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Numbness of hands and feet: causes of numbness

numbness Many people experience the sensations of numbness in the arms and legs.Sometimes it is accompanied by a slight tingling( crawling crawling), decreased sensitivity, pulling pain.The combination of these signs is called paresthesia .In most cases, these unpleasant events are caused by physiological causes and go off on their own.In some cases, they are manifestations of diseases and require clarification of the cause that caused them, with subsequent treatment.

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Possible causes of numbness of hands and feet

First, we recall the problems that are familiar to each of us.The purchase of new shoes on first wearing often turns into a "rubbing" of the legs, which is accompanied by an unpleasant sensation of numbness, passing during the taking off, or re-training in disagreed.In order to avoid this trouble, it is good, not hurrying to pick up shoes when purchasing.A similar situation can occur when wearing close and tight clothes.

The situation when a person is in an uncomfortable position for a long time, standing, sitting, or even in a dream, often results in numbness of different parts of the body, most often hands and feet.

The physiological cause of numbness in the hands and feet often becomes exposure to air, or water with a low temperature.In this case, an emergency warming of the frozen limb is required.

Pathological causes of numbness

The most common reason for the sensations of dumbness in the hands and feet are diseases of the nervous system .Inflammatory changes in nerve trunks, infringements and other pathological processes often cause paresthesia.

Numbness occurs when:

  • Numbness polyneuropathy - multiple lesions of the trunks of the peripheral nervous system.In this case, numbness is accompanied by atrophies and weakness of the limbs( shrinkage), development of paresis( partial movement disorders) and even paralysis( complete loss of functions).Polyneuropathy occurs in diabetes mellitus, alcoholism and a wide range of other diseases, including infectious( diphtheria) blood diseases( hemoblastoses), hereditary( porphyria), connective tissue diseases( nodular periarteritis, systemic lupus erythematosus);
  • lesion of the nerve plexuses of the spine ( cervical, shoulder, lumbosacral).In this case, numbness is accompanied by pain.Painful areas are manifested in the corresponding dermatomes - zones innervated by certain plexuses.A common cause of numbness in the arms and legs is osteochondrosis;
  • stroke ( malnutrition of the brain departments).Especially with ischemic with developed paresis.At rest, patients often numb their arms and legs, tingling sensations, "skin fireworks";
  • syndrome of involvement of the median nerve ( with a round pronotor, carpal tunnel, etc.) Numbness in this pathology is combined with the characteristic feature of the "monkey brush".Paresthesia affects the palmar surface of 1 finger and the entire surface of 2-4 fingers;
  • pathological lesions of the radial and ulnar nerves ( Turner syndrome, etc.);
  • vascular pathology , especially in the case of the presence of obliterating endarteriosis - a disease in which blood circulation in the small arteries of the limbs is impaired as a result of their spasm.Numbness is characteristic of the clinical picture of osteochondrosis;
  • Reynaud disease - a paroxysmal impairment of blood circulation mainly in the area of ​​hands and feet.In this pathology, clear heredity and stress factors are traced;
  • hypovitaminosis .Most often, numbness is characteristic of the deficiency of B vitamins( B1 - thiamine, B12 - cyanocobalamin, B9 - folic acid).The lack of vitamin E also leads to problems with numbness in the hands;
  • vibration disease .Numbness and impaired circulation are common in people who constantly subject their body to vibrations with a constant amplitude.Constant microtraumatism and the formation of pathological reflexes cause painful manifestations;
  • shingles ;
  • Traumatic injuries ( broken arms and legs, bruises, dislocations) - can cause damage to the integrity of nerve fibers and terminations.These changes give a clinical picture of numbness;
  • taking certain medications.In this case we are talking about the side effects of drugs.These include certain types of antibiotics, chemotherapeutic agents.Therefore, before taking any medication, you should consult a doctor.It will be useful to read the attached instructions;
  • neuroses .

Note: neurological processes that cause numbness of the hands often occur in people engaged in specific activities that require constant stress of the hands, the humerus belt.Professions can be loosely related in character to each other.So, the seamstresses suffer seamstresses, violinists, pianists, people who spend a lot of time behind the computer keyboard, etc.

How numbness of hands and feet manifests

Numbness in the arms and legs is often accompanied by additional painful signs depending on the cause.

