the diaphragm area, the air flow leaves the so-called dead space, which is never used for breathing, coughing, sneezing.

Technique for punching:

  1. Become behind the victim.
  2. Circle the patient with his hands and fold them below the xiphoid process into the lock.
  3. Simultaneously perform a blow to the chest in the back and fist into the area of ​​the epigastrium.

It's important to remember! The danger of receiving Heimlich is that the blow is performed at the site most rich in nerve endings and plexuses, the stimulation of which can lead to cardiac arrest.

Children under the age of three are forbidden to use this method to resume the lumen of the upper respiratory tract.

If this method did not lead to success, then resort to the implementation of emergency conicotomy, which only qualified medical personnel have the right to perform.Whether Foreign body of the larynx

Regardless of what caused the asphyxiation: a foreign body, edema or external organ damage, a cut of the ligament between the thyroid and cricoid cartilage of the larynx, helps restore airflow to the lungs.

Important! Exercise of conicotomy requires special care, because an incorrect incision can lead to damage to the thyroid gland and its blood vessels, which is fraught with significant blood loss.

In the future, an operative procedure is performed to extract a foreign body if it is not possible to remove the object under local anesthetics with forceps.

In addition, patients take painkillers, anti-inflammatory and sedative drugs.

Preventative measures

It is important to get rid of habits that can trigger a foreign body into the larynx:

  • not keep small things in your mouth;
  • do not talk while eating;
  • not to abuse alcoholic beverages;
  • be confident in the professionalism of the dentist and in the quality of the services provided;
  • not to leave children unattended and buy toys that match the age of the child;
  • perform proper care for bedridden patients or relatives after a stroke, in the event of a violation of the swallowing act.

How to recognize a foreign body getting into the larynx and properly assisting - video from Dr. Komarovsky

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