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12th week of pregnancy: what happens to the baby and mom

12 weeks of aberration

Week 12 is the penultimate in the first trimester of pregnancy.During this period, the kid managed to turn from two parent cells into a tiny little man with pens, legs and his own individual features.He, of course, still has a long way to go, but the main threats have already been left behind.Now everything depends on the mother - from her attitude to her health, from mutual understanding with doctors, from compliance with all medical recommendations and prescriptions.

Content: Week 12: Child development Mom's feelings at 12 weeks of pregnancy Possible problems Analgesys and ultrasound at 12 weeks of pregnancy Recommendations for a future mother

Week 12: Child development

12th week

By the end of 12 weeks,15 g and has a height of 6-6.5 cm. The body and many internal organs of the baby are already formed, but they still have to increase in size, and master all the necessary functions.Therefore, every day something new happens in the life of the fetus.For example, this week is marked by the appearance of the first reflexes

- the fetus begins to react to external stimuli.He can shudder, move his limbs, squeeze his fingers, squint, open his mouth.

Gastrointestinal tract maturation continues. There is a peristalsis of the intestine.The digestive organs occupy the correct position in the abdominal cavity.It is clear that the child's nutrition is still at the expense of her mother's resources( through the blood, which is saturated with everything needed in the placenta and enters the fetus via the umbilical cord), but he is already beginning to swallow the amniotic fluid involuntarily.

12 week of pregnancy Important changes are also taking place in the central nervous system.The development of the pituitary gland , the most important endocrine gland that is located in the brain and from there, releasing hormones, regulates the functioning of the whole organism.The processes of formation of new cells of the cerebral cortex do not stop.

The genitourinary system is completing its formation, now it needs to learn how to function properly. Sexual organs of the baby have almost completely acquired characteristic for the male or female gender traits. Therefore, an experienced ultrasound doctor with high quality equipment, with a successful fetus position, can determine who is dealing with - with a boy or girl.

Sensations of the mother at week 12 of pregnancy

12 weeks of pregnancy Every day the woman's health improves: decreases or completely disappears toxicosis, the appetite normalizes, the mood becomes more equal, the feeling of vivacity comes to replace the constant sleepiness.Due to the fact that the uterus increases in size and slightly changes its position, its pressure on the bladder decreases.Therefore, the future mother does not have to run to the toilet every half hour.

But the problems with bowel movement do not decrease - in some pregnant women even aggravated at this time.On the peristalsis of the colon everything is also a relaxing way of acting progesterone, and here also the enlarged uterus begins to press intestinal loops.In this regard, the future mothers appears propensity to constipation and flatulence .In addition, periodically arises heartburn .

Women suffering from chronic diseases of the lungs, heart, kidneys can manifest the symptoms of these ailments, which must be reported to their gynecologist.Exacerbation of a chronic disease can be associated with an increase in the volume of blood circulating in the body of a woman( additional blood is an additional burden on all organs).

With the 12th week of pregnancy, more active growth of the uterus begins, so a slightly rounded tummy will soon become noticeable.While the future mother can independently probe the uterus above the pubic bone.A tangible increase in weight this week, as well as the previous, may not be. In general, the rate of weight gain of a pregnant woman by the end of 12 weeks is 200-300 g, and if taken from the very beginning of pregnancy, no more than 3 kg.

Possible problems

New toxicology and other complications of pregnancy are changing.Among them, headaches and blood pressure jumps ( pressure can both fall and rise). To improve the well-being of a future mother, it is desirable:

  • Relax in a dark, cool place.
  • Make a cold compress on the forehead area.
  • To drink warm sweet, but not strong tea.

To minimize the number of migraine attacks, a woman needs to get enough sleep, less nervous and eat right.From the diet should be excluded chocolate, hard cheese, coffee, well, of course, alcohol.In addition, you should not skip the next meal, as hunger can provoke a severe headache.This can also happen if a person feels thirsty.Therefore, it is advisable for future mothers to always have at hand some kind of drink, especially in hot weather.

Another common problem among pregnant women is the urinary tract infection ( cystitis, urethritis, pyelonephritis).In connection with this study of urine of expectant mothers, gynecologists pay special attention.Before each visit to the doctor the patient should pass urine for general analysis and once for pregnancy - for bacteriological culture( of course, if the condition does not require more frequent examinations).

To prevent the development of urinary tract infections, it is necessary: ​​

  • Do not overcool.
  • Observe the rules of intimate hygiene.
  • Do not tolerate and do not overpower the desire to go to the toilet.Stagnation of urine creates a fertile soil for the development of pathogenic microorganisms.

Analyzes and ultrasound at 12 weeks gestation

If the expectant mother is already registered with a gynecologist, at 12 weeks of gestation she is shown only ultrasound and a double test for markers of the genetic pathologies of the fetus ( if this survey was not conducted the previous week).The delivery of this analysis is voluntary( many women say that if any disease is detected, they will not terminate the pregnancy anyway). However, doctors strongly recommend that this study be carried out by future mothers:

  • 12 weeks of pregnancy Who had 2 or more miscarriages or premature births.
  • Consist of a closely related marriage.
  • Have a history of fading pregnancies or the birth of dead children.
  • With genetic diseases in themselves, from the spouse, from older children or from close relatives of
  • Age of which exceeds 35 years.
  • Postponed infectious diseases( especially those related to the TORCH infection group) in the first weeks of pregnancy.
  • Drugs taken during pregnancy that have a teratogenic effect, that is absolutely contraindicated to future mothers.

If a woman only becomes pregnant, the list of necessary studies will include:

  • Blood tests for dangerous infectious diseases.
  • General blood and urine tests.
  • Biochemical blood test.Test for blood type and Rh factor.
  • .
  • Microscopic and cytological examination of gynecological smears, etc.

A pregnant woman should not think that all these tests are only bureaucracy and doctor's blessing.Only according to the results of these studies, a gynecologist will be able to assess the state of the patient's health, what risks are threatening the child and what tactic of pregnancy management is better to choose.

Recommendations for a future mother

The fact that pregnancy is not a disease is a fact.Indeed, the future mother should not behave like a sick woman.If she allows her health and health, she can go to work, do household chores, spend time with her family, meet friends.But the woman in the situation should not forget that a new life is developing within her. A growing baby requires care and careful attitude.Therefore, doctors strongly recommend that the future mother makes certain adjustments to her daily life:

  • 12 week of pregnancy Eat varied and useful.In the diet of the pregnant must necessarily be protein foods and fiber, which helps to solve the problem of constipation.
  • Spilled out and rested during the day.
  • Protected yourself from infections.
  • Was engaged in gymnastics for pregnant women, swimming or other kind of sports, which will not harm pregnancy.
  • Avoids stressful situations.It is high time to tell the work about your situation at the workplace and do an easier job, if possible.

Changes must be made to the intimate life of the future mother.Favorite previously poses can cause discomfort during intercourse, so it's better to replace them with something else.In general, the sexual relationship of a pregnant woman should be gentle and neat. Doctors can prohibit the intimate life of a married couple if there is a threat of abortion or there are other problems with the health of the woman and the fetus.

Zubkova Olga Sergeevna, medical reviewer, epidemiologist-doctor

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