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What to do if the neck has blown: how to treat at home

Produlo sheu

There is enough light breeze from the window in public transport, a draft in the room or a working air conditioner so that a person has a pain in the neck.In the people this syndrome is called "neck blown", and in medicine - cervical myositis.This disease is quite widespread, can occur in people of different ages, regardless of their social status.

Table of contents: How to understand what blew the neck Diagnostic measures Home treatment - traditional ways Treatment with folk remedies Massage with essential oils

How to understand what cleared the neck

Usually the first symptom of the condition in question is manifested in the morning when a person wants to get upFrom the bed. During the night period, the fibers of the cervical muscles spasmodic and swell, when trying to make even a slight movement, a person suffers quite a lot of pain, which:

  • is amplified by turns or inclinations of the head;
  • increases with the simplest movements or pressing the muscles;
  • is enhanced by chewing;
  • is localized asymmetrically( it has a special expression only on one side);
  • gives in the shoulder, ears, forehead or in the area of ​​the scapula;
  • differs reddened and swollen skin over a site of pain.

There is also a characteristic feature in cervical myositis - in adults this condition is never accompanied by fever, but in childhood, on the contrary, there must be a sharp rise in body temperature and severe headaches.By the way, if the condition "blown neck" has a place to be in children, then, most likely, it will be accompanied by various complications, whereas in adults this does not happen.

In addition to severe pain, cervical myositis will manifest itself with other symptoms of :

  • general weakness;
  • enlargement of lymph nodes located in the immediate vicinity of the inflammation focus;
  • muscles in the lesion will be tight and tense.

If the observed phenomenon begins to be treated on time, then all of the above symptoms disappear within a few days, "residual" phenomena may be present for 2-3 weeks, but to a lesser extent intensity. If treatment of cervical myositis is not performed, then it is fraught with the development of complications:

  • inflammation of the muscles of the larynx, esophagus and pharynx;
  • purulent form of cervical myositis;Dyspnea and cough;
  • subluxation of cervical intervertebral joints;Intervertebral hernia of the cervical region.
  • .

Diagnostic measures

As a rule, when a doctor visits a complaint with a "blown neck", the patient quickly passes the diagnostic stage - the diagnosis is made on the basis of the patient's characteristic complaints and examination results:

  • weakness;
  • asymmetrical pain in the neck of the aching character;
  • at palpation of the neck, the doctor determines the compaction and nodules in the muscles.

It is extremely rare, but there is an appointment of an additional examination - radiography, electromyography, biopsy make it possible to confirm the diagnosis and assess the condition of the neck muscles affected by the inflammatory process.

Treatment at home - traditional methods

It is necessary to start therapy immediately, as the neck has blown, and the first symptoms of this unpleasant condition have appeared.Of course, the best option would be to seek qualified medical help, but if there is no possibility to consult a doctor, then it is possible to carry out treatment at home. Traditional methods of cervical myositis treatment are observing the following recommendations:

  1. Produlo_sheyu The neck muscles need to provide maximum rest and try to often completely relax them.
  2. You need to sleep on a comfortable pillow.
  3. In place of pain, it is possible to apply warming ointments, which include Nayatoks, Finalgon, Ketonal and others.After applying one of these drugs on the inflamed area of ​​the neck, it should be wrapped in a warm scarf.
  4. If you do not have warming ointments at hand, then you can put a compress on your neck.
  5. Strong drafts and sharp changes in air temperatures are absolutely necessary.
  6. To quickly get rid of the inflammatory process, you can take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs inside, which include Dicloberte, Ibuprofen, Ketonal and others.
  7. After applying the ointment to the lesion site, massage the inflamed muscles with gentle massage movements.But it should be noted that with enlarged lymph nodes massage can not be carried out in any case.
  8. If the patient has a fever, then he can give any antipyretic drugs - for example, Nurofen or Paracetamol.

Note: if inflammation of the lymph node has begun( it has acquired large dimensions and is painful when palpated), then it is not advisable to continue treatment at home, you need to seek medical help urgently.If the cervical myositis delivers unbearable pain, then you can see a doctor - he will put a Novocain blockade, thereby easing the patient's condition.

Lymph nodes

If treatment of cervical myositis at home by traditional methods did not provide relief within 2-3 days, then you will have to seek qualified medical care.The fact is that in some cases the phenomenon under consideration can be complicated by an infection or a purulent form.If the specialist identifies the presence of infection, the patient will be prescribed a course of antibacterial therapy, but with a purulent form of cervical myositis, surgery will most likely be required, which, however, happens very rarely.

