What is adrenogenital syndrome?
Many parents during pregnancy are interested in who will be born - a boy or a girl? Of course, it is not a problem to know the sex of a future child now, it is enough to do an ultrasound examination, but it can not give a 100% guarantee. Find out who will be born with a 100 guarantee can only be when the child was born.
Imagine, the maternity hospital said that you had a boy, and then it turned out that this is a girl. This, of course, will cause shock to parents, but such situations happen. For example, a girl was born, but because of a congenital genetic disease her enlarged clitoris became very similar to the male sexual organ. This girl with a congenital genetic disease begins to suffer from a lack of a certain hormone, and this shortage has a profound effect on its further development.
In severe cases, such boys and girls from the first days of life suffer from excessive fluid loss, since their adrenals work incorrectly( lack of an enzyme that affects the synthesis of hormones) and the baby organism quickly loses all salts and water, so that a child can die fromDehydration. This disease consists in the fact that the adrenal glands grow in size and begin to produce the wrong hormones( an abundance of male hormones).
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In not severe cases, when a child does not suffer so much from dehydration, this syndrome is manifested in the fact that the boy at 3-4 years of age starts to develop secondary sexual characteristics, that is, his hair begins to grow on the face and on other sitesBody, characteristic for men, also develops the male sexual organ, which for a short time develops to full adult size. As a result, the boy becomes hyper-mature and does not melt further, that is, it simply does not grow fully.
Girls who are sick with this syndrome also begin to have male-type hair at a very early age( beard and mustache).In such girls, menstruation is generally absent or present, but the discharge is very slight, secondary sexual characteristics are also not particularly developed. The tragedy of adrenogenital syndrome is not timely diagnosed, that is, for some time parents raise a boy, and after a while, they learn that he has female internal organs and he is actually a girl.
Find out if a child has an adrenogenital syndrome with neonatal screening, measuring the level of one enzyme, according to which it is determined whether such a syndrome is present in the child or not.
If a boy was born, then he still needs to make ultrasound for the presence of the male internal genital organs( the same manipulations should be made with newborn girls).

Treat these children with hydrocortisone and the sooner, the better. This drug replaces the lack of the necessary hormones and then in such children correctly formed sex( there is no loss of salts and fluid).Children who are ill with this syndrome, with proper and timely treatment turn into normal healthy children and later can have their children.

Therefore, after the child was born, it is necessary to understand exactly whether the boy is this or a girl, if there are any suspicions, to make an ultrasound that will show the presence of specific genital organs inside the child.