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Oligozoospermia - causes, methods of treatment, consequences and likelihood of conception

Oligozoospermia Recently, more and more couples who want to have a child, face problems.One of them may be oligozoospermia.Pathology, in which the number of active spermatozoa decreases in the seminal fluid.

Many do not understand the difference between oligospermia and oligozoospermia.In fact, these are two different diseases.Oligospermia is an insufficient volume of seminal fluid during ejaculation, and with oligozoospermia the concentration of spermatozoa in the ejaculate decreases.

Table of contents: Degrees of oligozoospermia Causes of oligozoospermia Symptoms and diagnostic methods Treatment of oligozoospermia depending on stage

Degrees of oligozoospermia


It is considered normal if 1 ml of ejaculate contains 15-40 million spermatozoa.A smaller number is considered a deviation.

The degrees of oligozoospermia differ depending on the number of spermatozoa:

  • 1 degree. In 1 ml of seminal fluid contains less than 15 million spermatozoa;
  • 2 degree. The sperm count for 1 ml is 10 to 12 million;
  • 3 degree. The volume of spermatozoa per ml of ejaculate is 5 to 10 million;
  • 4 degree. In 1 ml contains less than 5 million spermatozoa.

Causes of oligozoospermia

Causes of the disease are divided into two categories: congenital and acquired.

Congenital include:

  • complete absence of testicles( anarchism);
  • the testicle does not descend into the scrotum, lingering in the inguinal canal or abdominal cavity( cryptorchidism);
  • congenital dilatation of the veins of the spermatic cord( varicocele);
  • deficiency of Leydig cells, which are responsible for the synthesis of testosterone regulating the production of sperm.
  • Spermogram


    The acquired factors of development of oligozoospermia include:

    • trauma, acute or chronic inflammation of the genitourinary tract caused by infection;
    • hormonal failure;
    • vitamin deficiency;
    • is a venereal disease;
    • smoking and alcohol abuse;
    • strong emotional stress and overwork;
    • permanent overheating of the external genital tract;
    • renal and hepatic insufficiency;
    • excess weight;
    • radioactive radiation.

    Important! If the causes of the pathology are not congenital, it must be treated.The main thing is to pass the examination on time and start a course of therapy.


    Symptoms and Diagnostic Techniques

    The insidiousness of the disease is the absence of any symptoms.It does not cause discomfort and does not affect the general condition of the body of a man.Usually pathology is detected only when examined.

    For diagnosis, three spermograms are prescribed at intervals after each analysis in two weeks.At least three days before the test, it is recommended not to drink alcohol and tobacco, and also to refrain from intimate life and visiting the sauna.

    Treatment of oligozoospermia depending on stage

    Oligozoospermia is a serious enough disorder, but it can be cured at the first stages of development.Based on the results of spermogram, the andrologist selects restorative, stimulating or hormonal therapy.

    Attention! With congenital pathology, spouses are recommended to undergo IVF procedure.

    Depending on the degree of the disease, specialists apply such treatment methods:

  1. At the first degree it is necessary to abandon bad habits, avoid overwork and balance the diet.Also it is necessary to refuse from taking hot baths and visiting the sauna and sauna.
  2. At the second degree, drug treatment is necessary, in which prescribe:
    • preparations for the stimulation of spermatogenesis;
    • gonadotropic and androgenic drugs for hormonal disorders;
    • antibacterial agents.

    The choice of the drug depends on the cause that led to the development of oligozoospermia.

  3. Treating the third and fourth degree of pathology requires more serious interventions that can not always give a positive result.In varicocele, a surgical procedure is performed.

Treatment with folk remedies

Med Folk remedies in the treatment of oligozoospermia do not always give a positive result, but can act as an auxiliary tool .It is recommended to enter into the diet nutritious and quality products: meat, milk, fish, nuts, eggs.This will strengthen the body and stimulate the quantity and quality of seminal fluid.

One of the most effective traditional medicine for oligozoospermia is royal jelly.It is recommended to use half a teaspoon on an empty stomach.At the same time it is not swallowed, but is dissolved under the tongue.

Another effective tool - infusion on the seeds of wormwood.A teaspoon of raw material is poured into a glass of boiling water and insisted for an hour.Take during the day.

The course can last up to three months.

A good remedy is a decoction of rose hips.Boil half a liter of drinking water, put the washed berries in it and cook for five minutes on low heat.Then remove from the plate and leave for two hours.Drink the broth on the spoon three times a day.

Helps with the disease of a decoction of sage.Take a spoonful of herbs, pour it with two cups of boiling water and leave for half an hour.Take a teaspoon before eating twice a day.

Important! Treatment with folk remedies can not be basic, it rather acts as a means to strengthen the body as a whole and improve the quality of seminal fluid.You can use folk remedies only after consulting with an specialist.

Probability to become pregnant with oligozoospermia

The probability of fertilization depends on the degree of pathology and the results of treatment:

  • At the 1st degree of the disease, the ability to fertilize in a man is 26.9%.
  • At the 2nd degree, the probability of fertilization is 15.5%.
  • Ability for fertilization with oligozoospermia of the 3rd degree is 2.7%.
  • The chances of getting pregnant naturally, with pathologies of the 4th degree practically equal to zero.

Oligozoopermia is quite a serious disease, in which conception by a natural way is problematic.To resolve the problem, start treatment as soon as possible.If pregnancy does not occur throughout the year, consult a doctor.

Radevich Igor Tadeushevich, sexually pathological andrologist of the Center for Family Planning

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