Treatment with folk remedies

"Produlo neck" - this is not some new diagnosis, this state was well known to our ancestors, so folk medicine is rich in the means that should be used to treat cervical myositis.

Grease from grease and horsetail powder

Take one part of the ground horsetail powder and four parts of the interior fat( shredded), mix and grind until smooth.The finished product should be stored in a refrigerator, in a glass container with a closed lid.And use the resulting ointment several times a day, lubricating the affected areas of the neck with a thin layer( you can lightly rub the product).Before use, this product must be warmed in the hands.

Applications with laurel

Cleansing-joints-laurel leaf In the pharmacy you can buy bay leaf oil - an excellent tool for cervical myositis.By the way, if the condition "blown neck" in a person is often, then laurel oil should be present in its reserves constantly.

Before use, heat 1 liter of water to a warm / comfortable state, add 10 drops of laurel oil, mix everything.In the resulting product, a cloth or towel is wetted, then the fabric is curled and applied to the neck.Even intense pain will begin to decrease in just 20 minutes after applying such an application.

Compress of burdock leaves

It is necessary to take 5 leaves of burdock ordinary, carefully wash and distribute them with boiling water.The leaves are stacked, then they are applied to the neck and fixed with a flannel or woolen cloth.Compress this can and should be left on the neck for several hours.By the same principle, you can make a compress of cabbage leaves - by the way, it will not only relieve pain and reduce inflammation of the muscles, but also relieve the fever, if any.

Willow Ointment

Willow buds and ordinary butter are needed in a 1: 1 ratio.It is necessary to crush the willow buds in a mortar to a powdery state( the presence of grains is quite acceptable), then the resulting mass is mixed with butter, which must be softened beforehand.

The ready-made medicinal mass must be rubbed into the painful areas of the neck several times a day.

Camomile flower ointment

Chamomile flowers must be crushed to a powdery state( it is better to use a dry material) and mixed with a softened butter in a proportion of 1: 4, where one part of the plant raw materials.Apply the finished product to the painful areas at least 4 times a day.

It is not recommended to prepare a large amount of ointment immediately, as the shelf life is not long.

Infusion of cucumber grass with anti-inflammatory effect

Cucumber grass in pharmacies is sold under the pharmacological name "borage medicinal".You need to take one teaspoon or dessert spoon of dry raw material, pour 200 ml of steep boiling water and cover the vessel with a lid, wrap it with something warm.The remedy is insisted for five hours, then filtered and taken one tablespoon at least 5 times a day.

Anti-inflammatory infusion from the spring adonis

Pour a teaspoon of the herbs of spring adonis with a glass of boiling water( about 300 ml), cover and warm( wrap) with a towel.Insisted for an hour, then filtered and taken one tablespoon three times a day.

Tincture from bark barberry

Finely chop the barberry barberry, combine it in a glass jar and pour 70% alcohol on it.The ratio of barberry and alcohol should be 1:10, respectively.This drug is infused in a dark and warm place for 10 days, periodically( once a day) the drug should be shaken carefully.Then the ready tincture is filtered and taken 30 drops three times a day.

Barberry tincture perfectly eliminates inflammation, but it can be taken only if the patient has no contraindications to taking alcohol-containing drinks and his work is not associated with increased attention.

Massage with Essential Oils

If the neck has blown, then massage will be a very effective treatment. And it is better to carry out this procedure with the use of essential oils:

  • rosemary - anesthetizes for a short time;
  • juniper - improves blood circulation, has anti-inflammatory effect;
  • cinnamon - heats the muscles and eliminates even severe spasms;
  • cedar - accelerates the healing process, relieves inflammation, increases blood circulation;
  • chamomile - has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Produlo shey Please note: essential oils belong to powerful allergens, so before using them, you need to make sure that the body reacts to them adequately.To do this, just apply a small amount of diluted essential oil on the skin area( for example, on the inner side of the elbow fold) and wait 20-30 minutes.Absence of redness and itching at the place of application means no allergy.

To prepare a massage mixture, you need to use 10 ml of base oil( it can be almond, linseed, jojoba or olive) and 3-4 drops of essential oil.Ready oil mixture should be applied to the painful areas of the neck, slightly rubbed and light massage movements rub into the skin.Such massage with the use of essential oils must be done at least three times a day.

If the neck has blown, then do not succumb to despair and panic - this condition is easily treated.Cervical myositis is one of the few diseases that doctors allow to treat at home and folk remedies.But if during 2-3 days the health state does not improve, the nearby lymph nodes become inflamed and the body temperature rises, then this is the reason for applying for qualified medical care.

Tsygankova Yana Alexandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category

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