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Chronic fatigue syndrome - causes, symptoms, types of treatment

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Fatigue, lack of rest feeling, chronic lack of sleep, irritation and bad mood - these symptoms seem only a sign of the need to go on vacation.But in fact they can also be evidence of the development of the syndrome of chronic fatigue and believe me, this is much more serious than the banal fatigue. Table of Contents: Causes of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Causes of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

For the first time in the CIS, the disease in question was described in 1991, although officially recognized as world medicine in 1988, and for years of studying chronic fatigue syndrome/ Scientists have been clarified and its causes, and its specific symptoms, and methods of treatment.It is interesting that in women the chronic fatigue syndrome( CFS) is diagnosed more often, but in general such a disease is inherent in people in the age group of 25-45 years.It was often noted that the syndrome in question is more common in people with a profession that assumes increased responsibility - for example, pilots, doctors, professional rescuers.

Causes of chronic fatigue syndrome Despite numerous studies of the disease under consideration, modern medicine and now can not accurately formulate the reasons for its occurrence.But certain factors are identified, which in this case are provocative. These include:

  1. Incorrect way of life.Insufficiency of movement, a rare stay in the open air, chronic drinking-alcohol libations, prolonged mental overstrain, forced physical activities without proper rest, night vigils at the computer or TV screen - all this leads to the appearance of classic symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome.
  2. Chronic pathologies.It can be inflammatory processes, and infectious - the body in any case with a long attack of pathogenic microorganisms is rapidly deteriorating, and frequent relapses only reduce the immunity and lead to the depletion of the physiological and psychological capabilities of man.
  3. Distressed environment.It is for certain known that residents of large cities, megacities suffer from the syndrome of chronic fatigue much more often residents of villages or small regional townships.Exhaust gas from the car, constant noise, too fast rhythm of life, the inability to breathe fresh air, the use of chlorinated water and low-ecological products - this all and serves as the reasons for the development of the disease in question.
  4. Psychological disorders.Regular depression, finding a long time in a state of stress, constant anxious thoughts, bad mood can provoke the development of increased fatigue - this is a direct way to the emergence of the syndrome of chronic fatigue.

Well, besides this, the syndrome under consideration can appear against the background of irrational nutrition, with a lack of vitamins in the body, against the background of disturbances in metabolic processes - they are "controlled" by mineral substances.Note: there is a theory that chronic fatigue syndrome can provoke viruses - it is often diagnosed in patients with early-identified herpes, cytomegalovirus, enterovirus.But this is just a theory, therefore, when identifying the above viral pathologies, it is not worth adjusting to the indispensable development of the chronic fatigue syndrome.

Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome has a variable clinical picture, and it is problematic to identify any specific symptoms. And yet, doctors recommend paying attention to the following indicators:

  • lack of a sense of rest after a full night's sleep;
  • frequently recurring headaches without any apparent cause;
  • increased daytime drowsiness;
  • the inability to fall asleep quickly, even after strenuous physical work;
  • unmotivated irritation;
  • is a bad mood, there are no grounds for it.

Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome In general, this condition can last several months in a row - in some cases, patients notice similar symptoms within 5-8 months.And this does not mean at all that the person has developed a syndrome of chronic fatigue - identical symptoms can be indicative of other pathologies in the body.Therefore, carefully analyze your condition - doctors distinguish the characteristic features of each of the symptoms.


The first sign of nervous system overstrain is a pain of pulsating character in the region of the temples.Headache can have a different character in different diseases, but it is for the chronic fatigue syndrome that pulsation in the temples and diffuse pain throughout the skull of the non-intensive manifestation will be present.


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A person with developing chronic fatigue syndrome can not fall asleep even after heavy, prolonged exertion.He has a feeling that the dream will come, as soon as the head touches the pillow, but in fact the person for a long time toggles, looking for a comfortable pose for sleep, it starts to visit various troubling thoughts.By the way, it is for the disease in question that night attacks of fear and an ungrounded sense of anxiety are characteristic.

