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24th week of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and mom, the development of the fetus

24th week of pregnancy

24th week of intrauterine baby's life is considered a conditional beginning of its vitality. If the child is born on this date, the probability that he will survive, while providing him with the full range of necessary medical care is about 50 percent.Of course, we can not fail to mention that such a premature birth almost always leaves a serious imprint on the health of the baby, so the future mother should take care of herself and not risk the life of a child.

Table of contents: Fetal development at 24th week of pregnancy Mom's feelings at 24th week of pregnancy Possible problems and complications 24 Week Analyzes Recommendations for a future mother

Fetal development at 24 weeks gestation

Fetal growth at the end of 24 weeks is approaching 26-27 cm, weight - to 550-600 g. In the skin and hair of the baby begins to synthesize a pigment substance that determines the color of skin and hair.The proportions of the fetal body at this time are the same as those of the newborn, the only difference is pronounced thinness and wrinkled skin.

The fetal lungs are not functioning yet, but this week they have two important processes: the formation of the blood channel and alveoli is complete, and the formation of a surfactant, a substance that does not allow pulmonary voiding and protects them from penetrating infectious agents, begins.Of course, the surfactant is not sufficiently isolated, a sharp activation of the synthesis of this substance occurs closer to birth. If the baby is born now, it will have to be connected to the ventilator and inject additional doses of the surfactant into the respiratory ones

At the 24th week the nervous system and sensory organs of the baby are sufficiently developed, therefore it can already:

  • 24_wednesday Hear.
  • Distinguish the bright light directed at the mother's belly( and it does it through closed eyelids, the eyes will open closer to the 28th week).
  • Suck your finger.
  • Swallow the amniotic fluid.
  • Little to distinguish tastes( sensitivity of taste buds to increase closer to birth).
  • Grimacing.
  • Move handles and legs, head, purposefully grab the cord or your heel.
  • Feel the mother's stroking and touching.

By the 24th week the fetus has its daily rhythm.Well, if it coincides with my mother's, but it does not always work, so many pregnant women note that their kids are more active at night, and in the afternoon, on the contrary, almost always sleep.

Sensations of the mother at the 24th week of pregnancy

pregnancy The gain in weight this week should not be more than 500 g, and the total - more than 6.5-7 kg .If there are significant deviations in the greater or lesser side, it is worth consulting with your gynecologist.Perhaps, it will be necessary to change eating habits( to refuse from constant day and night snacks or, conversely, to eat more abundantly).

Many expectant mothers at 24 weeks have a feeling of awkwardness.This is due to the rapid growth of the stomach - a couple of weeks ago it was significantly less.Now the process of increasing the parameters of the body the woman will go even faster.To protect the skin from stretch marks and get rid of itching( due to stretching and drying the skin), it is necessary to lubricate the stomach with special creams or good olive oil.

Because of the stagnation of fluid in the body in a future mother may appear swelling of the face.For the same reason there is an excessive fullness of arms and shoulders. In such situations, it is worth eating less salt, spicy and sweet food, which causes thirst and swelling.And in general a pregnant woman needs to be selective in nutrition, since any error can result in heartburn, constipation, bloating or diarrhea.

Possible problems and complications

At week 24, it is already possible to talk not about the threat of miscarriage, but about the threat of premature birth, since if the baby is born on this term and will weigh more than 500 grams, doctors will save it in every possible way.

It is necessary to contact a pregnant woman in the following cases:

  • If there is severe pain in the abdomen and / or lower back.
  • If blood or a large amount of fluid is released from the vagina.
  • If fights( not training) have begun and their duration and intensity are increasing.

Doctors will do everything in their power to stop the birth activity in order to give the baby a better chance of survival .Caesarean section at such a small time is only carried out in exceptional cases, when a real danger is threatened by a mother or a child.

The causes of preterm delivery at week 24 of pregnancy can be:

  • Week 24 Placental abruption.
  • Progressive ischemic-cervical insufficiency.
  • Infection of membranes.
  • Strong stress.
  • Severe extragenital diseases of the mother.This includes hypertensive disease, diabetes, kidney, lung, liver, coagulopathy, autoimmune diseases.

