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Useful breakfasts for men

The first meal has a big impact on how we spend this day. After sleep for active wakefulness the body needs "fuel", which will help him to cope with urgent matters. And it's not only your job - the body needs strengths to maintain immunity and regulate the biochemical processes that take place every second.

The main mistakes of a healthy breakfast:

1. Lack of breakfast. A fairly common reason, due to several factors:

  • Lack of time for breakfast. A classic situation, when to get up early for work, but still want to sleep. The way out is before they go to have breakfast;No desire to eat breakfast. Many people do not feel hunger after waking up. This may be due to the fact that the body has not yet fully woken up and is in a "sleeping mode".In order to wake up the body, drink a glass of clean water. By the way, you need to do this every morning( see the article on the water balance in the body of a man).You can also do a little charging. The second reason for the lack of appetite may be a tight dinner or a late meal. A man like nobody else likes to eat at night, but still try not to eat 1,5-2 hours before sleep.
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2. Bad food ration for breakfast. Often the morning meal is limited to sandwiches, washed down with tea or coffee, sometimes just coffee or tea. This diet, of course, has some advantages: it eliminates the feeling of hunger and is fast in cooking. However, it is not without its minuses: it does not fill up the supply of energy and useful substances. That is, such a breakfast does not fulfill the basic functions for strengthening men's health.

3. No alternation of diet. Even if healthy food is used for breakfast, it is sometimes necessary to alternate the morning ration, so that the body is saturated with various useful substances, and not just those that are part of your favorite dish.

Taking into account the absence of time in the morning, we will try to find the most useful and fastest-to-prepare recipes.

Useful breakfasts for men's health

Oatmeal, sir!

Occupies the number one in the breakfast list for several reasons: 1. It is the source of "slow" carbohydrates, which ensure a gradual release of energy during the day;2. It is a source of substances useful to the body;3. Fast cooking.

In addition, oatmeal has a rather pleasant taste, which can always be improved by the addition of other ingredients. Not only tasty, but also useful is the addition of oatmeal banana, raisins, dried apricots, dates, prunes, nuts.

Scrambled eggs or scrambled eggs

The main advantages are quick cooking and a rich nutritional composition. Eggs can both open and fry - the time of preparation and the benefit of this does not change. In fried eggs, you can add chopped green onions and grated garlic - famous male aphrodisiacs.


Curd is an excellent source of digestible protein and calcium. Many men involved in the gym include this product in their diet as the main source of protein. Since the cottage cheese in its pure form is not all to taste, it is recommended to mix it with sour cream or milk, with the addition of sugar. Sugar can be replaced with honey, and various dried fruits will be a tasty and useful addition.


A mixture of dried fruits, nuts, whole grains, bran. The recipe is simple: mix muesli with milk, juice or yoghurt. The content of a mixture of many useful substances, as well as the simplicity and speed of cooking bribes many adherents of a healthy lifestyle.

These recipes are listed as the most easily accessible, useful and fast. However, this does not mean that they should only be consumed for breakfast. You can have breakfast with other dishes that you have in the fridge. Just try not to let the basic mistakes of a healthy breakfast!

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