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Proper nutrition for men 40 years old

Despite the harmonious family life, success in the professional field and other achievements, 40 years for the age of a man - this is the time of physiological changes that lead to psychological changes: there is a review of values, an analysis of past mistakes and planning for the future. Depending on how well a man's health comes to this point, the ease of this transition will depend. One of the fundamental moments in a man's health is his nutrition.

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Those principles of nutrition, which we consider here, mostly concern middle age, and do not abolish, but supplement recommended dietary rules for men of all ages.


  • 1 Food and ailments that must be prevented!
    • 1.1 Decrease in testosterone
    • 1.2 Obesity
    • 1.3 Cardiovascular diseases
    • 1.4 Osteopenia and osteoporosis
  • 2 Conclusions

Food and ailments that must be prevented!

Nutrition needed by a middle-aged man is based on what the body needs most in this period. For the middle and later ages characterized by the development of certain pathological conditions that either worsen the individual's well-being, or in severe cases are the cause of death. Let's analyze these ailments and find out what is necessary for their prevention.

Decrease in testosterone

The inevitable process of reducing sex hormones begins at about 30 years. The difficulties of the forty-year boundary or, as it is also called, the "middle age crisis" are largely determined by the degree of decrease in testosterone. Moreover, the deterioration of the hormonal background of a man provokes many age-related diseases and is a key factor in the onset of menopause in middle ages.

Prevention of

Unfortunately, it is not possible to completely prevent androgen reduction. But you can significantly improve the situation by normalizing the supply. Since the topic of increasing testosterone is large enough, we advise you to read the following articles:

Nutrition rules for increasing the synthesis of sex hormones.

Nutritional supplements for normalizing the hormonal background.

Foods that increase testosterone levels.


It is common knowledge that with age, the metabolism slows down, and the processes of destruction in the body gradually begin to predominate over the growth processes. All this in the end provokes obesity.

Diagnosis of obesity

Fig.1 - Diagnosis of obesity in men around the waist circumference

Remember for life, obesity is not a cosmetic problem - it's a medical problem.

Obesity is especially bad for a man's health. Even a small "abdomen" is already a danger to the health of its owner. The thing is that excess fat inhibits the production of male sex hormones, which are already decreasing with age, and increases the level of female hormones in men. More about this you can read here.


The main principle of feeding men after 40 is to reduce the amount and caloric content of food. More details about this read in the article "The 3 main principles of the age-related diet".

Cardiovascular diseases

Doctors consider 40 years of age when the process of cardiovascular system easing accelerates. But in real life, men exacerbate this situation even earlier. Despite all the achievements of medicine and increasing knowledge of what is the key to good health, a modern man continues to experience stress, malnutrition, moral stress, rarely having sex, being sedentary and suffering from overweight. For this reason, high cholesterol and blood sugar, high blood pressure, heart attacks, chest pain, problems with erection appear much earlier.

Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of male replacement.

Heart disease is not only an increased risk of ending life prematurely, but also a deterioration in the quality of life. For example, a proven fact is the link between the presence of cardiovascular diseases and a decrease in the production of the male hormone testosterone responsible for the state of male well-being.

Prevention of

Here are a few basic points in nutrition for heart health:

  • Refusal of fried and fatty foods. For example, fried pork has long been recognized as one of the most dangerous products for human health. Pork contains a large amount of cholesterol, responsible for blockage of blood vessels, as well as a lot of fat. In addition, when frying, toxic carcinogens are formed, and the caloric content of the product increases.
  • Fish oil consumption. One of the beneficial properties of fish oil is the dilution of blood, which significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular pathologies. For the same purposes, you can use aspirin( read "When is aspirin useful for men?").
  • Replenishment of potassium and magnesium. The two main minerals are essential for the health of the heart muscle. Nuts, dried fruits( dried apricots, prunes), bananas, sea kale, and legumes will be good for replenishing these substances.

Osteopenia and osteoporosis

Bones are constantly restored or slowly destroyed depending on the effect on them. Bone tissue is the strongest in 30 years and begins to slowly weaken after this milestone. This loss is accelerated by caffeine, nicotine, emotional stress, lack of physical exertion, sun exposure and a decrease in the amount of testosterone.

Osteopenia and osteoporosis

Fig.2 - Degrees of bone density reduction

Prevention of

A sufficient and sufficient condition for preventing the reduction of bone mineralization is sufficient calcium intake.

Products such as cottage cheese, beans, sour cream, nuts, as well as cereals help to fill the daily supply of calcium.

Together with calcium, care must be taken to replenish vitamin D. Natural vitamin D is produced in the skin under a 15-minute exposure to sunlight. The danger of an overdose of solar radiation is very high, but it is also true that we do not get enough sunlight.

The positive effect of vitamin D is twofold:

  1. Vitamin D cooperates with calcium in the construction of bone tissue.
  2. Vitamin D helps to absorb calcium from the intestine into the bloodstream, distribute this microelement to the inner regions of the bone and build in( or mineralize) calcium into a proper, firm bone structure.

Vitamin D is especially recommended for men who have pain in the bones, joints, and those who live in the northern parts of the country and are exposed to insufficient sun exposure.


Observing the diet described above, and also loading yourself with sparing physical loads, a man who already has more than forty can again feel the taste of life, strengthen health and restore natural strength.

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