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Why does the chin of a newborn


Parents, especially young ones, when a newborn baby appears in the family, they look at each of his movements.And much of the behavior of the beloved child seems to them not normal, associated with any disease, although if you understand, it turns out that everything is within the norm.Often, inexperienced parents are alarmed by the trembling of the chin and pens.The trembling or spasmodic tremor of the chin, hands and lower lip, especially when the baby is crying, is considered to be absolutely normal at the age of three months.

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Why the newborn is shaking with the chin

Physiological tremor

The main cause of tremor can be considered not fully honed functions of the central nervous system, and the accompanying factor is not fully formed hormonal system. For the contraction of muscles, the hormone norepinephrine responds, which during stress is produced by the adrenal glands.Given the fact that in newborn infants the adrenal glands are not fully developed, even with the slightest excitement, they throw out a huge dose of norepinephrine into the blood, which causes tremors in the chin, lips and hands of the baby.

Please note! In preterm babies, these phenomena are much more pronounced, because their central nervous system is in a more underdeveloped state compared with babies born in normal periods.It should be specially noted that after the birth the final formation of the nervous system lasts much longer than in the mother's womb.

Tremor u detej Chin and pen jerking, lasting for a short time, appear as a result of the emotions of the baby, both negative and positive, that is, with any emotional overexcitation.Even with feeding or bathing, despite the particularly pleasant sensations, a similar effect is observed quite often.Newborn babies, knowing the world around, constantly learn something new, which in itself is a small stress, and its fragile nervous system manifests a violent reaction in the form of crying and tremor. Any discomfort, pain( for example, with "gazikah" in the stomach), hunger, heat, cold and even a wet diaper or elementary fatigue can cause crying and muscle twitching.

In principle, the reasons for this state can be enumerated to infinity, because the nervous system of the little man is very mobile, active and extremely easily excited. This condition passes after reaching three months of age, in preterm babies the process of strengthening the nervous system is slightly tightened and requires a little more time. Therefore, noticing your crumb signs of tremors, you should not panic.

Chin tremor in various pathologies

Chin tremor in infants can manifest itself in various pathologies. Basically, the causes of abnormal tremor are disorders of the brain and central nervous system:

  • They can be caused by infection, in most cases, intrauterine.
  • The brain also suffers as a result of birth trauma or oxygen starvation resulting from cord embryology, placental abruption, bleeding and other factors.
  • Such risk factors include a threat of miscarriage, hydramnios, swift labor and weak generic activities.
  • If the future mother is suffering from nervous stress, then norepinephrine produced in her body can enter the fetal blood through the umbilical cord and provoke disturbances in the development of his endocrine and nervous systems.

What parents can do

Parents can carry out a number of activities aimed at reducing the number of jitters and preventing their occurrence:

  1. Tremor u detej The most important condition for dealing with tremors is the creation of a comfortable environment for the baby and peace.All activities related to the care of a newborn baby( feeding, bathing, changing, walking, etc.) should be done in a measured, without excessive fuss, creating for them the most favorable and calm atmosphere.
  2. A very good help in this event will be a relaxing massage, which after a short training the parents can easily conduct themselves at home.
  3. Herbs added to the bathing bath( chamomile, lemon balm, oregano, valerian, mint, motherwort), perfectly relieve tension and relax the nervous system.But, given the risk of allergic reactions, apply herbs more than three times a week is not recommended.
  4. For calm, measured operation of the body it is extremely important to observe the regime of the day.In more severe cases, the appointment of a pediatrician and neurologist with medicines improving the supply of oxygen to the brain( Midokalma, Glitsina).

In any case, without visiting a specialist neurologist will not work and it is especially important to get a consultation with a specialized doctor at the age of three, six and nine months old .In these terms, the growth and development of the central and peripheral nervous systems is most intense in children, therefore, during these periods the appearance of various neurotic pathologies is most likely.

In addition to the above periods, you need to consult a neurologist in cases of certain symptoms:

  • when the trembling does not go away after the child reaches the age of six;Trembling of the chin and pens continuously lasts for more than thirty seconds and arises in a calm environment for no apparent reason;
  • , with twitching of the handles and chin, tremors of the head are observed, the tremor is characterized as large, literally "pounding";
  • during an attack on the baby's skin appears cyanosis( blueness) and perspiration;
  • tremor manifests itself with consistency for several weeks in a row;Pregnancy and childbirth proceeded with a burdensome anamnesis, which could lead to brain damage to the newborn as a result of oxygen starvation.

Having identified pathologies that lead to jerking, the doctor prescribes treatment and, as a rule, the child's condition quickly returns to normal, but only if all the prescriptions and recommendations of the specialist are clearly fulfilled.

Tokareva Larissa, pediatrician

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