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How to increase the growth of a teenager: exercise and nutrition

Growth of a teenager

It is believed that a person grows to 25 years of age, but in fact this figure is very arbitrary.Some people stop growing at the age of 20, and in some, growth stops at 17 - it all depends on how early was puberty, when the ossification of the growth zones began.In addition, even if growth has already stopped, then the accumulation of physical strength continues, the internal organs of the adolescent are being improved, and the muscular system will continue to develop for quite some time.

If we speak correctly from a scientific point of view, then the growth of a person continues as long as its bones have the ability to grow, and it will not be possible to determine this time - all too individually.

You can increase the growth in adolescence, when there are still on the bones, so-called "growth zones" - cartilaginous layers, which increase the size of bones.


Nutrition rules for increasing the growth of a teenager

The fact that the nutrition of the developing organism must be full and rational, everyone knows.But few people realize that to increase growth, a teenager needs to consume protein foods, but with glucose you need to be more careful than

.The fact is that these elements can regulate the secretion of growth hormone - protein food activates it, but glucose, on the contrary, acts as a swarm of a deterrent. That's why in the teenager's menu there should be nuts, cottage cheese and all dairy products, eggs are a natural protein that most favorably affects the secretion of growth hormone.Refuse the teenager will have from sweets, sugar and sweet drinks , but this does not mean that we have to live without sweet - a substitute for all the "harmfulness" can become honey and fruit.

The most important point in organizing a healthy diet for a teenager that grows is to provide the body with vitamins A and B. This means that the in the menu must necessarily contain butter and egg white, carrots and tomatoes, fresh herbs and turnip / ruder .Doctors emphasize that every day a teenager should eat raw or stewed vegetables - they are not only a source of vitamins, but they also provide the body with the right amount of calcium and phosphorus.

Important point: you need to follow the power mode.That is, it is not recommended to eat food "races" in the kitchen - breakfast in the morning, lunch was missed, and in the evening they ate so much that it is difficult to move.

The teenager must independently build a diet so that it is convenient - for example, breakfast at 8-00, lunch at 12-00, dinner at 18-00.Naturally, small snacks are allowed, but they should consist of fresh fruits or sour-milk products( kefir, natural yogurt).The most important thing is to observe the hours of the basic meals every day, so that the digestive system, as well as the entire body as a whole, works in a strict schedule.

Height in sleep Note: the saying "children grow in a dream" has arisen not from scratch!The maximum amount of growth hormones in the body of a teenager is produced just at night, so the child must comply with the sleep regime - at night you still need to rest so as not to interfere with the biorhythms of the body.Of course, proper nutrition and a full night's rest will give their results - the growth of a teenager will increase slightly.But to make this process faster and more visible, experts recommend regular exercise, which is aimed at increasing the growth of a teenager.

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Physical exercises to increase the growth of a teenager

scoliosis Specialists have developed two sets of exercises that have a beneficial effect on the ligamentous apparatus of the vertebrae, muscular tissues of the shoulder girdle and back - they are stretched and strengthened. These exercises should be performed by adolescents aged 11-18 years, but also adults who regularly perform complexes, note an increase in growth.

Important! In this case, the increase in growth occurs due to the acquisition of an ideal posture, correction of undetected curvatures of the spine and restoration of the normal position of intervertebral disks .

Complex №1

It is especially useful to perform using gymnastics boards and walls, but at home these sports equipment can be replaced with chairs and other furniture.