Energy deficiency

This symptom refers to apathy, constant muscle weakness, severe fatigue even after doing minimal work( for example, washing dishes, ironing, driving a short distance).It is this condition that is an unconditional testimony of a developing or already fully present syndrome of chronic fatigue.Lack of energy

Motility disorder

If a person has tremors of upper extremities, intense muscle pains, unwillingness to perform any body movements, then this is a sure sign of the disease in question.

Mental disorders

Chronic fatigue syndrome can cause a decrease in memory and concentration of attention, the inability to respond quickly and correctly to questions, the perception of information( teaching, general) is not fully realized.


The chronic fatigue syndrome provokes frequent relapses of colds, instant infection with respiratory viral diseases during epidemics, and long-term healing of even small wounds on the skin.

Psychological disorders

Psychological disorders People with chronic fatigue syndrome are often exposed to "attacks" of depression, they are constantly in a bad mood, there are unreasonable fears, excessive feelings of anxiety.And the irritability and outbursts of unmotivated aggression only confirm the diagnosis.It is noteworthy that in the state of chronic fatigue syndrome a person starts to look for a way out of the situation on his own - this disease is often perceived as normal fatigue.And often the doctors fixed the increase in smoked cigarettes per day - in this way the patients try to bring their organism into working order, and in the evenings the patients necessarily drink a certain amount of alcoholic beverages - so they "remove" the physical and mental stress.Naturally, such measures will not help to solve the problem, and long rest on an uninhabited island is also unlikely to get rid of the chronic fatigue syndrome - the help of medical workers will be needed.CFS

Diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Only the specialist can diagnose the disease in question - this procedure involves the study of large and small criteria that indicate exactly this pathology.To the large criteria include all of the above symptoms, the patient's complaints about prolonged, uninterrupted fatigue for 3 months or more.Please note: on the background of the above symptoms, the doctor will necessarily send the patient to a full examination of the entire body.And only the absence of any somatic diseases of a chronic / acute nature, infections and viral pathologies can be the reason for the diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome. Small criteria for the diagnosis of the disease under consideration is hyperthermia( sudden fever of up to 38 degrees C), uncontrolled nature, muscle pain, aching joints, pronounced enlargement of the lymph nodes.The diagnosis of CFS is confirmed with at least 3 large and 6 small criteria.Only after this the doctor will send the patient to the delivery of the biomaterial for laboratory testing, will give recommendations for examination by narrower specialists( endocrinologist, cardiologist, infectious disease specialist, oncologist and so on).

Methods of treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome

Treatment of the disease under consideration is a complex of measures aimed at restoring the body's strength.Patients should not only adjust their own routine, strictly adhere to the diet and visit the physio-cabinet - it is very important to get medication from the attending physician.Please note: , the use of drugs in the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome is not necessary at all - it all depends on how much the disease progresses, how intense the symptoms of the disease.Drug treatment can be prescribed / selected exclusively by the attending physician - the age of the patient and the available physical illnesses are taken into account.

Medical treatment

After a complete examination of a patient with a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome, the attending physician can prescribe a complex of medications. The most effective are:

  1. Tabletki2 Immunomodulators.They help restore and strengthen the body's immune system.Appointed drugs in this group only in the case of fixing frequent recurrences of colds, viral diseases.In general, immunomodulators will be useful for those patients in whom such a manifestation of the disease in question was not observed - physical and psychological exhaustion requires additional support for immunity.
  2. Antidepressants, nootropic drugs.Most often they are prescribed with progressive depression, prolonged stress, with nighttime fears, unmotivated anxiety.

Please note: antidepressants and nootropic drugs should never be prescribed on their own - they can only be picked up by a specialist without harm to general health.Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

  1. .They are rarely recommended by doctors in the syndrome of chronic fatigue, only when patients complain of pain in the joints and muscle tissue.
  2. Antiviral drugs.It is advisable to appoint them only if a viral infection is detected.
  3. Vitamin Complexes.They are necessary for the correction of metabolic processes, strengthening of immunity - they are appointed by the attending physician.

The duration of the course of treatment is individual - it depends on the severity of the chronic fatigue syndrome, the "neglect" of the process, the general health of the patient.


