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Logoneurosis( stammering): effective methods of treatment at home


The fact that stuttering is successfully treated is known to everyone.And, despite the abundance of modern methods of therapy that correct speech with logoneurosis, experts do not reject traditional methods, "tested for years."The most common methods of treatment for stuttering are described in this article.

Table of contents:

Traditional treatment for stammering

Doctors have long studied logoneurosis and even picked up some methods of getting rid of the disease - that's what they will be talking about.For sure, many noted that a stuttering person during singing never stutters.This is because the words are spoken in a sing-song manner and the person's breathing at this moment is "constructed" quite differently than in the ordinary conversation.This is the basis for breathing exercises - the first tool for getting rid of stuttering.

Principles of respiratory gymnastics Strelnikova

It was this doctor who developed a complex of exercises within the respiratory gymnastics that helps to normalize the child's speech and get rid of stuttering.Moreover, such exercises can be performed not only in childhood, even adults with logoneurosis can do this way - yes, they will take more time, an ideal result is unlikely to be achieved, but speech improvement is guaranteed.


The Strelnikova breathing exercises complex consists of 10 exercises, but we give only two of them - they are the basis and are most often recommended for carrying out:

  1. "Pump".The person should stand upright, lower his arms and bend forward a little, rounding his back.At the same time, the head and arms are lowered, and the neck is as relaxed as possible.Now you need to take a quick breath and rise slightly, but do not straighten, then a long exhalation is made.Then you have to bend down again, take the initial position and repeat the quick breath and slow exhalation( it can be done with your nose and mouth).
  2. «Turns of a head».It is necessary to stand upright, and lower your arms and relax.Now the patient turns his head to the left and immediately noisily and quickly inhales.Further, the head should start from left to right and simultaneously do an exhalation without stopping in the middle.As soon as the head is on the right, we again make a noisy breath and repeat the entire exercise.

Zaikanie Please note! While performing any of these two exercises, the neck should not be tense, the trunk and hands remain immobile.Between the exercises you need to make short breaks, and in general it is necessary to perform on a day 3 approaches for 32 breaths each.

Respiratory gymnastics teaches a person to breathe deeply, with all the lungs and promotes the training of the diaphragm, which participates in voice formation.At the same time, the vocal cords become maximally mobile and close closely during the conversation, which causes the getting rid of stuttering.

The above exercises should be performed two to three times a day for 15 minutes - in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening .Rapid results should not be expected, since the first effect will be noticeable only after 2-3 months of regular performance of respiratory gymnastics.A person will become more natural voice, his breathing will be free, and the sounds will come much more calmly and without frequent stuttering.

Speech therapies

They are held, as a rule, with a group of children who stutter, and have quite a lot of opportunities. There are several methods that were developed by doctors and scientists, here are just some of them( the most used ones):

  1. The methodology of Vygodskaya, Uspenskaya and Pellinger.The course of treatment is designed for 2-3 months, during which 36 sessions are held.The basis of the methodology is the step-by-step creation of game situations, which form the skills of stuttering children with independent speech skills.Only then the specialist helps children to switch from communicating words to expanded phrases.Without fail, the speech therapist performs special exercises with children, which help to relax the muscles and relieve the emotional tension.
  2. Technique of Smirnova.Classes in this technique are conducted daily for 20 minutes in the morning.All exercises are conducted in a game form and are designed for 30 weeks, which is one academic year.Smirnova's methodology helps:
    • develop a sense of rhythm and pace of speech;
    • develop fine motor skills;
    • to achieve relaxation of muscle tone;
    • develop speech and motor coordination.
  3. The methodology of Silistvestrov.The duration of the classes will be 3-4 months, in all, 32-36 lessons will be required.This technique includes three stages:
    • preparatory - the child is created absolutely calm environment and speech communication is limited;
    • training - a transition is made from quiet speech to loud, from quiet games to emotional ones.At this stage, not only stuttering children are involved, but also their parents;
    • Adaptive - smooth speech is modeled for a long story, conversation or reading.

