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Hypodinamy - prevention, causes and consequences


The fact that hypodynamia has become literally the problem of the modern world has long been understood.Machines, elevators, various household appliances, work at the computer and other familiar things have a negative impact on health - a person leads a low-activity way of life, there are problems with well-being.What signs will indicate the development of hypodynamia and what to do about it?

Table of contents: Symptoms of hypodynamia Consequences of hypodynamia Prevention of hypodynamia

Symptoms of hypodynamia

Of course, everyone understands that you need to do some physical exercises, but few people think that the symptoms of hypodynamia are not only a rapidly growing weight. What you need to pay attention to:

  • appetite is reduced - it is not about the constant eating of nuts, seeds and sweets, takes into account the reluctance to eat a full meal;
  • Fatigue feels constant fatigue - even after hours of sleep for a long time, when you select several full-fledged days off without approaching the workplace, a person feels lack of energy;
  • violations in the psycho-emotional plane - a man gets irritated for no apparent reason, becomes sullen, constantly in a bad mood, all dissatisfied;
  • increased drowsiness - and this is noted despite a full night's rest;
  • degradation of operation.

The described signs are noted periodically by every person, but few associate them with hypodynamia.But if such feelings already exist, it's time to think about activating your own way of life.

Consequences of hypodynamia

Do you think that there are enough movements during the cleaning of the apartment by vacuuming and going to the store?You are mistaken!A person needs to move a lot, especially if we take into account the harm of the food we eat. Consequences of hypodynamia can be very serious:

  1. A set of extra pounds.This, of course, looks awful, but is not the most terrible consequence of the condition in question.Atrophy of muscular tissue.It becomes difficult for a person to walk even on a kilometer.And about climbing the stairs, you can not even think - the pain will be so strong in the legs that you have to take a reclining position.
  2. The brain is broken.Even if the work activity is related to documents and calculations / calculations, physical inactivity will lead to a decrease in working capacity, headaches and drowsiness - this is due to the fact that too little oxygen is supplied to the brain tissues along with the blood.
  3. Exchange processes are disturbed.And this, in turn, is a direct path to the development of atherosclerosis - a disease of the blood vessels, which is accompanied by unstable arterial pressure, fragility of the walls of blood vessels and spontaneous bleeding.
  4. The posture is broken.This is due to the weakening of the back muscles - they simply can not keep the spine in a normal position.

Consequences of hypodynamia Do not forget that hypodynamia leads to violations and reproductive function of a person, especially this is observed in women.Extra pounds, a violation of blood circulation in the small pelvis provoke a decrease in the production of female hormones, a violation of the menstrual cycle.

Note: is very important to pay attention to the hypodynamia in childhood.According to medical observations, with prolonged sitting at a desk or desk worsening circulatory processes, which leads to a decrease in memory and concentration of attention.And if the child will spend at the table( whether at the computer or the designer) more than 5 hours a day, then the risk of forming an incorrect posture increases by 5-7 times.

Prevention of hypodynamia

Solving the problem of hypodynamia is easy enough - you just need to follow the recommendations of specialists:

  1. Prevention of hypodynamia If you do not need to go shopping, school, pharmacy, do not take a car or use public transport - it will be much more useful to walk.And try to go actively, and not walk.
  2. Begin every morning with charging - a trivial recommendation, but very effective.Only 15-20 minutes of slopes, sit-ups, turns and swings with hands / feet will get rid of the consequences of hypodynamia.By the way, even such a minimal load on the body will increase the mood and efficiency.
  3. Doing cleaning in a house or apartment, refuse a vacuum cleaner and a mop - a broom and brush will be the best option for getting rid of hypodynamia.But even if you can not do without a vacuum cleaner, do not drive it on wheels from room to room, but carry it with handles and bend lower to the floor - see all the mote and at the same time weaken the muscles of your back.
  4. If the house has small children, then walk with them not in the playground, when moms and dads just sit on a bench, and go for a walk on the streets and squares.Here, too, get a lot of positive - show the child a city, tell us about some interesting places and improve your own health.
  5. If you have to work many hours in a sitting position, then every 2 hours you need to stand up and make several head inclinations, turn to the right / left with the whole body and make several inclinations with your body.At the same time walk around in the kitchen, prepare a cup of tea and digress from the documents or computer monitor.
  6. Do not use the elevator!Begin the climb to your floor gradually - do not start with the first time to take the Olympic peaks.But every day, increase the number of steps - get rid of extra pounds, bring into muscle tone of the legs and strengthen the muscles of the back.

Agree, there is nothing difficult - just something you need to walk more and do exercises, everything is corny.But the difficulty of solving the problem of hypodynamia lies in the fact that all the recommendations described must be carried out constantly, regularly, without holidays and weekends.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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