Doing sports with the flu

Sometimes a flu infection puts faithful sports fans in front of such a dilemma: whether to comply with the bed regimen prescribed by the doctor or, despite the poor state of health, to the ache in the whole body, still go to workout. There is fear for a week, which is necessary to recover at least a little, during which you can lose muscle mass, swim in fat. This fear and drives many women to your favorite workout. Also tormented by thoughts, how then it will be hard to return after forced "downtime" to training. But it's worth thinking about, but will such zeal go to good?

If you get sick with the flu, then, no matter what, immediately stop playing sports. If the body temperature has risen above 37.5 degrees, chills, a dry cough, possibly diarrhea and vomiting, then either of these symptoms means that you must refuse today from training. The flu itself is a serious disease. Doing sports with this disease can lead to the most unfortunate consequences. With this disease, there is also a serious strain on the heart, and additional physical exertion will only aggravate the situation. If you continue to do sports with the flu, then as a result you will spend even more time in the hospital "bed".For those who are sick with the flu, the best medicine will be rest, with minimal stress, and excessive diligence will lead to serious complications.

Doctors convincingly prescribe to give rest to themselves only for a week, until a difficult period of illness will pass. In the event that after the expiration of this period the flu symptoms have passed, or at least weakened slightly, then you can again join the slender ranks of athletes, but only gradually. If you will exhaust yourself with serious stresses, then you risk turning the flu into even a serious chronic illness. To sports exercises should be after the flu to start gradually, a moderate load without damage to health will help you to recover. It is recommended to do at home a slow pace of physical exercises( twisting, push-ups) that will improve blood circulation. Exercises are done at home precisely so as not to endanger the risk of contamination of other people. Walking is also useful. Do not worry that during the time you spend at home during a flu illness, lose your earned muscles. Experts say that during a week-long break, the loss of muscle mass is negligible.