Another serious complication that may occur at week 24 is gestational diabetes( GDD) - it is diabetes mellitus or a violation of glucose tolerance detected during pregnancy. This pathology develops due to the fact that the cells of the female body under the action of hormones become practically insensitive to insulin.After the birth of the baby, the disease usually passes.However, such mothers are at high risk of developing true diabetes, so after birth, they need to be observed in the endocrinologist.

Risk factors for development of GDD:

  • Overweight.
  • Weighed down a heredity( if there is diabetes in someone from close relatives of a woman).
  • Age over 30 years.
  • Malformations in older children.
  • Chronic miscarriage of pregnancy.
  • Stillbirth.

Flies-put hands Diagnosis of GDS is usually made not earlier than 16 weeks of gestation by , but if it is detected at an earlier time, doctors are inclined to believe that this is not timely detected true diabetes.

What is dangerous for gestational diabetes?Women with this diagnosis have a tenfold increase in the probability of developing fetoplacental insufficiency, which can lead to a delay in the development of the fetus and even its intrauterine death. Such patients are much more likely to develop gestosis, infectious and inflammatory diseases of the genitals and urinary tract, impaired renal function, and visual impairment.They have more severe childbirth( often begin prematurely) and the postpartum period( various infectious complications develop).

Thus, gestational diabetes is a very serious pathology that needs to be detected in a timely manner and must take measures to normalize the carbohydrate metabolism of the future mother.

Analyzes at week 24

In addition to the regular urine test that must be taken before going to the gynecologist, the future mother shows the glucose tolerance test - a blood test that identifies gestational diabetes.The optimal time for this test is 24-28 weeks gestation. Women who have a high risk of developing GDM, tests for sugar levels and glucose tolerance are carried out at the time of registration, and then repeatedly after 24 weeks.

Special preparation test does not require.It is necessary to come to the clinic in the morning without having breakfast( on an empty stomach). The test involves taking venous blood and determining the level of glucose in it on an empty stomach and 2 hours after the use of glucose solution( for its preparation you can buy a special kit in the pharmacy).The doctor then evaluates the results.The diagnosis of GDD is made only in the event of a violation of two glucose concentrations at the same time( fasting and after a glucose load).

Recommendations for a future mother

For a normal course of pregnancy, maintaining the health and emotional peace of the expectant mother, it is necessary to adhere to a number of recommendations:

  • It's good to eat. In the diet must be natural vitamins - seasonal vegetables and fruits.Also important fish, meat, dairy products, cereals.
  • It's better to be out in the fresh air. You do not have to walk for hours in the park, you can sit on the bench, if the weather permits.The fetus for normal life is very necessary oxygen, and it is provided by his mother.Therefore, in a stuffy room it can be bad not only for mom, but for the baby.
  • Son Be sure to get enough sleep. It is desirable to create conditions for a comfortable sleep - to buy a comfortable mattress, pillows for pregnant women, a free nightgown.In addition, you need to ventilate the bedroom well.
  • Wear a special bandage to relieve the backbone.
  • Avoid stressful situations. Hormonal storm, which occurs when stress in the female body, the baby suffers much harder than the mother.
  • Do gymnastics, aqua aerobics or something else - any physical activity suitable for pregnant women is useful.The main thing is to consult a doctor beforehand if there are any contraindications.
  • Talking with the baby , stroking the stomach, especially if the crumb puts some part of his body under his arm.
  • Update the wardrobe as the body parameters increase. The future mum needs free natural clothes, special underwear, which supports the breast well and does not squeeze the stomach.It is worthwhile to look and new shoes - it should be as comfortable as possible - at low speed and not squeezing the foot.Shoes, by the way, it is better to measure in the afternoon, when just the most swelling of the legs.
  • Talk with the future dad. It is very important to share with your spouse all your experiences.He, like no other, will be able to support, distract from sad thoughts and cheer up.

The time when the feeling of lightness allowed to flutter is coming to an end. The belly grows with each week and very soon it will be difficult to perform what was previously possible with ease. For example, tying shoelaces, washing the floor, etc.Do not get upset, some responsibilities for the house can be shifted to family members or ask the spouse to zip up the snake on the boots.

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Zubkova Olga Sergeevna, medical reviewer, epidemiologist

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