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On the methods of radiation protection in medicine and false ways of removing radiation from the body

Image 2531 It is well known that the emergence of new means of communication, the success of medicine, the automotive industry, nuclear energy, the improvement of all types of living conditions have not only positive value, but also their harmful side.

New types of radiation, toxins, harmful building materials began to have a harmful effect on a person, cause diseases and even lead to premature death.

The speech in this short article will focus on ways to protect against radiation exposure, in particular radionuclides.

Let's talk about the methods of official medicine and the accompanying types of speculation and deception of all kinds of "folk" healers, magicians, astrologers, commercial cults, offering 100% cleaning methods for a lot of money.

Table of contents: Objective need for radiation protection, advantages and disadvantages of official medicine methods Pseudoscientific methods of "removing radiation" from the body About radionuclide removal About false radioprotectors, deceit, commercial cults and unscrupulous scientists Accessible to everyone and safe methods of radio protection

Objective necessity of radiation protection, Advantages and disadvantages of methods of official medicine

Image 2532 Radionuclides and ionizing radiation,nyaemye in medicine, are harmful.About how dangerous it is, we spoke in the relevant thematic articles.

In addition to the radio background of medical procedures, there is a general background of air, water and food contamination with radioactive substances.Technogenic catastrophes and harm from human economic activity( for example, the work of nuclear power plants) lead to the constant entry into the body of new harmful elements penetrating into our environment.

Analysis and measurement of radiation levels shows a negative trend in this regard.We will not touch on the topic of doses, but try to figure out whether it is possible to somehow resist this harm.What funds are available to achieve this goal?

Radiation damage has been known for a long time.The first scientific attempts to resist him were undertaken more than half a century ago.It was then that experimental chemical substances were synthesized, which were called radioprotectors. They were injected into the body 10-30 minutes before the proposed irradiation.

Currently, there are several areas in which there is a search for substances that have radioprotective properties.

  1. Development of preparations capable of providing a protective effect against radiation exposure.
  2. Searches for agents that have the property of enhancing the radioprotection of cells in radiotherapy methods.
  3. Application of food additives and drugs that enhance the stability of body tissues during permanent exposure.
  4. Use of existing and search for new methods of excretion of radionuclides, trapped in tissues.

Results in this area of ​​research have been achieved considerable.Official, medical methods have been scientifically confirmed, clinically tested and can safely be used for radioprotection purposes.

Radiation hazard But these methods have their drawbacks.

  1. Expensive drugs.
  2. Side effect.
  3. The need for long-term and continuous use.

There are still no perfect protection methods.

Pseudoscientific methods of "removing radiation" from the body

Against this background, there were false traders pursuing the sole purpose of easy gain and having "diplomas of international level" of all sorts of pseudoscientific academies and organizations.They began to offer "easy and effective" methods for removing radioisotopes and eliminating the harmful effects of their presence in the body.

Someone began to remove ionizing radiation from the tissues - utter stupidity, radiation can not be withdrawn, it is no longer there, there are only consequences. Important: : removing ionizing radiation from the body is like taking out sun rays from the skin.

A lot of "authoring techniques" appeared, producing "rays" with selenium, seeds, radish, carrots, honey and many other "miracle substances".

It is possible to give an example of a certain healer Semenova, which displays radiation by repeated washing of the intestine through the hose for 20 days daily, and then once a week.Not only is the procedure absolutely useless, it still harms the person.Continuous introduction of fluid into the intestine causes electrolyte failure, leads to functional disorders of peristalsis, constipation, intestinal atony.

Pseudo-inventors have gone so far as to give people under the guise of drugs the substances that are excreted from the body in unchanged form and are given out for radiation stones into which radionuclides and ionizing radiation are allegedly adsorbed( !!!).

Deceived people willingly believe and sometimes pay a lot of money for false treatment, accompanied by fraudulent results.

Important: to seek help to remove ionizing radiation does not go anywhere, it is impossible in principle!If to you someone suggests to deduce radiation from an organism, moreover and for money, remember, you deceive!

Contact only medical institutions where you will be recommended by official and proven means, be it medical products or bioactive nutritional supplements that have undergone scientific research and clinical trials.

Image 2533 A separate pleiad of the lemonodic is presented by psychics who "change the energy of the biofield," thereby allegedly helping to release radionuclides.They use hypnotic immersion of man in trance, change "karma", act on bioactive points with energy impulses, etc.

All this is a lie!

Note : psychics and others do not take anything out, but they endanger your mental health.Many people who passed the sessions of "cosmic healers", then fell into psychiatric hospitals with pronounced neuroses, psychoses, other types of disorders.The cases of suicides are described against the background of fears that have arisen from communicating with the falseizers.

