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Excess estrogens in women: causes, symptoms, treatment

Excess estrogens in women: causes, symptoms, treatment

The most important dream of every woman( with rare exceptions) is to give birth to children.But for this you need to monitor the normal functioning of the reproductive system, which depends on the synthesis of female sex hormones within the norm.

Table of contents: The effect of estrogen on the woman's body Causes of increased estrogen levels High estrogen in women: symptoms and complications Treatment of high estrogen in women

The effect of estrogen on the woman's body

The most important hormone in the woman's reproductive system is estrogen,That it performs the following functions:

  • guarantees normal growth of the uterus during pregnancy;
  • serves as a kind of control for the formation of the endometrium during the menstrual cycle;
  • provides a healthy course of pregnancy;
  • is responsible for the course of the menstrual cycle within the physiological norm;
  • provides a normal metabolism;
  • positively affects the condition of the skin, hair and nail plates;
  • normalizes the development and functioning of mammary glands outside of pregnancy and during breast-feeding of the child;
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  • prevents the development of atherosclerosis;
  • prevents too active functionality of the sebaceous glands.Judging by the above list, every woman should constantly monitor the level of estrogen, because the health of the reproductive system and the whole organism directly depends on it.

    Reasons for increasing estrogen

    This condition can arise for various reasons - doctors still can not pinpoint any specific reasons. But the provoking factors of estrogen level increase are well known:

    • benign and malignant tumors developing in the ovaries;
    • pathological processes in the adrenal gland;
    • neoplasms of a different nature that produce estrogen on their own;
    • pituitary adenoma;
    • of the ovarian cyst.

    In addition, increased levels of estrogen in the female body can be malnutrition, irregular sexual relations, diseases of the reproductive system of the chronic form of the disease, endocrine system diseases and chronic nerve strains.

    In many cases, this state provokes not one of the listed factors, but a combination of several.Therefore, a woman will have to undergo a full-fledged examination of narrowly specialized specialists - this approach to diagnostic procedures will help to prescribe effective treatment.

    High estrogen in women: symptoms and complications

    High estrogen in women: symptoms and complications

    Of course, ideally, every woman should undergo at least 1 time in six months preventive examinations at the gynecologist, during which laboratory studies of biomaterials will be carried out.This is how the doctor can identify the increase in estrogen and take timely measures to treat .But, unfortunately, in practice, women visit the gynecologist in the most extreme cases, so it will not be superfluous to know the first signs of the disease in question:

    • the mammary glands begin to coarsen, become more dense;
    • increases in weight, even if a woman adheres to a diet;
    • occasionally disturb the pain in the lower abdomen;
    • on the face appear rashes;
    • the nipples on the mammary glands become too sensitive;
    • hair on the head fall out, become dull;
    • regularly raises blood pressure;
    • is disrupted by the menstrual cycle;
    • there are problems in the digestive system - for example, after eating, you may experience nausea or vomiting;
    • disrupts the work of the intestine - a woman is troubled by constipation or diarrhea;
    • is changing the dream;
    • , there are fluctuations in the psycho-emotional background.

    The intensity of each of these symptoms is individual and depends on the age of the woman, her general health. If a high level of estrogen is present permanently and no treatment is performed, the following pathological conditions may develop:

    • Osteoporosis;
    • obesity;
    • convulsions of the lower limbs;
    • Thyroid disease reference to a previous article today ;
    • formation of thrombi in the vessels;
    • development of mastopathy;
    • development of a malignant tumor of the mammary gland;
    • absence of pregnancy;
    • problems with the work of the nervous system;
    • problems of a mental nature.

    Treatment of a high level of estrogen in a woman

    The treatment regimen of the condition in question is selected for each patient in a strictly individual order - everything will depend on the woman's age, the results of laboratory and instrumental studies, and the presence of internal diseases. There are, of course, general recommendations for carrying out therapy to reduce and normalize the level of estrogen - for example, the following medicines can be prescribed to the patient:

    • Surplus_ estrogen____women_therapy Tamoxifen;
    • Faslodex;
    • Mastodinone;
    • Aromasine;
    • Fehmara;
    • Arimidex.

    If a woman is in a period of menopause or menopause, then according to medical indications she can be prescribed surgical removal of the ovaries, irradiation or specific drug therapy - these all actions will be aimed at suppressing the hormonal activity of the ovaries.

    If the choice of a doctor falls on specific medications, then it can be:

    • Lupron;
    • Zoladex;
    • Goselerin.

    If the decision is made to remove the ovaries, the following surgical procedures can be used:

    • oophorectomy - operation for the classical removal of the ovaries;
    • Ovarian ablation is a modern surgical procedure for the removal of the ovaries with a laparoscope that is gentle.

    All of the above methods, which are used to suppress ovarian hormonal activity, are equally effective.Carrying out such treatment prevents the development of malignant tumors in the body of a woman.

    Attractive young woman at a doctor

    Note: with a high level of estrogen in a woman doctor will necessarily prescribe hormonal drugs.Many patients are literally afraid of taking them, although with the right choice of a specific medicine and precisely calculated dosage, hormonal drugs are absolutely harmless.

    A high level of estrogen is a dangerous condition for a woman.The fact is that in the absence of any correction, complex, severe pathologies associated with a risk to life will develop.Only a timely call to the doctor will help to choose a sparing method of treating the condition in question, therefore, one must be extremely careful about one's own state of health and seek medical help at the first signs of impaired functioning of the reproductive system.

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