Doctors insist that it is not possible to cure the chronic fatigue syndrome exclusively with medicines and long rest / sleep.Mandatory patients must undergo a course of physiotherapy - they can be different and carried out complex, but the doctor can choose and something one. The effective physiotherapy for the disease in question is:

  1. Massage.This procedure is carried out only in a quiet rhythm, the massage should be relaxing.Helps to relieve muscle pain, improve blood circulation, relieve tension.
  2. Laser Therapy.This is a relatively new procedure that helps to accelerate metabolism, restore and strengthen the regenerative processes in the body, stimulates the work of the central nervous system.
  3. Stress Acupuncture.This is a very unusual way of treating the syndrome of chronic fatigue, but this is no less effective.Effects on specific active points of the body stimulate the work of all organs and systems, allows you to get rid of the pain syndrome, insomnia, restores strength.
  4. Hydrotherapy.It's about the effect of water on the body - different souls perfectly relieve tension in the muscles, act relaxantly on the nervous system, provoke a sound sleep.
  5. Therapeutic physical training.No matter how it sounded trite - the simplest charge will help to cope with the syndrome of chronic fatigue.Yes, some patients literally force themselves to perform it, but after 3-5 sessions they are already beginning to get used to regular physical activity.Physiotherapy helps to strengthen immunity, restore balance in the psychoemotional state, relieve muscle pain, get rid of general weakness and apathy.
  6. Magnetotherapy.It is most often prescribed for the detection of pathological changes in the endocrine system.It is this kind of physiotherapy that provides analgesic and maximally relaxing effects.

LDZ_Magnitoterapia1 The duration of the course of physiotherapy depends on how long the doctor prescribes to take certain medications.If treatment of the syndrome of chronic fatigue is carried out without medications, it is recommended to visit the above procedures on a strict schedule, compiled by a doctor.


Both medicines and physiotherapy course will help to cope with the intensive manifestation of chronic fatigue syndrome.But it is necessary to visit a nutritionist as part of the diagnosis of the disease in question and get recommendations about the correction of the diet.The fact that the syndrome of chronic fatigue is characterized by two extremes - some patients completely lose interest in food, literally starve for days on end.But other patients, on the contrary, begin to absorb foods in huge quantities - obesity occurs very quickly, especially given the characteristic hypodynamia for the syndrome of chronic fatigue. Recommendations of dieticians:

  • in the diet must necessarily enter protein foods - lean veal, rabbit, shellfish, fish;
  • at least once a week you need to eat 200 g of salted fish, but do not get carried away with this product - you can get kidney problems;
  • regularly eat honey with nuts, mixed in a 1: 1 ratio - you can get the desired effect even if you take 1 teaspoon of this drug once a day;
  • in the menu must be present feijoa, sea kale and berries irgi.

Do not limit yourself to eating chocolate.But only dark chocolate, not an endless number of sweets, marmalade and ice cream.But from strong coffee it is necessary to refuse, if absolutely without this drink it is impossible( there is a dependence on coffee!), Then do it with the addition of milk.Products |

Treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome folk remedies

There are a lot of tools for getting rid of the progressive syndrome of chronic fatigue in the category of traditional medicine.They are undesirable to take uncontrollably - all the same appointments, consultation of the attending physician is required.But it is folk remedies that make it possible in many cases to dispense with the use of a complex of medications.

Water tinctures

Recipes for water tinctures are very simple, they can cook every person.But the effect is exactly when the disease under consideration will be excellent. How to prepare water tinctures:

