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Cleansing the body: myths and truth, effective tools and techniques

Cleansing-intestines Cleansing the body is a fashionable and very popular phenomenon.It is based on the hypothesis that the modern way of life of a person leads to the accumulation of harmful slags and toxins.It is worth noting that in official medicine such a thing as "slag" simply does not exist.But at the same time, improper nutrition, an abundance of fats and protein in it, food additives, medicines may well lead to the accumulation of undigested food residues, toxins in the body.Is it possible to get rid of such substances, cleanse the body using any methods?

Contents: Essence of body cleansing Cleansing of the intestine

Essence of the body cleansing programs

The theory of "slagging" the body and the need for its periodic purification does not lose its popularity.And if earlier such a hypothesis was popular mainly among adherents of traditional medicine, now it is imposed on young modern people.In social networks, girls advertise detoxification drinks, and cosmetic offices offer all sorts of cleansing programs.But the question is not only the effectiveness, but also the safety of such methods.

Body cleansing Those who prefer folk methods also put themselves at a certain risk.The application of certain national recipes for the purification of the body is based on laxative, choleretic and diuretic actions.Such methods are contraindicated in the presence of chronic pathology, infectious diseases, inflammatory diseases of the digestive and urinary organs.So, the use of cholagogue funds does not rarely lead to people entering the hospital with biliary colic.A frequent cleansing enema and does lead to a violation of the microflora of the intestine.That is why before starting the cleansing you need to undergo a test, and then consult with your doctor whether or not you can carry out such programs.

Cleansing the intestine

Disadvantages-of-junk-food There are many complex folk recipes, dietary supplements, various detoxifying drinks designed to cleanse the intestines.But actually keeping the intestines healthy is not so difficult.To do this, avoid fatty, protein foods, all kinds of "junk-food", eat lots of vegetables, and water.These seemingly trivial things are true.In addition, there are special products that will help clear the intestines from undigested food residues.

Bran Cleansing

Organist cleaning Bran is a hard shell of grain.This product is a source of essential fatty acids, minerals, vitamins.Bran also contains fiber, which gets into the intestines, absorbs and retains water.In this swollen state, the area of ​​the food lump increases and it intensively adsorbs all possible toxins from the intestine.In addition, bran has a mechanical effect, cleaning the intestinal wall of the remains of undigested food.As a result, the intestine is cleared, the microflora is normalized, the absorption of useful substances is increased.

Take bran two tablespoons three times a day, twenty minutes before meals.Bran should be washed down with two glasses of water.The entire course of cleansing can last no more than a month.

Flax seeds

Clearing It is known that the seeds of this plant are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants and fiber.The purifying effect of flax seeds is similar to that of bran: the fiber absorbs water and swells, absorbing toxins into itself.

For cleansing the intestine, two teaspoons of seeds should be poured into a plate and pour a glass of hot water.The mixture should be stirred for fifteen minutes, and then strain it and squeeze the remaining raw materials.The resulting mass should be taken on a quarter cup three times a day for half an hour before meals.Course - two to three weeks.Seeds can also simply be added to cereals, yogurts, kefir.

Unloading days

Unloading days, conducted once or twice a week, will allow to "unload" the body and allow rest to the digestive organs.It is especially good to spend such days after the holidays and feasts.

Unloading days involve the use of one or two products during the day.Food should be frequent and fractional.You can make a fruit-free day, for example, take a half kilogram of apples and divide into six receptions, which must be eaten for the day.An excellent effect has a kefir unloading day.Fresh yogurt indulges, restores the intestinal microflora, inhibits the processes of putrefaction and fermentation in the body.

During a day you need to drink a half liter of low-fat kefir.During the fasting days, it is necessary to monitor the food regime: drink at least two liters of liquid( water, green tea) per day.

Organist cleaning

Rice porridge

Organist cleaning The sorbing properties of rice are known for a long time, this product will help to cleanse the body of toxins.The rice contains also useful substances: vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber.Before cooking, rice should be soaked in cold water for four hours, then rinse thoroughly.

Rice can be used as a mono product, or with other products.In the first case it is necessary to boil a glass of cooked rice and eat it in small portions throughout the day.If such a regime is too difficult, you can eat two to three teaspoons of honey during the day.The main thing is not to forget about the drinking regime: to drink at least ten glasses of water a day.Thus it is impossible to drink water immediately after rice, only after half an hour-hour.Continue this cleansing can be no more than three days.But do not get involved in this way, because together with toxins, rice also removes minerals from the body.Therefore, you should not clean this way more than once every few months.

Freshly squeezed juices

Freshly squeezed juices are a storehouse of essential vitamins and minerals.In addition, fresh juices contain a lot of pectin, which has a sorbing effect.

Well-established recipe: you need to take carrots, beets, pumpkin, apple in an equal volume and make juice using a blender.You need to drink a hundred milliliters of a drink in the morning, the course of such cleansing - no more than ten days.It is worth remembering that the juice should be drunk immediately after cooking, since half an hour after cooking, many useful substances are already destroyed.

Liver cleansing

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The liver is the organ that receives the greatest load to cleanse the body.It happens that the liver does not fully cope and then the toxins accumulate.Cleansing the liver is based on increasing the outflow of bile.

Important! Before starting the procedure, it is absolutely necessary to have a check-up and consult a doctor! The use of cholagogue can provoke the movement of gallstones and, as a consequence, blockage of the bile ducts, which is why a person runs the risk of being on the operating table.

One of the most popular recipes is the use of vegetable oil with the addition of lemon juice.This is a strong enough cholagogue.Three days before the procedure, you should saturate your diet with plant foods, in particular, apple and beet juice.

Vatermarked tuffage

On the fourth day, you should pour a vegetable oil in one glass, and in the other - lemon juice.In the evening, a man takes a sip of oil, and after fifteen minutes a sip of lemon juice.Then he goes to bed, placing a warm water bottle on his right side.Tjubazh( procedure of emptying the gallbladder) can be carried out with mineral water.In the morning, the mineral water should be warmed up to forty-five degrees and drink one glass on an empty stomach.After that, you need to go to bed, and put the heating pad on your right side.So it is necessary to lie for an hour and a half.

You can use the milk thistle to cleanse the liver.You need to take a teaspoon of milk thistle powder three times a day for fifteen minutes before eating.The powder should be washed down with water.The plant perfectly removes bile, clears the body of toxins, stimulates the restoration of liver cells.

Bathing Procedures

Organist cleaning Before visiting the sauna for a few days, it is worth switching to light meals, excluding fatty, heavy meals, restricting protein foods, and saturating the ration with vegetables.Before the bath you need to take a warm shower to prepare the body.Then you can go to the bath, do not overdo it, for the first time it will be enough for five to ten minutes.After leaving the bath, it is superfluous to take warm herbal tea.After fifteen minutes, you can go back to the bath, and ten minutes later leave it.So you can do it two or three times, at the end take a cold shower.

The bath acts in a complex way on the body.First of all, the blood vessels expand, the blood flow increases.Sweat glands begin to actively work, and together with then all toxins leave.This method of purification discharges the kidneys, the gall bladder.But we must remember that visiting the bath is not shown to everyone.So, from a campaign in a steam room it is necessary to refrain people with a fever, exacerbations of chronic diseases, oncological diseases, epilepsy, cardiac, infectious diseases.

Cleansing the body must be treated correctly and accurately.But, perhaps, the best recommendation is to adhere to a healthy lifestyle, monitor food.Then no cleaning procedures are needed at all.

Grigorova Valeria, medical reviewer

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