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Piospermia: causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment


Qualitative and quantitative composition of seminal fluid is one of the main criteria for the health of the reproductive system of men.But sometimes the spermogram shows an increased content of microorganisms, decaying cells and leukocytes in the ejaculate. The pyospermia is indicated by the presence of leukocytes in the sperm, which indicates a serious inflammatory process of occurring in the male reproductive system. In this case, the seminal fluid changes the shade to a pus color, and an unpleasant odor appears.

The source of tissue decay can be different organs of the reproductive system.The main source of the problem are: prostate, appendages of male testicles, urinary canal and seminal vesicles.Harmful substances adversely affect spermatozoa, reducing their activity and increasing the number of developing pathologies.This leads to violations of the reproductive system of men, and in neglected cases to infertility.

Table of contents:

Causes of pathology


Inflammatory processes of a specific or nonspecific character in the urogenital system of a man provoke the formation of pus in the semen.

The most common causes of pyospermia are the neglected stage of prostatitis, urethritis, epididymitis, vesiculitis, orchitis, or other diseases that lead to pus formation in the semen.

When vesicle, the infection from the back of the urethra enters the seminal vesicle through the mouth of the ejaculatory duct.Chronic pyospermia is the first symptom of the disease.

Often the cause of pyospermia is tuberculosis of the testicles or prostate.

Pyospermia is not the only disease that is a consequence of the inflammatory process.As a rule, it is accompanied by teratozoospermia, astenozoospermia, oligospermia or hemospermia.

Pyospermia is not always a consequence of a bacterial or viral disease, but it always violates the spermogram indices.Infectious and inflammatory factors significantly impair sperm quality, reducing the number of spermatozoa, reducing their mobility and concentration.In addition, the morphological parameters of spermatozoa are violated.Therefore, when , piospermia is not recommended to plan the conception of a child, since the pus contained in the sperm, especially having a viral or infectious nature, can lead to pathologies of fetal development and negatively affect the course of pregnancy.


Pyospermia is always treatable, regardless of the pathogen of the inflammatory process.

Symptoms of pyrosphermia

Spermia A strong and obvious reduction in the level of quality of seminal fluid is the main symptom of pyospermia. The sperm acquires a greenish-gray hue, a sharp, unpleasant odor of pus appears.

Pyospermia negatively affects the activity of spermatozoa, so the probability of a normal functioning of the reproductive function of a man is almost zero.

Spermiogram indices show an excessive level of leukocytes in the seed.Often the analysis of ejaculate allows to determine the development of pathology, the presence of harmful microorganisms and products of their vital activity, as well as substances of the process of cell decay.

Signs that need to be addressed:

  • swelling in the groin area;
  • pain during a trip to the toilet;
  • pain in the hip region;
  • high body temperature;
  • discomfort or pain during ejaculation;
  • migraine, weakness, fast fatigue;
  • erectile dysfunction;
  • neoplasm in the scrotum area.

Diagnostics of piospermia

Piospermia Pyospermia is not an independent disease, but a sign of the inflammatory process.Therefore, a comprehensive survey of is carried out.First of all, you should consult an andrologist or urologist .Spermogram is the second diagnostic stage.Examination of the doctor and the results of the spermogram can accurately determine the presence of pus in the semen and assess the fertility of a man qualitatively.

If the result of the analysis still indicates pyospermia, the patient is assigned an additional instrumental and laboratory examination to determine the causes of organ failure and the development of pathology.

Research methods for the diagnosis of pyospermia:

  • screening for venereal diseases;
  • seeding of semen on sensitivity to antibiotics;
  • sowing of sperm on the usual flora;
  • Ultrasound of the urino-genital organs.

Treatment methods for piospermia

Leukocytes-in-spermogram Treatment is prescribed only after a complete examination, which allows to determine the cause of the presence of pus in the sperm.

Therapy is performed using the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents .To restore the body after therapy with antibiotics, immunomodulators are prescribed to maintain the immune system in norm.


If you turn to a specialist in time, you can improve the sperm count, defeat the disease and start planning for conception.

Traditional methods

Treatment of the inflammatory process is selected individually for each patient, after he has gone through all the stages of diagnosis.

As a rule, the following agents are prescribed:

  • , based on the results of the tests, selects antiviral drugs and broad-spectrum antibiotics to eliminate inflammation;
  • immunomodulators for enhancing the protective properties of the patient's immune system;
  • is vitamin C or ascorbic.It will help the body cope with toxins;
  • vitamin A will enhance the effect of the body's resistance to infection;
  • Vitamin B helps to increase immunity.

With proper treatment, the quality of the sperm will improve and there will be no trace of the disease.However, it is worth remembering that only a specialist who can diagnose and recognize the true cause of the disease can prescribe the therapy.

Radevich Igor Tadeushevich, doctor of sexopathologist-andrologist of the 1st category

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