Anomalies of male genital organs

Anomalies of male genital organs are of varying severity. This may be the absence of any organ of the reproductive system, sometimes the organ dies or is not fully formed, sometimes the twin organs merge into one. There are also more organs than in the norm( usually they are underdeveloped).Seldom can form at once both male, and female genitals.

What genital anomalies are

Usually physicians divide them into abnormalities of testicles and abnormalities of the penis. About 7% of children are born with abnormalities of testicles in the world. From the anomalies of quantity are allocated: anarchism, monarchism, and also polychism.

Anorhism is an innate absence of testicles( both).Such an anomaly is extremely rare.

Monochrism is the congenital absence of one of the testicles. The diagnosis is made by the doctor after revision of the entire inguinal canal.

Polyarchism is the presence of more than two testicles( usually three).The additional testicle is located next to the main one and it is usually underdeveloped. There is no appendage and the vas deferens. Such an "extra" testicle due to the risk of malignant growth should be removed.

Cryptorchidism is a testicular malformation that occurs most often. In this case, one or both of the testicles did not move into the scrotum during the intrauterine period, but stayed in the lower segment of the primary kidney, in the inguinal canal or in the abdominal cavity.

Pseudochriptorchism - may result from contraction of the muscles that lift the testicle.

Ectopia of the testicle - is determined by its location at the anterior abdominal wall in front of the oblique abdominal muscle, on the perineum or thigh, in the region of the penis or pubic root.

Hypoplasia of the testis is its underdevelopment( the seminal glands are several millimeters in size).Sometimes there is congenital absence of testicles, pronounced eunuchoidism and hypogenitalism.

Very rarely physicians notice other abnormalities of the genital organs. In particular, anomalies of the penis. This is the congenital absence of the entire penis or only its head, the presence of a latent penis, its ectopia, and also the doubled and membranous penis.

Ectopia of the penis - is an extremely rare anomaly, in which the penis is located behind the scrotum, while it is small in size.

A split penis - at the same time, a partial or complete doubling of the penis is detected with the presence of two heads. Often combined with other anomalies: epispadia, hypospadias, etc.

Hermaphroditism( double-cavity) is also an extremely rare deviation, in which there is a male and female sexual organ. Determination of sex is difficult. Often the organs of the other sex are poorly formed. True hermaphroditism is when the male sexual organs are not sufficiently formed. For an accurate determination of the sex, genetic studies are performed: an analysis of hormones and the type of chromosomes is performed.

Causes of development of male genital anomalies

Similar anomalies may occur if the fetus is impaired during pregnancy or is the result of an incorrect distribution of chromosomes. Sometimes anomalies are caused by the effects of drugs, as well as radioactive radiation. They can sometimes be the result of congenital diseases of the embryo.

Treatment of genital anomalies

In the presence of certain anomalies, medicinal treatment is used, with hermaphroditism, surgery is required. If there is a delay in the testicles in the groin or in the abdominal cavity, then drugs are used. Sometimes an operation is required, which must be performed as soon as possible. Congenital anomalies of the penis are corrected from two years. In the presence of phimosis, a circumcision operation is performed. Congenital swelling of the blood vessels of the penis is removed promptly. If the scrotum is located above the penis, an operation is also performed.

It is necessary to see a doctor if the child has no testicles in the scrotum, if there are pains in the penis, if sexual behavior has occurred during puberty. In the absence of treatment, such violations adversely affect the sexual life of the future man.