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How to increase the pressure?

How to increase the pressure?

Arterial hypotension is a diagnosis that does not exist.Doctors operate with the concepts of "collapse", "shock", "syncope", that is, they describe those conditions in which serious disturbances in the functioning of the organism occur.And what to do to people who have not yet reached the "handle", but already feel the decay, weakness and other symptoms?Of course, to find out how to increase pressure at home, since traditional medicine can not cope.

Table of contents: Are there any tablets that increase blood pressure?Pressure-boosting products Pressure-boosting drinks How to increase pressure by folk remedies Lifestyle change

Are there any pressure-enhancing tablets?

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Referring to the medical staff, you will first get a referral for all sorts of tests, pass a series of cabinets in which you will see a specialist. Perhaps they will be able to find the organic cause of your hypotension:

  • And( 6) neurological disorders;
  • anemia;
  • cardiac pathology;
  • reduced blood sugar;
  • intoxication;
  • infection;
  • metabolic disturbances, etc.

In these cases, you will be assigned not to pills that increase pressure, but drugs that eliminate the cause of hypotension.

However, quite often the organic cause of hypotension does not exist.Man was born with such pressure and he( with not very frequent exception) is destined to live with him to the very end. In such cases, alternative ways to increase pressure can be advised with:

  • products;
  • drinks;
  • of folk remedies;
  • lifestyle changes.

Pressure-increasing products

Products that increase pressure Traditional medicine denies the existence of products that increase pressure in emergencies.Exceptions include sugar, sweets, honey and other sweets that help to eliminate hypotension associated with hypoglycemia - a decrease in blood sugar levels.However, here the decrease in pressure is only a consequence of the underlying pathological condition, eliminating which, hypotension can be removed.

However, there are a number of products that can give an easy or moderate hypertensive effect when taken for a long time.First of all, this is salt.The sodium contained in it plays a big role in maintaining high blood pressure figures.It is no coincidence that the World Health Organization recommends reducing the intake of salt to all hypertensive patients.It is logical that the opposite recommendation is relevant for hypotension.Pickles of any kind - something that can increase the pressure somewhat, but do not abuse them, because with increased salt intake, the burden on the kidneys increases, and swelling can occur.

Cheeses of hard and fatty varieties also help to maintain pressure figures at a level close to optimal.Contained in them, fats and salt contribute to improving the condition of blood vessels and improving their tone.

It is believed that black chocolate is also capable of increasing blood pressure.Indeed, this product tones well, namely, loss of tone - the main reason for the reduction in pressure.The only pity is that the effect of chocolate is very short.

All other products have an exceptionally weak tonic effect.

Pressure Drinking Drives

And( 7)

Every hypotonic knows about the miracle effect of coffee .Indeed, caffeine has a pleasant property - increases the reduced pressure, but does not "touch" normal or increased( unless you drink a triple portion of the drink at once).It should be noted, however, that coffee stimulates not only blood vessels and the heart, but also all other organs.The result of a long abuse of this drink can be a caffeine addiction.In addition, caffeine has a diuretic effect, and also flushes calcium from the bones.The latter should alert the women of middle age, prone to osteoporosis.

The second drink that raises the pressure - alcohol .Contrary to popular belief, any alcohol does not dilate blood vessels, but narrows them, especially with prolonged use.As a doctor, the author can not recommend hypotension regularly to resort to alcohol, but drinking alcohol in small amounts recommended by WHO can increase the pressure figures by about 10 mm.Gt;Art.

For your information!

Standards of the World Health Organization:

  • For men - half a liter of beer or 400 ml of dry wine or 75 grams of vodka no more than three times a week.
  • For women - 0,33 l of beer or 300 ml of dry wine or 50 grams of vodka with the same frequency.Image 2721

The third drink is tea .Many people consider green tea to be the most useful, however, it is better to use black tea for hypotension - there are more caffeine-like substances capable of increasing blood pressure.Drink a drink with sugar.

Finally water .If a healthy person is considered to be the norm of 30 ml per kilogram of mass( generally known average 2 liters per day), then for hypotonic, sometimes three liters are few.Advice one - drink as much fluid as possible, because the more blood in the vessels, the higher the pressure.

How to increase the pressure of folk remedies

And( 8) The lack of faith in traditional medicine makes people turn to grandfather's methods.Indeed, doctors have long been tormented by examinations and analyzes, but few can say that they helped hypotonic patients in cases when organic pathology such as anemia or nervous diseases is not revealed.So people are trying to learn how to increase pressure by popular means.

Unfortunately, unconventional medicine has little to offer hypotension.Perhaps this is because in the old days people with low blood pressure were few, because most often this condition occurs in people who have a passive lifestyle.Our ancestors basically worked physically, that is, they did what increases the pressure.

Nevertheless, in the arsenal of folk healers there are several such that are believed to increase blood pressure. According to the Encyclopedia of Traditional Medicine, hypotension is assisted by the following recipes:

  1. Use of oilcake of cabbage, sorrel, plantain, trifoli, cowwort.The procedure for swallowing these pumples should continue until the symptoms of reduced pressure disappear.
  2. Dried turtle grass is cleaned from thorns, rubbed into powder, which is consumed on a teaspoon 3-4 times a day for half an hour before meals.The second option: the grass of a tartar( 2-3 tablespoons) is poured in half a liter of boiling water and insisted in a thermos all night.All infusion should be drunk during the day.The course of treatment - 2-3 weeks.
  3. Ginseng, Schizandra, Eleutherococcus, Leuzea - ‚Äč‚Äčthese plants migrated from traditional medicine to traditional.Alcohol tinctures containing them, quite well stimulate the nervous system, thereby improving the regulation of pressure.Take as directed.

Attention! No studies of the effectiveness and safety of folk remedies have been conducted.The use of these methods can be harmful to health!

Changing the way of life

From the point of view of traditional science, lifestyle changes are the only effective way to raise the reduced pressure.In the first place, you should get rid of the "crazy doing nothing".Walking in the fresh air, jogging, hiking in the forest, fitness - ways to load your muscles set.But physical exertion stimulates the work of the heart and brings into tone not only the musculature, but also the vessels that feed it.


Adequate sleep is the second way to raise pressure.Physicians consider one of the causes of hypotension deprivation of sleep, that is, a banal chronic lack of sleep.Sleep need a lot - up to 10 hours and even more, if necessary.Such are the characteristics of the hypotonic organism and it is wrong to get such a person to get up early and live next to the coffee machine.It is better to provide it with adequate rest, then the forces will appear and the pressure will be normalized.

In general, the pressure lowered relative to the norm may be an individual feature of the body.If the deepest medical examination has not revealed the reasons for this condition, then you will simply have to reconcile with it, change your lifestyle and hope that one day the pressure will be optimal.

Bozbey Gennady Andreevich, ambulance doctor

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