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Stress - types, causes, symptoms and treatment

1380618840_0537.1000x800 Stress is a reaction of the body to strong emotions( they can be negative and positive), bustle and overstrain.During this period, the human body begins to produce the hormone adrenaline - he also needs to find a way out!Many argue that stress is an indispensable component of everyone's life: without such emotions, "shakes" and worries, life will be too boring and nasty.But it should be understood that if there are a lot of stressful situations, then the body gets tired, begins to lose strength and ability to solve even difficult problems. Table of Contents: Causes of Stress Development Stress Symptoms Stages of Stress Development Stress Management Methods

Stress has been very well studied by scientists and doctors, and even mechanisms have been identified for the development of this state-nervous, hormonal and vascular systems are involved.This condition adversely affects overall health( immunity decreases, gastrointestinal tract diseases develop, depression begins in the course of time), so it is necessary not only to know everything about stress, to resist it, but also to understand what methods can restore your condition to a healthy level.

Causes of stress development

Img5 In fact, the cause of stressful development can be absolutely any situation that can have a strong impact on a person.For example, for many, the loss of gloves is considered a trifle, a mild annoyance, but there are people who regard this loss on the other hand - experiences, frustration, real tragedy.A very great influence on the emotional background of a person is also exerted by external stimuli such as the death of a loved one, constant scandals at work.If we talk about internal stimuli-causes, then we are talking about a revision of some life positions, beliefs, self-esteem rights.Both men and women of different ages are subjected to stresses, regardless of their social status and financial well-being.And if in a small amount of stress even beneficial to the body, a constant stay in this state will lead to serious pathological changes.In some cases, the concept of "stress" is applied to the definition of a specific stimulus - for example, physical stimuli include long-term exposure to cold or heat. In general, three main types of the considered state of are distinguished:

  • chemical stress - reaction to the action of various toxic substances;
  • mental - the impact on the body of positive / negative emotions;
  • biological - provoke overloads on muscles, injuries, various types of diseases.

Symptoms of stress state

Symptoms of Stress What can be considered as a stressful condition? The answer to this question can be obtained by knowing the main signs of stress of :

  1. Irritability and / or depressed mood.Moreover, these phenomena are considered symptoms of stress only if they arise without any reason for this.
  2. Bad sleep.Even with maximum fatigue, after a hard day's work and the need for early recovery, a person who is under stress will not be able to sleep soundly.
  3. Deterioration of well-being.It is a question of constant headaches of not intensive character, chronic weariness and unwillingness in general something to do or make.
  4. Disturbance of brain activity.Signs of stress can also be a decline in efficiency, and a violation of concentration, and memory problems.Sclerosis will not develop, and amnesia can not be called a condition, but the inability to fully engage in learning and mental work stress can result.
  5. Apathy.In a stressful state, a person loses interest in others, ceases to communicate with friends and relatives, and tries to seclude himself.
  6. Bad mood.This concept includes increased tearfulness, self-pity, longing, a pessimistic attitude, a crying that goes into hysteria.

Image 068 In stress, a person observes a violation of appetite - it can disappear altogether or, on the contrary, it can be played out to regular overeating.In addition, with the progression of stress, there are nervous tics, characteristic one-type movements - for example, a person can constantly bite his lips, nibble his nails.Mistrust to others also develops.The above symptoms of the condition in question will immediately determine whether a person is under stress.You can go through one of the many stress tests that are available on the Internet, but it is better to seek help from professionals.Experienced psychologists immediately give the opportunity to pass really competent tests, determine the level of stress and select treatment.

Stages of stress development

The above mentioned signs of the condition in question can not appear suddenly and immediately - stress, like any pathology, has a progressive development. Doctors distinguish several stages of stress progression :

  1. The first - the body is mobilized, the internal tension grows, the person is noted for clarity of cognitive processes, increased ability to remember information.
  2. The second stage - the stress goes into a more hidden state, as it were hidden inside the body.The transition to this stage occurs only with prolonged stress of the first stage of development - a person enters the period of disadaptation.Characteristic features of the second stage of stress:
  • decrease in the quality of activity of any kind;
  • disorganization in behavior;
  • the information received recently is lost in memory;
  • acts are committed, the consequences of which a person does not think.
  1. Third - there is a decline in internal energy, characterized by nervous exhaustion.The result may be inadequate behavior, which, if prolonged, can lead to serious illness.

Note: the first and second stage of stress does not necessarily require the help of doctors - the human body is very strong, it has a powerful potential, which should be used in stressful conditions.But the third stage requires the involvement of specialists - psychologists, psychoneurologists, therapists - in solving the problem.