  1. Infusion St. John's Wort.Take 1 glass( 300 ml) of boiling water and add 1 tablespoon of dry St. John's wort.Insist such infusion should be in a warm place for 30 minutes.Diagram of use: 1/3 cup three times a day for 20 minutes before meals.Duration of admission - no more than 3 weeks in a row.
  2. Plantain common.It is necessary to take 10 g of dry and carefully crushed plantain leaves and pour 300 ml of steep boiling water, insist for 30-40 minutes in a warm place.Scheme of use: 2 tablespoons for one meal, three times a day for half an hour before meals.Duration of admission is 21 days.
  3. Collection.Mix 2 tablespoons of oats, 1 tablespoon of dry leaves of peppermint and 2 tablespoons of leaves of a tartar( prickly).The resulting dry mixture is poured with 5 glasses of steep boiling water and insisted for 60-90 minutes in a dish wrapped in a terry towel.Diagram of use: 1/2 cup 3-4 times daily before meals.Duration of admission is 15 days.
  4. Clover.It is necessary to take 300 g of dried flowers of clover clover, 100 grams of ordinary sugar and a liter of warm water.Put the water on the fire, bring to a boil and pour clover, cook for 20 minutes.Then, the infusion is removed from the fire, cooled, and only then the specified amount of sugar is added to it.Take an infusion of clover you need 150 ml 3-4 times a day, instead of tea / coffee.Cranberries and wild strawberries
  5. .You will need leaves of strawberries and cowberry for 1 tablespoon - they are mixed and poured with boiling water in an amount of 500 ml.The drug is infused in a thermos bottle for 40 minutes, then drink on a tea cup three times a day.

Kefir, onion, honey and apple cider vinegar

20121004213238805 Such simple products that are available in every home will help to quickly cope with the chronic fatigue syndrome, but only if it is in the initial stage of development and has not led to serious pathological changesIn the work of the body.Kefir should be drunk every evening, but first it is mixed with ordinary warm water in a 1: 1 ratio, then a teaspoon of honey is added to the composition.Onions finely chopped - should be the amount, placed in a regular glass.Then add a glass of honey to the onions and leave in a dark place for 3-4 days.Then the resulting drug is placed in the refrigerator and taken 1 teaspoon 20 minutes before meals.The course of admission is 14 days, then you need to do a one-week break and, if necessary, repeat the course.Mix 100 g of honey and 3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar, take 1 teaspoon per day( no more!) For 10 days.This means actively restores vitality, gives vivacity and energy.In a glass of warm water, add 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and 3-4 drops of iodine.The recommended dosage is 1 glass per day, the duration of the intake is no more than 5 consecutive days.This tool can be compared with an energy drink.Please note: listed recipes are categorically contraindicated to people with previously diagnosed gastrointestinal, intestinal and renal pathologies.It is not recommended to use recipes with honey and onions for the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome in women during menopause or in menopause.In general, these medicines are very aggressive - preliminary consultation of the attending physician is obligatory!


This root is famous for a long time for its healing properties - tincture and tea from the root of ginger improve immunity, strengthen strength and even adjust the psycho-emotional background. How to prepare the medicine:

  • Ginger 150 g of ginger root to grind and add in 800 ml of vodka( alcohol), infuse for 7 days.The drug is taken 1 teaspoon once a day.
  • Grate a small piece of ginger root( the size of a thumbnail on the hand) on a small grater, put in a glass and pour 200 ml of boiling water, insist for 15 minutes.To improve the taste of the healing drink, it is recommended to add a little honey or lemon.

Important: be extremely careful - you can not use alcohol tincture for those who are the driver of transport, suffer from gastritis, has a history of psychological disorders.

Preventative measures

To avoid the development of chronic fatigue syndrome, you need to work less and rest more - that's what many think. But actually doctors give the following recommendations:

  • 64269090 do not experiment with fasting and hard dieting for weight loss without the appointment of specialists;
  • power should be varied;
  • regularly use vitamin complexes - especially in winter and early spring;
  • try to relax as much as possible after work - take a warm bath, drink a cup of hot tea, spend aromatherapy sessions, but in no case do not take "work at home";
  • Learn how to correctly alternate physical and mental loads: working with paper and computer - every 1-2 hours should be distracted and perform the most simple charging;
  • do not avoid sports - it can be a simple walk, and work at the cottage;
  • if the problems have fallen, you are in a bad mood for more than 2 days in a row, headaches begin, then you need to have a good rest - not to sleep, but to go to a cinema, go on a picnic, visit a sauna.

The syndrome of chronic fatigue is an independent disease that is treated not by sleep and rest, but by complex therapeutic measures.Do not rely solely on the body's own strengths - it can quickly be depleted, which will lead to serious consequences.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category.

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