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What is dangerous and how to recognize the hypertension of muscles in infants


Many parents note that their baby is compressed like a tight spring - this condition is called in medicine hypertension of newborns, which implies a violation of muscle tone.This problem relates to disorders of the central nervous system and is the most common among young children.Prognosis for hypertension of muscles in infants is very favorable, but only if the violation was detected and cured in time.

Table of contents: Muscle tone - what is it?How the hypertonic muscle manifests in the baby How to treat hypertension in newborns

Muscle tone - what is it?

In an adult, a formed person, the muscles of the body are in constant tension, even when he is sleeping, complete relaxation does not occur.It is this tension that is called muscle tonus and if it is moderate, it is considered normal, it allows the body to move properly.

A newborn child can not immediately stand on the feet, since it is born with an underdeveloped muscular system .The muscle mass in the adult body is several times greater than in the child - the muscles simply develop gradually and gradually gain strength.

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Muscle hypertension in infants is conventionally divided into two types:

  1. Hypertonus-y-child Physiological.This is the name of a condition in which the chin of the newborn is attracted to the trunk, the handles are bent at the elbows, and the knees and hips are strongly pressed to the stomach.This position of the little man is called the pose of the embryo and is characteristic of children who are still in the womb of the mother. Physiological hypertonic muscle in a baby gradually disappears on its own and, as a rule, by the age of two, the baby comes back to normal.
  2. Pathological.This can be considered hypertonic muscles against the backdrop of improper development of the muscular and nervous system of the baby.This condition is diagnosed by examining, checking pozotonic reflexes and special tests.

The causes of abnormal hypertension of muscles in a baby can be:

  • protracted labor;
  • bad ecology;
  • oxygen starvation during pregnancy and during childbirth;
  • fast delivery;
  • stimulation of labor.

Diagnosis of a hypertonic muscle of a child of a pathological nature can be performed by a neurologist after a series of diagnostic measures and studying the history of pregnancy / childbirth.

How muscle hypertension manifests in a baby

Symptomatic of the condition in question can be variable and it is important to know all the possible symptoms in order to seek qualified medical help in time. In some cases, the signs of muscle hypertension in a baby are perceived by parents as some special achievements of their baby - for example, early head retention will indicate hypertension of the occipital muscles, and not at all about the genius abilities of crumbs.

The symptoms of the condition in question are:

  • Hypertonicity frequent vagaries of the baby, crying accompanied by chin jerking;
  • bent legs and clenched fists, which are observed even in a child's dream;
  • constant regurgitation;
  • torticollis;
  • concern;
  • at the age of one and a half to two months, the tremor of the limbs still remains in the newborn;
  • gluteal folds are unevenly distributed.

It is very important to diagnose the condition in question at the very first year of the infant's life, because during this period it will be enough just to fix .In the first year of life, the infant has close connections between mental, physical and mental development.For example, a baby may have a lag in speech development, if due to hypertonicity, his hands are constantly clamped. This condition can provoke a delay in motor development, gait disturbance, and in especially severe cases, children's cerebral palsy.

How to treat hypertension in newborns

A neurologist doctor will prescribe a treatment for diagnosing the condition in question only on an individual basis, taking into account the infant's age and the degree of hypertonicity of his muscles. Within the framework of therapy can be applied:

  • electrophoresis;
  • massage;
  • relaxing bath;
  • swimming;
  • medical gymnastics.

If the hypertension of muscles in the baby is severe, then it will be necessary to conduct a course of drug therapy.

Note: massage for newborns with hypertension can only be performed by a specialist!The considered state, as a rule, affects only certain parts of the body of the baby and it is the professional who can see where a more intensive massage is needed, and where it will be appropriate and relaxing.Usually, 10 massage sessions are prescribed, which are repeated six months later if necessary.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the point of view on the need for the treatment of hypertension by Dr. Komarovsky, a well-known pediatrician:

. At home, parents can bathe using valerian, sage, needles, sea salt or motherwort - these drugs have a relaxing effect, sootheThe kid.The bath time is 5-10 minutes, and the temperature of the water during the procedure should not exceed 37 degrees.

Hypertension of muscles in infants is a common disease, but doctors categorically do not recommend treating it with care.Only the work of a specialist and the conduct of all the prescribed procedures will help to preserve and strengthen the health of the infant, to provide him with normal mental and physical development.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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