Methods for treating stress

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If severe days occur, there is a constant tension inside, it suffers from insomnia and unreasonable irritation, then do not rush to take medications.Of course, you can buy sedatives in a pharmacy, but first you need to try to solve the problem with the forces of your own organism.Stress reduction

What you can do yourself

At the first symptoms of stress, and indeed in the period of solving numerous problems, it is necessary to be distracted from the bustle periodically.For this you can read a book, review your favorite films, visit friends and arrange a quiet evening of the meeting.The main thing is not to get carried away at this time by alcoholic and noisy institutions, because this will not relieve tension, but will only add unpleasant sensations.Doctors recommend if you want to reduce stress, go. .. on water procedures.And, it can be an ordinary shower in the apartment( ideally - contrast), and swimming in the pool, and rest on the open water.Even according to psychics and traditional healers, water is able to purify the energy field, restore the energy level in the body.When stress has not yet developed into severe conditions, you can get rid of it with the help of medicinal plants that have a soothing effect.And for this it is not necessary to use any special fees - just brew peppermint, lemon balm or oregano in the form of tea and drink during the day instead of drinks and coffee.With insomnia, a glass of broth of mint will help - 1 tablespoon of dry leaves of the plant for 200 ml of boiling water.To drink this "medicine" is necessary for an hour and a half before sleep, every day.But keep in mind that too much to get involved in brewed mint is not worth it - enough 5-7 techniques to restore a full sleep.To relieve tension, you can also use a bath with a decoction of medicinal plants.Prepare the broth simply: take 50 grams of rosemary, wormwood and bitter lime, pour 3 liters of water and cook on low-intensity fire for 10 minutes.Then the product is poured into the bath - the result should be warm water.The scheme for taking soothing baths - twice a week for 20 minutes before bedtime.

What the doctor can do

If you feel that you can not cope with the signs of stress yourself, the tension only increases, the surrounding irritate, then you should seek professional help.You can immediately go to the reception to a psychologist - a specialist will not only listen, but also tell you how to solve the problem, if necessary, refer to a consultation with psychiatrists and neurologists. Important: medications from the group of tranquilizers and nootropics can not be consumed on their own - they should be prescribed by a doctor after the examination.

The impact of stress on the body

Stress is not just a bad mood and emotional shock.Such a pathological condition will necessarily have a negative impact on human health and the social component of life.Stress

Stress and health

No one claims that periodically flashing periods of irritability and indifference necessarily harm the body - periodically experiencing strong emotions( which, by the way, do not always have to be positive!) Is useful for everyone. But prolonged stress can lead to the following consequences of :

  • , there are violations in the cardiovascular system - heart attacks, angina, persistent high blood pressure;
  • a person can develop diabetes and inflammation of the pancreas and thyroid gland;
  • in women the menstrual cycle is broken, the climacteric period may prematurely come;
  • suffers from the gastrointestinal tract - colitis, cholelithiasis, gastritis and peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum can be diagnosed.

It is not necessary to think, after 2 stresses, the above-mentioned diseases will necessarily manifest themselves - the doctors call this condition a "time bomb".After all, there can not be a saying - all diseases from nerves!Regular stress provokes a high concentration of glucocorticoids - this leads eventually to muscular dystrophy, and the absorption of calcium by a large number of hormones "thrown out" during stress ends with the development of osteoporosis.Influence of stress on the brain In any case, the consequences of stress for health are really serious - the importance of preventing the condition in question is not even worth discussing.

Effect of stress on the completeness of life

Actually, stress does not affect the environment in any way - they can not get infected.But a bad mood, tearfulness, regular hysterics, irritation and attacks of unmotivated apathy can upset not only communication with friends and relatives.Because of the frequent stress, families break up - who wants to tolerate an unbalanced person next to him? After the transferred stress, it is recommended to do the following :

  1. "Release steam".Choose a secluded place, leave the city for nature or just go to the wasteland - you will need to shout loudly.It is the cry that will help to "throw out" the accumulated negative emotions.You can scream any word or sound, usually two or three powerful cries are enough to feel a strong relief.
  2. Breathing exercises.It has long been established a direct link between breathing and the emotional state of a person - for example, with a strong fright, breathing "intercepts".With the onset of irritation, you can quickly calm down by a deep breath through the nose, a delay of 2-3 seconds, a deep exhalation through the mouth.

For detailed information on the methods of fighting stress with respiratory gymnastics, see the video review:

  1. Physical activity.To minimize the effects of stress, you need to do any physical activity - jogging in the fresh air, exercising on a power simulator, cleaning the house, weeding the garden.
  2. Support for loved ones.This is a very important moment in the treatment of stress - going through your state alone, a person will only aggravate anxiety, very dark thoughts will appear.Most often you just need to talk out to someone, share your sore, cry - there will be no trace of stress, and the psycho-emotional state will recover quickly.

Want to learn how to remove stress in 2 minutes?Follow the recommendations of the psychologist, described in the video instruction:

Stress is a kind of "monster" that can be dozing for a long time without causing pain / tears / problems.This condition can affect absolutely everyone, regardless of what level of stress resistance in a person.But it is enough only once to cope with the problem, to be sure of own inaccessibility of the consequences of stress. Yana Tsygankova, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category

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