So, the most frequent satellites of paresthesia of the limbs are:

  • painful manifestations;
  • body temperature rise( local and general);
  • redness, or blanching of the skin;
  • mental disorders - fear;
  • vegetative disorders - rapid heartbeat and respiration, spasms, sweating, hyperhidrosis, dizziness, fainting, shaky walk.

Numbness may occur isolated in one limb, or two on one side.Sometimes limbs of opposite sides of the body grow dumb.For example: the left hand and the right leg.Nemeth can both hands and feet.Sometimes this unpleasant sensation occurs in combination with other parts of the body( face, back, stomach, etc.).

Diagnosis of the causes of numbness in the hands and feet

Diagnosis-numbness of hands When referring to a doctor, the survey is important.Sometimes talking with the patient is enough to understand the origin of the bouts of numbness.But in most cases, the diagnosis requires inspection of the patient, as well as additional diagnostic methods. Sometimes it is necessary to consult the help of narrow specialists - neurologist, endocrinologist, surgeon.

During examination, the doctor takes into account the skin color, its temperature, checks the tendon and skin reflexes.

If necessary, the survey is supplemented with data:

  • for clinical and biochemical blood tests( if necessary, urine);
  • blood pressure measurement;
  • ultrasound diagnosis;
  • dopplerography, angiography;
  • X-ray diagnostics and MRI;
  • encephalography and myography.

Treatment of numbness in the hands and feet

Treatment-numbness If numbness is long-lasting and disturbs you often, then you should consult a neurologist without hesitation.In the case of a sensation for the first time, or for obvious reasons, you can try it yourself.Numbness, which arises from an uncomfortable position, is enough to be removed by a warm-up, just to walk, to rub the numb limbs.

Elimination of numbness of the hands and feet in diseases is the treatment of the main cause of malaise.

Timely and correct therapy of diabetes mellitus, spine diseases, neurological pathology, blood diseases and rheumatic diseases will remove this unpleasant symptom.

Literate therapy and recovery of post-stroke complications relieve most patients of numbness and other associated symptoms.

Treatment can be performed both in outpatient and inpatient settings.Sometimes you have to resort to surgical methods of exposure.

Often used: reflexotherapy, massage, exercise therapy.

Important: : for all causes of numbness, eliminate alcoholic beverages, restrict or completely eliminate smoking( especially with obliterating endarteriosis).

Treatment of numbness in the home folk medicine

Note : numbness in any illness should be treated by a doctor .Before applying any kind of folk treatment, you should always consult with him.Sometimes the doctor will suggest more effective ways of these types of help.It is worth remembering that the independent use of any kind of therapy is unacceptable.

Traditional medicine recommends using the numbness of hands and feet to use honey, milk and salt( especially marine).The medical composition is prepared as follows: a liter of milk is mixed with 50-100 g of honey and 0.5 kg of sea salt.The thoroughly mixed mixture should be heated to a low temperature of 60 ° C. Then add a liter of ordinary water of the same temperature to the solution and pour it all in the enameled basin.In the medical staff immerse numb hands, or feet.The duration of the procedure is 10 minutes.Repeat it should not be more than 1 time per day.The course is 10 to 15 procedures.After heating, do not overcool.

Note : Pregnant women also often experience numbness in the hands, especially in the legs, in later periods.The best way to remove it - walking in the fresh air, the correct alternation of the regime of activity and rest.


Patients with numbness of arms and legs are shown a protein and vitamin diet.Very useful are fresh vegetables - cabbage, carrots, greens, and salads from them.You should add more legumes to your diet.

It is necessary to refrain from coffee and cocoa.Tea is better herbal, especially with the addition of mint.Low-fat meat and sea fish are recommended.Do not abuse fried and smoked dishes.Chicken eggs are enough 2-3 per week.Cakes and butter products - it is desirable to limit.

Prevention of numbness in hands and feet

To avoid problems of numbness, you should monitor the proper selection of clothes and shoes, sleep on a comfortable bed without excess pillows and featherbeds.The surface of the bed should be moderately even and soft.

Timely detection of diseases and their treatment will quickly get rid of the underlying cause of numbness.

Alexander Lotin, medical reviewer

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