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Treatment of lung cancer and nutrition in cancer

Treatment of lung cancer and nutrition in cancer

Lung cancer is a serious disease, the predictions for which are not very comforting.Treatment is selected individually, depending on the type of cancer and the stage at which the disease was detected, but the basic principles of therapy are still the same.

Table of contents:

Methods of treatment of lung cancer

Methods of treatment of lung cancer Only an oncologist can prescribe treatment for lung cancer.The scheme is chosen depending on the type and stage of development of the tumor.And also on its features, the presence of various factors, including - metastasis.

Three types of lung cancer treatment are commonly used for efficacy:

  • Radiation therapy;
  • pharmacotherapy;
  • surgical operation.

Surgical treatment involves removal of part of the lung, as well as excision of the affected lymph nodes.The effectiveness of treatment depends on the selection of drugs and the scheme of their administration, as well as on the age of the person.The chance of recovery increases the therapy conducted in the early stages.In this situation, 60% of people have a real opportunity to completely overcome the disease.When metastases appear, no one will guarantee the effectiveness of treatment.

None of the above methods can not give a one hundred percent guarantee, so they are used in the complex.

Drugs and preparations for the treatment of lung cancer

Medications and preparations for the treatment of lung cancer Drug treatment is aimed at the destruction of cancer cells.It is important to understand that antineoplastic agents can not help with the fourth stage of the disease, when the tumor has grown and metastasized.However, drug therapy can maximize the life of a person.Much depends on the structure of the tumor.For example, a small-cell tumor is perfectly amenable to chemotherapy, and non-small cell carcinoma is very resistant to this type of treatment.

It's important to know : drugs used for therapy kill not only bad cells, but absolutely healthy.Blood, GIT, bone marrow, and, as you know, hair roots can suffer from these medications.In the course of treatment, side effects are unavoidable.And you have to be ready for this.

More than sixty different kinds of drugs are used to treat this disease.Medications for lung cancer are taken internally or by insertion into a vein.Often this is done with the use of a dropper.

Please note: with , the chemotherapy treatment is selected strictly individually, based on the characteristics of the development of the disease and its structure.To restore the body after the course of taking medications you need a break for a couple of weeks.

Each patient is assigned the optimal number of courses, while in each course they replace one drug with another, as the diseased cells quickly adapt to the action of the drugs.

Admission of special medications aimed at the treatment of the disease is often accompanied by such unpleasant moments as:

  • diarrhea;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • chronic feeling of fatigue;
  • ulcers in the mouth;
  • hair loss;
  • decrease in hemoglobin;
  • appearance of neuropathy and secondary infections.

Caring loved ones, good books and entertainment programs contribute to the elimination of negative aspects associated with the treatment of lung cancer.

Nutrition for the treatment of lung cancer

Nutrition in the treatment of lung cancer There is no special menu for cancer patients, however, it is indicated to consume a large amount of vitamins and food, which improves the functioning of the intestine.The patient's menu should include fruits and vegetables in any form, juices.

In addition, with lung cancer it is desirable to include in the menu foods rich in proteins and carbohydrates.Welcome and dairy products.It is not recommended to eat fatty and spicy, garlic, onions.It is important to cleanse the body and remove toxins from it, drink plenty of water.

Chemotherapy changes a person's perception of tastes and smells, so after this procedure, the appetite may disappear.

Important: If there are symptoms of lung cancer, it is strictly forbidden to go hungry.It is recommended to take food often and in small portions.In this case, nutrition is an integral part of therapy, giving the patient strength.

Additional recommendations for catering:

  • it is forbidden to drink soda water;
  • for overcoming nausea attacks it is recommended to drink apple or grape juice;
  • is mandatory for the intake of milk bacteria;
  • after meals can not go to bed, it is better to take a sitting position for several hours;
  • after treatment should take drugs that restore the liver and increase hemoglobin.

Prophylaxis of lung cancer

A strong surge in pulmonary cancer is explained by an unprecedented increase in the number of smokers.Alas, smoking cigarettes is the main cause of the onset of a deadly disease.The second most important cause is the inhalation of toxic and carcinogenic substances.

To reduce the likelihood of this disease, certain preventive measures have been developed.They are conventionally divided into two groups: primary and secondary.

The complex of primary lung cancer prevention measures includes :

  • promoting healthy lifestyles;
  • development of programs to improve working conditions;
  • pollution control;
  • prohibition of smoking in public places;
  • aims at reducing the production of tobacco products;
  • development of physical culture and sports involving young people
  • , etc.


The secondary preventive measures include:

  • annual fluorography;
  • visit to pulmonologist for pulmonary diseases, which last more than three days;
  • correct and timely treatment of bronchitis, preventing the appearance of chronic disease;
  • complete quitting;
  • use of special protective equipment in harmful industries;
  • regular examination of people at risk.

Such measures will help to determine the disease in the early stages of its development.

No less important moment of prevention of lung cancer is the normalization of nutrition.

Trofimova Yaroslava, medical consultant

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