Toksokaroz - the enemy of the children Children's playground. It would seem that there can be dangerous to the health of the baby? Meanwhile, even on such a "pacified" piece of the children's land, a dangerous enemy lies in wait - helmint toxoxara of the class of worms( round), with a parasitic desire in humans.

Etiology of toxocarosis

Toxocarosis is a disease that has not been studied sufficiently until now, even in spite of the fact that in terms of its prevalence it keeps the third place in our latitudes after the disease of enterobiosis( this is an infection with pinworms) and ascariasis. It should be noted that the person is the final "destination" of Toksokara is not( the final owner of this parasite is a dog), and penetrating into the human body, the helminth does not develop in the future. However, the harm from migration, as well as the toxocara's vital activity in the human body, can be quite large.

Ways of infection with a taxocarosis

The female of this parasite is very prolific: its daily "productivity" reaches up to two hundred thousand eggs. These eggs enter the body of the child by a fecal-oral route. A child with toxocarosis can catch it, playing near his house or in the sandbox, where a good number of toksokar eggs remain together with the dog feces. Eggs can be present on the wool of dogs, cats, while not only for stray dogs, but also for domestic ones. The parasite is also spread by cockroaches.

Getting into the body, the following occurs. Their eggs in the small intestine are transformed into larvae, and they in turn fall into the blood. Already from the bloodstream the larvae migrate to the liver, where a part of the larvae settle, and the rest falls on the hepatic veins in the heart and lungs. And from the lungs they are scattered all over the body, across all organs and tissues, and there they conduct their further negative activity.

Symptoms of toxocarosis

The clinical manifestations of this disease are very diverse, and this greatly complicates its diagnosis. In most cases, there is an increase in temperature, and for several weeks. Typically, the temperature does not exceed 38 ° C.There may be an increase in lymph nodes, pneumonia and bronchitis, bronchial asthma, until the attacks of suffocation. The liver is enlarged in the majority of the affected. Erythematous skin rash, as well as Quincke's edema may appear. Human blood levels also change: eosinophilia( a fairly common symptom of toxocariasis), increased ESR, leukocytosis. In some cases, toxocariasis accompanied by vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea. For children, weakness, sleep disorders, excitability are inherent.

Diagnosis and treatment of toxocarrosis

The toxocarosis disease, as mentioned above, is difficult to detect. Larvae with feces are not excreted, so the only way to diagnose a disease is by testing blood for the presence of specific antibodies to toxocare. Still it is possible to make a biopsy of tissues, however, since the larvae constantly migrate, in any case, they are not easy to identify. Treatment of toxocarias, as well as any other invasive disease, can be positive with the correct choice of medication. In the treatment of this disease, the following drugs are used: mebendazole( vermox), nemozol, diethylcarbamazine( ditrazine citrate).The degree of effectiveness of treatment for improving the general state of the human body, reducing the level of eosinophilia, as well as the titer of specific antibodies is determined. After the course of treatment, it is desirable to take medications that restore the intestinal microflora: linex, lactobacterin, bactisubtil, bifikol, bifidumbacterin, lactofiltrum.

Prevention of Toxocarose

Consider the main preventive measures to prevent the "invasion" of Toksokara.

It is absolutely necessary to forbid your children to play with stray dogs and cats. If you have pets, then you must always monitor them for parasite infection, and conduct timely antihelminthic activities.

It is impossible to use unwashed food for food, greens, strawberries, strawberries should be carefully washed with running water, but the remaining gifts of our garden should be left with boiling water.

And the meat, the intermediate hosts of the parasite( these are pigs, wild, domestic birds), must be subjected to thorough heat treatment.