  1. The right leg is put on 3 or 4 steps of the gymnastic wall( you can choose a chair that is suitable for height), hands should be held at the wall at shoulder level.Now it is necessary to do squats on the right leg, and the left leg at the same time must be withdrawn as far back as possible.This exercise is done 3-4 times on one leg, then on the other.In total, such approaches are done 2-3 for each limb.
  2. Turn around facing the wall, hands down along the trunk.To rise on socks, slowly raise arms or hand upwards through the parties or sides, to connect them in the top point by back parties and to be stretched.At the time of stretching the hands make a deep exhalation, at the moment of sipping - a breath.Then slowly return to the starting position, while deeply exhaling.Repeat 3-4 times at a slow pace, with calm breathing.
  3. Two legs need to stand on the 3rd or 4th crossbar of the gymnastic wall, raise your hands up and take hold of the crossbar directly above your head and lower your legs down.This exercise is called "vis", perform it once, and the duration of "vis" is 15 seconds - 1 minute, depending on the physical abilities of the teenager.
  4. On the gym you should lie face down.Before performing this exercise, the board should be fixed with one end on the 3 or 4 crossbar of the gymnastic wall, and the second end laid on the stool, checking its stability( the board should be slightly inclined from the wall).On the board you need to put a blanket or any matter that would slip well.With your hands, grab the crossbar on which the board is attached, maximally unbend the upper limbs in the joints( the elbow and the shoulder joint should be relaxed) - the body will begin to slide down the inclined plane.As soon as the body as much as possible has lowered downwards, it is necessary to bend arms or hand in ulnar and humeral joints, pulling up own body upwards.Such ascents / relaxations need to be done as much as the body can withstand - you can start with 4 times, but you should definitely bring the number of repetitions to 20.
  5. Position - lying face down on the gymnastics board, hands are located along the trunk.You should slowly raise your arms up through the sides above your head, while deeply inhaling the air, and returning them to their original position - to take a deep breath.Repeat the exercise 3-4 times at a slow pace.
  6. Repeat exercise number 4, but with the next pull-up you have to move your hands to one bar higher than it was used for the initial position.

Note: after 3, 4 and 5 exercises, you must perform exercise 2. To finish the whole gymnastics complex to increase the company the teenager should also exercise number 2. To perform exercise number 4, you can use a horizontal bar, but it should have a variable height,So that you can lower it to the desired level.

Complex № 2

For its implementation, you need a gymnastic stick, but at home you can use, for example, a shovel from a shovel / rake.

Exercises in the supine position

  1. Dissuasion It is necessary to take a stick so that the arms are located on it widely( for example, at the width of the shoulders), raise your hands up, slightly push back and stretch out.The lower extremities are bred to the sides by the width of the stick and are swayed by socks and heels alternately( imitation of stretching in bed).
  2. The gymnastic stick falls on the chest, the head and shoulders rise at a level of 10-20 degrees and in this position it is necessary to hold the trunk for 5-7 seconds, then return to the starting position.
  3. Raise the trunk and stretch your arms up( there is a gymnastic stick in them).At the same time, they raise their legs, straightened in the knee joints.It is necessary to touch with a stick of the lower extremities.Then return to the starting position and repeat the exercise without a stick, hands should not just touch the legs - move them under the shins.
  4. Get up on all fours, head down.Now simulate the cat's habits - raise your back, maximally bend it and stay in this position for 10 seconds.Move to the sitting position on the heels and bend back, while simultaneously pushing the body forward.

Note: After each exercise, needs to take a short break( 1 minute), during which several deep quiet breaths and exhalations should be taken.Each exercise is repeated 7 times.

Standing exercises

  1. Take a stick in your hands, raise it forward, up, then move it behind your back - all this should be done without bending your hands and lingering at each level for 5 seconds.Return to the starting position.
  2. Bend the leg in the knee joint and move over the stick, immediately reverse the movement and repeat the exercise on the other limb.
  3. Connect fingers( exercise is performed without a gymnastic stick!), Lift them up, legs connect.Now you need to lower your hands down and forward, "pulling" your torso with you.Touching the upper limbs of the floor with your fingers, smoothly return to the starting position.

Note: jumping, stretching and sipping perfectly stimulate the growth of a teenager, so you can perform exercises with the ball - simulate a game of volleyball or basketball.

Before carrying out the above mentioned complexes, it is necessary to carry out a short course of charging - it will "warm up" the body, muscles and ligaments will become more compliant. In general, doctors recommend increasing the dew for teenagers to engage in physical education - any kind of sport has a beneficial effect on the work of the whole organism, including activating the production of growth hormone.

Knowing how to increase the growth of a teenager, you can solve this problem without resorting to medical methods.If the adolescent competently combines the right diet and exercise, observe the regime of the day( special emphasis should be placed on a full night's sleep), then the dream of increasing growth will be achieved.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category

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