On the removal of radionuclides

Let's try to answer the question: are there any substances, products that are capable of removing radionuclides from the body?

Sites that promote the removal of these substances from the human body, are teeming with various recipes.What they do not offer.Drink milk with ground balls, add chicken droppings to green tea, take a mixture of charcoal and chalk in doses that are simply toxic to humans.

Let's try to understand the mechanism of penetration and the action of isotopes.

Radionuclides can enter the human body through:

  • Gastrointestinal tract;
  • damage to the skin and mucous membranes;
  • respiratory system.

Image 2534 Note: substances that enter the stomach and intestines are absorbed into the blood very quickly.It is possible to remove them from the lumen of these organs only after washing the stomach and intestines very quickly.After that, the reception of any medication does not make sense.Radioactive isotopes are already in the blood and move further to their place of permanent localization.So the ingestion of "neutralizing" substances, any neutralizers, makes sense only for a maximum of 2-3 hours.

A few more hours are in stock, if you carry out "detoxification" in the blood.Use special preparations in solutions together with a physical solution, glucose and other sterile liquids.

Important: most of the radionuclides become harmless very quickly due to naturally disintegration.Isotopes with a long period of decay to withdraw from the body is almost impossible.

If someone claims that he knows how to do it - he either deceives himself, or deceives others.

From wounds, cuts and other damages, radionuclides can be removed within a few minutes after hitting.Otherwise, they are absorbed into the blood and any measures over the wound surfaces lose their meaning.

Even more sad is the question with the lungs.It is practically impossible to remove radioactive substances from the respiratory tract.

About false radioprotectors, deceit, commercial cults and unscrupulous scientists

Almost all commercial cults offered their products, which "promote" the removal of radiation along with slags from the body: "Tiens, Herbalife, Amway", "Zepter"D.

Image 2535

Their products are based on bioactive additives.But there are no scientific studies confirming the effectiveness of the substances contained in them.And sometimes simply frank fraud and deception are used with references to the available reviews of non-existent research institutions and "scientists" of the world level.

Moreover, the products of these firms often represented completely different from what was declared in the description for them.Sometimes the substance of this company was found substances related to a potent pharmaceutical product.So it was with ephedrine.

Image 2536 People who take Herbalife products and other commercial cults fall into psychological, and sometimes physical dependence on it.It is caused by the methods of aggressive marketing and imposing.In addition to what has been said, it should be noted that the products have an impressive cost.

In medical science there is still no consensus on the effectiveness of the action of authentic dietary supplements.Conducted scientific experiments do not have a single result, some of the works indicate the existing effects, for example, radioprotective, some evidence to the contrary.But, since dietary supplements are not related to medicines, their production and sale are virtually uncontrolled.

Sartar Therefore, the mass of product names are constantly coming across, for example "Sartar radioprotector".This bioactive additive of huge value, in the description of the content of which it is asserted that it has a radioprotective property( without an explanation mechanism).Also in the instruction there is an addition that Sartar, of course, is good, but if there is a hole in the "aura, then it must be filled with other products of firms to restore the protective properties."

It's sad that many people fall for the bait of outright psychological blackmail and deception.

It is unfortunate that even among doctors and scientists there are people who, for mercenary purposes, begin to advertise bioactive supplements, referring to some scientific research that allowed them to draw conclusions about the radioprotective properties of these substances.In fact, no large-scale studies in this area have, as a rule, been carried out.

Preparations that have undergone a scientific methodology for studying their properties have not shown the effectiveness of protection against the action of isotopes, or their elimination in an accelerated way.At least, their effectiveness is extremely weak, and the price and time spent on the application reduce all the positive properties to zero.

No effective radioprotectant has been found among dietary supplements.

All practitioners agree that only official medicine has the capacity to provide normal care.Often, people who undergo a course of treatment fall under the influence of deceivers who advertise their products.A sick person ceases to believe medicine, begins to "be treated" in charlatan methods.Then he realizes that he was deceived, goes back to the doctors, but it is too late - the most favorable time has already gone irrevocably.Yes, official medicine methods rarely promise fast and 100% healing.Sometimes the treatment takes years.But there is no other way out.

In summary, it remains to be noted: to treat the effects of radiation, to receive preventive protection can be effective only in official medical institutions, otherwise you risk getting into the network of deception and quackery and you can lose one of your main values- Health.

The logical question: how to improve the radio-resistance of the human body and accelerate the release of isotopes from tissues, without using medicines and without resorting to the help of scammers?You will find the answers in the article "Radionuclides: truth and myths".It lists lists of products that have antiradiation action and speed up the process of removing isotopes.

Alexander Lotin, radiologist,

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