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How to strengthen the nervous system

How to strengthen the nerves

Life implies the clash of each person with problems, dislocations and complex situations.Adding to this a fast rhythm of life, a large concentration of automatic mechanisms and a sense of responsibility for loved ones, we get the ideal soil for the development of stresses - this is a violation of the nervous system.And if few people can influence the appearance and intensity of stresses, each person will be able to strengthen the nervous system.

Table of Contents: Methods of strengthening the nervous system Strengthening the nervous system by hardening Physical training as a way to get rid of nervous disorders Alcohol and smoking are enemies of the nervous system How to adjust nutrition Distribution of periods of wakefulness and sleep Folk medicine and medicines

Methods of strengthening the nervous system


Medicine claims that it is possible to strengthen the nervous system in quite ordinary ways - you do not need to use it at allКакие some sedative drugs. As a rule, the recommendations in this direction are as follows:

  • Nerves how to strengthen hardening of the organism;
  • correction of the diet;
  • conducting psychophysical practice - it is about yoga, meditation;
  • performing physical exercises;
  • full sleep;
  • rational division of time for work and rest;
  • refusal from excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages and smoking.

Note: in some cases strengthens the nervous system contributes to the use of sedative medications and the use of folk remedies.But if all other methods can be used independently, without consulting a doctor, then the administration of any medicinal substances must be agreed with a specialist.

Strengthening of the nervous system by hardening

Use-hardening-cold-water What does the term "hardening" mean?Doctors say that this alternation of effects on the body of cold, heat and ultraviolet rays.As a result of such actions, the reflex reactions of the organism are modified-it ceases to react at all to the above external stimuli.But for hardening, there is also a nonspecific effect - the level of efficiency increases, a person is brought up with willpower, the reaction to external aggression is reduced.

To get the desired result from the method of strengthening the nervous system, it is necessary to carry out the correct actions. Doctors give the following recommendations:

  1. Increased irritation intensity should be gradual.For example, if it is a question of dousing with cold water, then start the cycle of procedures with warm water, every day lowering its temperature.
  2. Carry out hardening regularly.If the procedure will be carried out on a case-by-case basis, only on weekends or holidays, you will not get any effect - the hardening is carried out daily without holidays and weekends.
  3. Learn how to properly calculate the dose of stimulus.It is necessary to understand that to strengthen the nervous system, it is not the duration of one procedure that is important, but the quality.That is, do not pour cold water in the amount of a two-hundred-gallon barrel, it will be enough to half the bucket, but every day.

Literature on quenching is quite a lot, the necessary information can be found on the Internet - you can select the schedule of procedures individually.

Physical training as a way of getting rid of nervous disorders

Beg A variety of physical exercises allows you to choose a set of exercises for individual taste.Conditionally, all physical exercises can be divided into 4 groups - sports, hiking, games and gymnastics.It has been scientifically proven that regular physical training helps to increase efficiency, prevents the development of chronic fatigue, prevents the development of psychological and neurological problems, positively affects the health status.

It is especially important to engage in physical exercises for people who are engaged in mental work - this will help to remove psychoneurological stress, give unloading to the brain, restore the energy balance.

Doctors emphasize that specifically for strengthening the nervous system, walking in the fresh air is an optimal choice - an excellent combination of physical exertion and hardening, the possibility of individual selection of the number of meters or kilometers traveled( precise dosage) and complete absence of any financial costs.

Alcohol and smoking are enemies of the nervous system

It is well known that alcohol is a poison that has a detrimental effect on the functioning of the brain.Any alcoholic beverages cause excitement first, and then inhibition, if they are used regularly or in large doses, it can provoke encephalopathy - a brain disease that is characterized by a decrease in memory, a violation of the ability to learn, a "breakdown" of thinking.

How to strengthen the nerves

If we talk about cigarette smoking, then this bad habit leads to a decrease in mental abilities, which is associated with a sharp narrowing of cerebral vessels and oxygen starvation.In addition, the work of the brain is a direct toxic effect - so "work" substances contained in tobacco smoke.

Note: is very important to refuse from caffeine in large quantities - it leads to rapid nervous excitement, but it always ends in nervous exhaustion.

How to adjust the power of

First of all, you need to saturate the body with proteins - they improve memory, increase work capacity, increase learning ability and normalize the functioning of the nervous system.Proteins can be "obtained" from fish, meat and soy.It is important to regularly use proteins with phosphorus - these are found in milk, caviar of salmon and sturgeon fish, egg yolks.

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Dieta Fats can not be excluded from the diet - this is a warning to those people who constantly "sit" on diets and avoid eating fatty foods.But it is these microelements that strengthen the nervous system, have a beneficial effect on the person's ability to work, give him the necessary energy.

Very valuable carbohydrates, which are contained in cereals, are a source of energy necessary for the stable operation of the brain.Remember that lowering carbohydrate levels in the body provokes the development of increased drowsiness, general weakness, regular headaches and memory loss.

To ensure that the nervous system functions in full and can withstand stressful situations, it is necessary to saturate the body with vitamins. For this it is recommended to include the following products in the diet:

  • bread with bran;Peas and beans;
  • ;
  • of the kidney;
  • egg yolk;
  • buckwheat groats;
  • liver of birds and animals;
  • oatmeal;
  • meat.

In addition, it is absolutely necessary to have cottage cheese, cheese and canned fish in the menu.

Just such an adjustment of the diet will help significantly strengthen the nervous system.

Distribution of periods of wakefulness and sleep

Doctors say that a literate regime of the day is half the way to solve the problem of strengthening the nervous system.It should be borne in mind that the daily routine for each person is individual, therefore, when compiling it, it is necessary to take into account the functional characteristics of the organism, to learn to reduce or increase the load.

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1453755473_ Healthy Sleep It is very important to stabilize the night sleep - it should last at least 7 hours.Moreover, the younger the person, the longer it should be.If a person does not sleep regularly, or has a shallow sleep, it can lead to irritability, rapid fatigue, and a worsening of appetite.

The most useful dream is the one that starts at 23-24 hours and ends at 7-8 in the morning.People aged and children are strongly encouraged to give 1-2 hours of daytime for extra sleep.To sleep really bring rest and was full, doctors advise before going to bed to make a short walk on the fresh air, ensure the entry of fresh air into the bedroom and maintain the temperature in the room within 18-20 degrees.

Traditional medicine and medicines

To improve the efficiency and strengthen the nervous system, you can use folk remedies.These are decoctions of medicinal plants that have a strengthening and soothing effect - for example, lemon balm, rose hips, viburnum, motherwort, valerian, chamomile, and others.In the case of already existing apathy, depression and weakness, lemongrass, eleutherococcus and echinacea will help.

In order to restore the balance between excitation and inhibition, some medicines may be prescribed to a person - for example, Novopassit or Persen, which are made from medicinal plants.

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Chaj-s-melissoj-4 Note: decoctions from the above mentioned medicinal plants can be used independently in the absence of diseases of the cardiovascular system, kidneys, brain and respiratory system.But medicines, even at first glance, the safest, should be prescribed by doctors.

As for yoga and meditation, these psychophysical loads really have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, strengthening it.But such a result will only be obtained if yoga and meditation are performed under the supervision of specialists.

Note: often as nervous discharge and stabilization of the nervous system, people are invited to attend seminars, conferences and coaching / training - such "classes" will not improve the psychoemotional state in any way, but will only aggravate the problem.If you ask for help, then to real, qualified and certified psychotherapists.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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