    Note: listed logopedic training methods that are part of the stutter treatment regimen are adapted for preschool children.
    If it is a question of eliminating stuttering in adolescents and adults, the following techniques will be used in the speech therapy sessions:

  4. Shklovsky method.The course of treatment will be about three months, moreover, the patient with logoneurosis should stay in the hospital.Work with the patient will be a psychiatrist, psychotherapist and neurologist, and the technique itself includes three stages:
    • examination of the patient and identification of the true cause of stuttering;
    • ingrained skills "break down" and rebuilt with the help of psychotherapy;
    • speech training in a vital setting.

    The patient, during treatment, appears confident that he can cope with stuttering in any life situation.

  5. Methodology Harutyunyan.The first 24 days of treatment are carried out in the hospital, then another 5 courses are scheduled for 5-7 days a year.The peculiarity of the technique is the synchronization of speech with the movements of the fingers of the leading hand.Thus, a new psychological state is formed, when the patient's speech is related to calmness, correct intonation, facial expressions and confident posture.

Note: first the speech of the patient will be very slow, but it gives you the opportunity to speak to the patient literally from the first sessions without hesitation.

Non-traditional methods of treatment for stuttering

Zaikanie Modern medicine offers several different methods of treating stuttering.And should first of all highlight the multimedia computer complex Breath Maker, which provides "prosthetics" of the speech circle between the speech center( Broca center) and the speech recognition center( Wernike center).The essence of the technique is as follows: the patient stammers into the microphone, and his speech is recorded and corrected by a special computer program.Then the corrected speech is fed to the headphones and analyzed by the speech recognition center correctly.The result of this procedure is getting rid of the tone in the speech center.

The Breath Maker method is aimed at eliminating psychological problems and self-doubt of a patient.The fact is that even with a small stutter, the stammering person thinks that others perceive him critically, and this leads to maximum overexcitation of speech centers, which leads to aggravation of speech disturbance.

And another unconventional treatment for stuttering is acupressure, which is carried out by long courses.It should be noted that the improvement of speech can occur even after the first course of acupressure and this leads to the fact that subsequent( they are conducted every 6 months) are simply rejected by the patients, and this is incorrect !Without fail, you need to undergo a full-fledged treatment with acupressure, so that the result is not only positive, but also lasting.In some cases, after the first course of acupressure, a person begins to stutter even more and then the doctor decides on the next course before the right time.

Please note: parents of stuttering children, and an adult with the same problem, can conduct point massage courses at home.But first, a specialist should demonstrate the technique of carrying out this procedure - this is the main condition for obtaining the desired effect.

Integrated methods

There are so-called neurological methods of stuttering that can be combined into one group. As a rule, the following physician's recommendations are part of the complex stuttering procedures:

  1. Patient with stuttering should take medications that provide medical braking - for example, Fenibut, anticonvulsants and tranquilizers.
  2. A patient with logoneurosis should take sedatives, but in the form of decoctions of medicinal plants with a calming effect.
  3. Reflexotherapy and acupuncture are carried out.
  4. Drugs are prescribed to strengthen the nervous system and immunity.
  5. A patient must attend psychotherapy sessions.

Zaikanie Stammering is a problem for the whole of mankind, so it's no surprise that developments regarding new and effective treatments for this ailment are ongoing.For example, recently developed a medicinal product in the United States, which has already been successfully tested in laboratory mice and suggests that stuttering will be treated with pills in the near future. A scientist from the University of California Gerald Maguire believes that stuttering may be associated with increased production of dopamine.This process is successfully suppressed by haloperidol, but due to a variety of side effects, the widespread use of this drug is impossible.The scientist suggests using olanzapine logoneuroses in therapy and now there are laboratory studies of this kind of medication for stuttering.

Treatment of stuttering is a difficult and time-consuming process.Many parents deal with this problem of their children to "grandmothers" and wizards of different levels, but this can hardly be called a reasonable solution.Yes, the cases of "miraculous" getting rid of stuttering due to the ancient plots are known, but they are not documented and not studied by science, and therefore, it is impossible to talk about "grandmothers" and sorcerers as a method of treating stuttering.But the fact that the restoration of normal speech and minimizing stuttering can be achieved by the methods indicated in this material is reliably known and proved by official medicine - you will agree that such a statement of the verdict causes more confidence.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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